Wowbacco Smooth e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

A savory American tobacco blend makes this vaping flavor taste as authentic as a real traditional tobacco cigarette.

Enjoy your next smokeless cigarette with ultimate tobacco flavor in a prefilled cartomizer. No frills here, just a straight-up blend of American tobacco. Not too sweet and not too dry. If you're looking for a true cigarette alternative, Wowbacco Wow Vapor Cartomizers are as close as you can get to the real thing. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.


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  • Rating
    Review by Rebecah on 3/13/2013
    Got this as a sample and I LOVE it. Will get this again!
  • Rating
    Review by marie on 1/10/2013
    This is so good. It has such a wonderful aftertaste too. Just a pleasure to vape. First one I tried from V4L and will definitely get this one again.
  • Rating
    Review by Michael Rector on 7/31/2011
    Absolutely love this flavor. Thanks much V4life!! Great taste, throat hit, and vapor. Drip the liquid in old carts and also works great and saves me a ton of $$.
  • Rating
    Review by Bry-rye bread on 1/15/2011
    Got this in the Wow Tabacco sampler pack. I liked it a lot. Good vapor, good throat hit, good flavor. Tastes like Wowboy without the mint just like people say. But i like it:)
  • Rating
    I originally gave this 4 stars now I am giving 5
    Review by Surfergirl on 1/6/2011
    I just tried my second cart of this and it blew my mind. It is a sweet tobacco-y vape with billows of vapor. Better than cowboy. Carmel and chocolate undertones. Wow. Not overpowered by tobbacco taste.
  • Rating
    A good vape
    Review by JE on 7/19/2010
    A slight tobacco flavor with what seems to be a hint of caramel or sugar.