Smilin Special Menthol Smooth e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

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An invigorating strong menthol and spearmint blend with a hint of rich coffee, this vaping flavor was created by our founder Steve.
Vapor4Life Wow Vapor meet the Smilin’ Special Menthol designed by our President and CEO!  Determined to bring smiles to the faces of our fans, our CEO personally came up with the perfect menthol e Cig cartomizer flavor. Enjoy this refreshing, complex menthol and spearmint blend with rich coffee undertones. It's a smile wrapped in a high quality V4L Wow vapor cigarette cartomizer. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...  

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  • Rating
    in <3 with smilin' special
    Review by JHILL86 on 6/21/2014
    this is one my usual all day vapes. It tases great.There is a very nice smooth delicious draw, with a slightly sweet exhale. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOvE IT! WOW Vapor Smilin Special Menthol is not to that I need to go a regular menthol juice for a little while.
  • Rating
    Coffee and Menthol
    Review by Corinne on 2/21/2013
    This is one of my fave flavors at V4L it tastes like menthol with a hint of coffee so it's a great any time vape, vape it with a cup of coffee and the coffee flavor is more accented, vape it by itself and it's just all around tasty. Love this one!
  • Rating
    Good blend of flavors
    Review by Deborah on 2/9/2013
    Leaves a pleasant after taste. Almost like smoking a peppermint candy but not quite that strong. I just wish it had a little more of the tobacco taste. I am also looking for a menthol closest to smoking a Kool Mild. If anyone finds something let me know. Someone else on here said the Cool Carts Smilin Special tasted like a Kool Mild but I strongly disagree. So far the only other one I have tried and liked is Cool Carts Dunhall Menthol. It has a good flavor too. Hope this helps someone else.
  • Rating
    Good flavor
    Review by Brent on 7/25/2012
    One of my favs. Good blend.
  • Rating
    Very good blend an all day Vape.
    Review by BigRed on 6/24/2012
    I received one cart as a free gift with my order and this blend is a very smooth tasting enjoyable all day vape. I will definitely buy some of these. Many menthol juices are too overpowering and burn. I am still looking for the Menthol closest to smoking a Kool Mild cigarette.
  • Rating
    Great "menthol" out of what they offer
    Review by Johnny Wong on 7/20/2011
    I am not a menthol smoker to begin with. But I wanted something that was freshing and minty. So I originally got the menthol trial pack. And this one stood out from all their offering

    I love the hint of chocolate(I am not a chocolate eater), and I think there is a hint of coffee (not a coffee drinker either). The Vapor is awesome as well.

    Highly recommend - specially coming from a person that don't do chocolate or coffee in real life
  • Rating
    Review by Iggy on 6/17/2011
    I love the intense spearmint flavor I got from these and will order in the future. Very nice vapor as well.
  • Rating
    This one is great!
    Review by Dolores Clark on 4/18/2011
    Been looking for a cart that pleased me as much as my menthol cigarettes and this one is pretty darned close.
    I like it freshness and there is no artificial or fake taste. So far this one is my favorite.
  • Rating
    Review by E-cig fanatic on 4/1/2011
    By far the Best.
  • Rating
    Not Bad
    Review by BuckoBill on 2/16/2011
    I am not a Menthol smoker but I got this as a free sample and I have to say Not Bad. Kind of has a taste of Double Mint gum. I gave it only a 4star rate because there is no throat hit. The vape produced is good though and it has a mellowness to it that you could vape on these all day long if you wanted to. I just have to have my THROAT HIT :)
  • Rating
    Review by Lenny on 1/21/2011
    Ordered these with my original kit 3 weeks ago and I liked them so much I ordered the 30ml juice to refill the cartos and thats half gone!
    The smooth menthol flavor makes it a good all day vape. The vaper production from it and the WoW cartos was so good my friends thought I gave up e-cigs and went back to analogs.
    As a 27 year ex-pack a day menthol analog user I recommend these highly.
  • Rating
    I love these!
    Review by TheSmokingBullet on 12/22/2010
    I received a sample and have loved this flavor ever since, ordered the carto's plus the liquid for refilling!
    I'm an ex-menthol smoker and these are the closest any flavor has come to my original regular cigarettes! Use to smoke Slims and 120 Menthols.
    I can't agree with the other reviews because I just tried these, so I don't have any comparison to what was out there previously, but I love, love this flavor!
  • Rating
    Great flavor and vapor!
    Review by Ryan Petri on 10/10/2010
    Wow, what a great flavor! It tastes to me like Wrigley's double-mint gum with a hint of a creamy coffee after-flavor. I'm not a big menthol fan and I LOVE this stuff.