Sour Cherry Smooth e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

This tart Sour Cherry e Cigarette flavor has the taste of a sour cherry candy.
Pucker up with V4L Premium Sour Cherry Wow Vapor Cartomizers. These tart, cherry e Cig cartomizers are sure to WOW you with their invigorating vapor and flavor. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers... 

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  • Rating
    Review by tara on 1/5/2014
    Got one of these in my sample pack i use no nicotine i wish i could order a five pack but its not available with no nicotine great flavor tho
  • Rating
    Ok for mixing
    Review by Brandon on 4/4/2013
    Another from my Berry Sampler pack. I get a similar cough syrupy aftertaste that I get from Raspberry and Strawberry. Not a bad flavor and I may get a bottle for mixing in the future but not as a stand alone cart. Good throat hit and vapor production (24mg).
  • Rating
    Really Enjoyed
    Review by BmeNyc on 2/21/2013
    I purchased 4 different flavors all WOW, Banana,RazzWow, Watermelon and this one, it was by far the best one , I just started trying non-tabacco flavors this was the first I could vape without occ having to switch back to my menthol .I will def purchase again, pls make a E-liquid version
  • Rating
    Review by Elle on 1/19/2013
    This might be a new favorite for me. I'm not a huge fan of an overwhelming throat hit, and would say you'll feel this, but it's pleasant rather than harsh. Obviously, taste varies greatly from one person to another, but I was relieved that it didn't strike me as at all artificial, as that assessment had put me off buying it in the past. Got it in a sampler pack, and am now ordering more. This flavor is very true to its description--more so than the majority. Way to go, V4L.
  • Rating
    Like it
    Review by Steph on 1/14/2013
    This flavor grew on me a lot. A bit mild.
  • Rating
    WOW its good
    Review by Diane Floyd on 2/12/2011
    I love this flavor. Its not sour though. The Wow Razz is sour but gosh this one is good. The flavor is great. It's one of my favorites. It reminds me of Doctor Pepper though. Love it.
  • Rating
    REAL Cherry, finally!
    Review by Shannon on 1/13/2011
    Got one in a sampler pack and I've ordered more. I have some other cherry juice that is ok, but these are great full flavor and lots of good vapor. If you like cherry give these a try and hopefully you'll find them as tasty as I do!
  • Rating
    Wow Yum!
    Review by lampshadeburgler on 12/7/2010
    It's like taking a drag and thinking of cherry lifesavers or cherry chap stick at the same time. This is my first non "tobacco"flavored cartomizer and I really like the taste. It's very vapor-y too. Much more so than the ones I got from another company. I got the mixed berry sampler and will definitely be buying a box of these in my next order!
  • Rating
    Review by Paul on 12/2/2010
    So this is probably the only flavor that I've ordered so far even though the reviews weren't so favorable and I am SO glad that I did. The flavor is 100% true to the name, sour cherry SPOT on! They even have a slightly sour aftertaste (in a good way) that I was totally not expecting. Vapor production great, flavor SO great, this has become one of my absolute favorites. If you love cherry candies you will LOVE this flavor. Hope the review helps!
  • Rating
    Wow sour cherry
    Review by Nathan Mahar on 9/27/2010
    The Wow sour cherry is awesome!! Taste like my favorite cherry taffy candy. Totally worth ordering some.