Wownana e Liquid Smooth (WOW) (30 mL)

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Our flavor experts weren't monkeying around when they came up with this delicious banana e Liquid!

Our flavor experts weren't monkeying around when they created our WOW Vapor Wownana e-Juice. This fantastically delicious vapor juice flavor is as authentic as the sweet taste of a ripe banana.

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  • Rating
    Pretty Good
    Review by Joshua on 7/9/2013
    Not to bad. Taste like banana bread which i love. Smooth and no harsh throat hit.
  • Rating
    Great taste
    Review by Vape Away on 5/8/2013
    Not too sweet and tastes just like banana!
  • Rating
    Review by JDR on 9/18/2012
    Great banana flavor. Smooth. Great with the OMG mods and it's just perfectly delicious! Love it!
  • Rating
    Review by Jan on 8/21/2012
    Subtle banana flavor. Smooth. I could of used a lot more banana flavor, but it's still very good!
  • Rating
    Good, but "Candy Like"
    Review by Christine on 8/20/2012
    Well...I guess I didn't know what to expect...How can anyone re-create the actual taste of a real banana? The scent is a bit tangy, and reminds me of the banana runts (which were always my favorites anyway.) It's pretty good.
  • Rating
    Nice one
    Review by JDR on 8/4/2012
    Nice smooth flavor. Ripe banana taste but not too much, just right!
  • Rating
    eh so so
    Review by Matt Swiper on 6/7/2011
    maybe i got a bad batch but i really didnt think this juice was living up to my expectations. i bought the 30ml strength and i really didnt capture the flavor at all. i experiment with different juices but id have to say this one is low on the totem pole compared to other juices that ive ordered.
  • Rating
    very good!
    Review by dangertwin2 on 5/15/2011
    I would agree with the other comment that it has a distinct flaovr of banana Runts. very tasty and lots of vapor!
  • Rating
    My Favorite Banana
    Review by Florida on 2/2/2011
    This was one of the first e-juices I tried and it's still one of my favorites. It has a sweet candy banana taste, reminiscent of banana Runts. It vapes very nicely in cartos and has an even bolder banana taste when dripped. I keep a small bottle of this in my vape case, its not an all day vape, but I usually vape it once a day, its a great change up from normal tobacco flavors.
  • Rating
    Review by Earl Carmichael on 12/2/2010
    task just like banana vapor production is awesome throat hit it moderate just right for me
  • Rating
    Love that Nanna
    Review by heybabe on 11/14/2010
    Great flavor, great vapor!!
  • Rating
    This is BANANA!
    Review by LadyPhoenix on 7/26/2010
    Yep, no mistaking it, this is banana. I find it too sweet - but I find alot of juices too sweet - so removing my personal taste from the equation this is a fabulous juice. Doesn't taste artificial and is unmistakably banana. If you love Banana, look no further. Oh, and the vapor production is VERY good.