Traditional Menthol Smooth e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

An invigorating rush of cool mint that comes unbelievably close to popular menthol cigarettes.
Vapor4Life Traditional Menthol WOW Vapor Cartomizers are the menthol lover’s answer to enjoying a vaporizer cigarette full of tobacco and menthol flavor. All the taste you’ve come to expect from V4L tobacco blends, with the intense, invigorating rush of menthol that onlyt a Vapor4Life e Cigarette cartridge can provide. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...  

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    Good ... But ...
    Review by Joe Rice on 7/5/2011
    These carts are pretty good, but if youve smoked the same brand for years, this isnt that flavor im not sure what i expected but, all in all its a good menthol flavor, a lil sweet a lil light with excellent TH. Still a keeper for that!
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    These are great
    Review by Michelle Smith on 6/3/2011
    I am a menthol smoker and was hesitant about even trying to switch from smoking, but thanks to this flavor I have been able to cut down tremendously and will soon switch from smoking for good, which is something I never thought I could ever do. So thank you V4L - I'm spreading your product like wildfire!!!!!
  • Rating
    love it!
    Review by jessica on 4/4/2011
    i was an avid smoker of marb menthol lights, i must say at first i thought this was strong however after a few puffs it's exactly like what i smoked. i can happily say i have been smoke free for 4 days now thanks to your product!!! Thank you!!
  • Rating
    The Best!
    Review by K. Huber on 3/24/2011
    I have tried soooo many different flavors some decent, some horrible, but this one is the only one that I can vape on all day long without switching flavors. It is the closest to my favorite analogs.
  • Rating
    Great starter cart for Menthol loving folks...
    Review by Bellehaven on 3/21/2011
    I'm a former menthol analog smoker and as a newbie to e-cigs, I can tell this is a really good replica of a menthol. It has great flavor, very smooth, and a strong but not overpowering throat hit on a 18mg. As a "vapor hog", I can say it has great vapor too. This is a good, solid starter cart flavor - makes transitioning quite easy! It is my "go to" cart flavor! I would give this 6 stars, if I could!
  • Rating
    My preference...
    Review by Mandy McGrath on 12/19/2010
    I smoked marlb menthol light and over some of the other menthol cartomizers I tried I definitely prefer this one. Doesn't taste exactly like my analog used to but closer than the other cartomizers in my opinion.
  • Rating
    Great Menthol Replication
    Review by Ecig 365 on 11/12/2010
    This flavor was the flavor responsible for ultimately allowing me to switch from smoking. The sweet and minty vapor provides an overall experience that gives way for all day vaping. After several cartomizers, however, this flavor did become rather hackneyed to my palate, but a couple days of some flavor variation, and I was back to vaping this menthol analog replica flavor. Great customer service and great product. I highly recommend Vapor4Life for e-cigarette products.
  • Rating
    close as your going to get
    Review by Amber & Christopher George on 9/26/2010
    I tried many and this vape is the closest to an analog menthol as your going to get in my opinion. I have to say this is my most reached for vape.
  • Rating
    Review by Jesse Barden on 8/30/2010
    I've been been analog free for a year. Since the switch to ecigs I've searced for the cart or juice that has the taste of the Frost & Blend 54's analog menthols I used to smoke, nothing came quite close. I have tried a bunch of carts & juices from V4L &other suppliers. Liked a few but nothing replicated that analog menthol like feel & taste I was looking for. I experimented w/ juice combos to get that real tobacco taste along with menthol thats not too minty, not to much menthol (Vicks taste) but nothing quite did it for me........ until now!

    These carts are perfect! They have that real tobacco taste along with strong menthol flavor that hasn't been replicateds well through ecigs. The vapor is phenomonal, as well as the throat hit. Which is perfect at my preferrred 8mg.

    I've been waiting for the first Wow menthol and V4L did not dissapoint!
    Perfect all day menthol vape no doubt it!!!
    Highly recommend getting the juice as well to top off your carts!