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Almond milk is all the rage now, but it isn’t just for vegans and health food nuts. The farmers at Moo E-Liquids milked their Vanilla Almond Milk from a herd of ethically treated almonds to whip up a creamy e-juice with heavy hints of vanilla. An easy edge of almond flavor makes this max-vg e-liquid (70/30 ratio) the perfect option for vapers who are into almond or vanilla vape flavors. This stuff is seriously hard to put down. Moo E-Liquids Vanilla Almond Milk e-juice tastes like a scoop of french vanilla ice cream topped with slivered almonds. This is an employee favorite here at Vapor4Life.

Get Moo E-Liquids Vanilla Almond MIlk vape juice before it evaporates into thin air.
  • Moo is the best
    Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
    Love vanilla almond reminds me of a Latte
  • Yes
    Review by Jay on 1/11/2017
    If you like almond milk: VAPE THIS! It's spot on.

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