V2 Smileomizer

Our new version 2 Smileomizers have been rebuilt from the ground up in order to give you the perfect vaping experience. Significant upgrades made to the materials in the heating coil, cotton, center tube, and poly-fill enhances the e Liquid flavor and increases the life of every V2 Smileomizer. Click here for a video on "How to Fill a Smileomizer"

  • Compatible with all 808 batteries
  • Small Smileomizers fit flush on Small, Medium, Large Vapor Zeus batteries
  • Large Smileomizers fit flush on Extra Large Vapor Zeus batteries
  • Can refill each cartomizer up to 5 times
  • Chewable mouthpiece made of surgical grade silicon
  • New, upgraded cotton material extends Smileomizer life
  • Improved poly-fill enhances e Liquid flavors
  • Upgraded heating coil improves vapor production
  • Choose your Smileomizer Color

    • Black
    • Cigar
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Magenta
    • White

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    Product Manual: Download here


    2.5 ohm
    3.5mL (Small), 6mL (Large)
    Stainless steel, surgical-grade silicone tip
    All Vapor4Life KR808D batteries, except for EGO Batteries
    Black, Cigar, Blue, Magenta, Green
    Screw off the soft mouth piece and drip tip from the cartomizer and drip 70-90 drops (120-150 for Large) against the side of the cartomizer into the white filler material. Work your way around in a circle dripping one at a time. Let sit for 5 minutes. If the polyfill is not saturated, repeat this process. Replace the drip tip and mouth piece, screw onto a battery and you're ready to vape. Once you experience a lack of vapor production or flavor, it is time to refill the Smileomizer.

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    • Rating
      The world's best vaping cartomizer - bar none
      Review by Teddy on 8/10/2015
      On a recent order i was delighted to receive 15 carts with the V2 word on the boxes.. i didn't even realise what i was getting - this was a few weeks back so it must have been just when they came out :)

      I was already very happy with smilos in all denominations - egos, 808, 510 - they all vape brilliantly. These are even a touch better.

      Now, I have truthfully tried around 25 different tanks - from kanger to innokin to eleaf to aspire and more - i have tried sub ohm to 2.8 ohm.. and I have also tried many carts, from boges to halo to volt and more.. and quite simply the smilomizers give the best vape for someone who is looking for a mouth to lung "authentic" experience.
      See that's the thing with the others.. they don't vape like the real thing, and smilos DO. They produce great throat hit, perfect amount of vapour, and what's more, they work with any brand of juice I have thrown at them. You can use anything you like as even tank cracker juices such as cinnamon will cape perfectly in these carts. Some thicker juices will shorten the lifespan, sure, but i always get the 5 claimed refills, which with some juices, is being a touch conservative to be honest.

      Whenever i am out and about i don't even think of an alternative any more, it is always 2 v4l batteries and 2 smilos with me (just so i can alternate flavours LOL).

      the airflow is not alot, so if you are a lung hitter these won't be for you. If you are an ex smoker who wants the most authentic experience, with reliable, long lasting cartridges, that TASTE fantastic and VAPE fantastic, this is the product for you.
    • Rating
      Thank you Steve!
      Review by Long Time Customer on 7/8/2015
      I've been using Smileomizers since they first came out. About a year ago, I noticed a quality problem where they tasted different, and didn't last as long. One had a burnt taste, and one clogged on me. I was pretty pissed, even though customer service took care of me with many replacements.

      I was one of the lucky customers to test the new ones, and I have to say they did a great job. These ones taste even better than the original, and I'm averaging 7 re-fills on the 4 I bought. My faith is restored, and I'm back in the saddle with V4L.
    • Rating
      Trying to be fair
      Review by Pilgram on 6/9/2015
      To be fair, I have only ever used large Smileomizers. The free one I rec'd was a small one and while performing well, it didn't last any longer than the originals - as I hoped it would.
    • Rating
      Good improvements
      Review by Eazyeh on 6/9/2015
      Seems to last longer between refills and I like the tube in the mouthpiece, I think I will stick with these for a while
    • Rating
      This new product is great.
      Review by Smiley on 6/5/2015
      I have been vaping for over a year now and have used the smileomizers. The V2 smileomizers are even better. Thank you.