Vapor Zeus Limited Edition V-Kit

The Next Generation e-Cig Vape is Here. Everything in this kit was built by our engineers for the smoker. The eCig V-Battery has 5 Volts in order provide the ultimate "hit" for smokers, the V-Flavor's proprietary formulas provide the perfect balance of throat hit and flavor, while the patent-pending V-Cart has a unique coil to create the right amount of vapor. All 3 of these eCig essentials fit neatly in a case the size of a pack of cigarettes. The V-Cart comes pre-filled with 1.8% nicotine, while the bottle of e Liquid that comes in your kit is nicotine free. Start your journey on the road to zero nicotine today. Click here for more information. The V-Kit includes:

  • V-Case
  • V-Battery - 5 Volts of Power
  • V-Cart - Pre-filled Cartomizer with 1.8% Nicotine
  • V-Flavor - 6mL Bottle with 0% Nicotine
  • Wall Adapter
Designed by smokers for smokers, the V-Kit is more than just a smarter way to smoke, it is the only way that you will ever smoke again. The V-Kit comes with 8 hours of vaping power in every charge, eLiquid that is a perfect combination of flavor and throat hit, and a case that is similar to the size of a pack of cigarettes.
  • Reminds me of a pack in my pocket
    Review by MrEasy on 5/18/2016
    Feels like the weight and size of a regular full pack of cigs in my pocket. Is there a way I can get empty 10ml bottle to put the other good 30ml flavors I have from you guys in it to carry? Still very durable, sat on the case several times and havnt made a dent.
  • Slick!
    Review by Johnny on 3/24/2015
    Besides the great flavor and hit delivered by the 5 volt battery and cart, what I really love about this is the case. No more crud getting on my mouthpiece while it is lying around charging or in my pocket/bag. Looks super sharp, too. Bye bye analog cigs!
  • Awesome
    Review by Kimmy on 1/10/2016
    Excellent kit!! Great size and battery life is great!! Would highly recommend this. Keep up the great work V4L.
  • My favorite
    Review by Virginia on 8/26/2016
    I like the convenience of using the charger as I vape
  • Great
    Review by Mike on 8/21/2016
    Great throat hit and very durable
  • Wow!!
    Review by Debbiebe on 8/10/2016
    I started with vapor4life originally back in 2010... It was Steves passion that led me to this company. Now technology back then was just beginning here in the us. It didn't cut it for sped ahead and when I went to consider ecigs again it was all about watts tanks and clouds. I have spent a fortune on these and couldn't stand the hit....some like it some like me don't. I want a smoking experience not a cloud competition . I reached out again to Lisa Marie and Steve ....I was really not expecting this right of the bat pleasure!! It's perfect!! Not too hot nice and cool holding it is not big and cumbersome and YOU DONT HAVE TO PUSH ANY BUTTONS!! You don't get overwhelmed with a big hit of vape....just perfect!! I'm glad I came back!! Thank you vapor4life for saving my life!!
  • Very Modern Look
    Review by Dan on 8/1/2016
    I won this kit in a contest and thought it was just a gimmick. Was going to give it to a friend but once I saw and tried it, I got selfish and kept it. Works great but I wish there nicotine strength options for the carts.
  • Love the V-Kit
    Review by Carla on 7/31/2016
    Great product. The case fits a battery, smileomizer, and extra juice. Its great when traveling or to put in your pocket/purse for the day.
  • Really love at first
    Review by Jennifer on 7/30/2016
    Love this at first and still use the products all the time but the batteries do tend to stop working. This may not happen to you but it did for me...
    The pack is awesome for carrying supplies and I love the Cartomizers So much! Order constantly!
  • Great concept
    Review by matthew on 7/29/2016
    Great product with a great concept thinking of transportation n ease to use. Very stylish white color and perect size. Great job
  • Lasts all day!
    Review by Karyn on 7/29/2016
    I bought one of these kits when they first came out. Love, love the 5V battery life and how much liquid the cart holds. Has my WoW liquid and great for carrying with you all day. P.S. The case is excellent and fits in the pocket or handbag for us girls!
  • Good
    Review by Jim on 2/17/2016
    Like the product
  • Really Good
    Review by Joseph on 1/18/2016
    I have to say...this is one of the best e-cigs so far. The best about the kit was not changing the tank or cartomizer.
  • My favorite so far
    Review by Jennifer on 12/13/2015
    I love this kit! I cannot say enough about this kit! I was strictly on ego cigs and ego mega Cartomizers which were not available on this site until recently. I had just been buying the amazing ejuice and getting my other supplies elsewhere. But after getting this kit free, I'm switching! And as long as the prices go down on the pre-filled carts and juice , I may switch exclusively! Because I do notice that these carts do not refill as well as the Mega Ego carts. They don't last as long and if the price doesn't decrease I can't justify it... EVEN THOUGH I LOVE IT SO MUCH! TRY IT!
    Review by Keith on 11/29/2015
    I love this kit. Very stylish, and the case keeps everything clean. The battery is a workhorse but the cart was not so great as I wasn't able to vape the small vial that
    came with it. But the kit was a gift from V4L for a big order I made and I'm hoping
    the other carts I ordered will perform a lot better. I should mention that the cart
    coil just died after three fills. The best thing is that I am off the cigarettes for 8 months
    Thank-you V4L
  • Durable!
    Review by Bryant on 10/20/2015
    I'll start by saying this is a great kit! I buy the blank V-carts and they can last for up to two weeks! They are $7.99 each so I would hope they would last long. The passthru/ charging cable is long so to reach if your laptop or desktop isn't close by. The battery itself is a work horse, no really. 5 Volt vape lasts for 8+ hours depending how much you chain vape and strong throat hit and a decent amount of cloud. And if you're are as clumsy as I am you will dig this battery, I constantly drop this thing, on wood, concrete you name it! Just today I had to run to get to a car garage before it closed and it fell out of my pocket, I had to trace my steps but I finally found it, it had been run over by a car and at first I thought it was broken. Yeah, nope! It still works I couldn't believe it the cart was dead but the battery is still kicking. Anyway, awesome kit. Thank you V4L:)
  • Great Kit
    Review by StephanieT on 8/19/2015
    I love this kit. Its a great little kit. I love the case though I wish it didnt show finger prints so easily, maybe make it in a matte finish instead. The battery is the perfect size for out and about errands since I dont carry a purse. :) Im not a fan of tobacco flavors so I just filled and empty one with my favorite flavor.
  • Gorgeous
    Review by Kim on 7/7/2015
    This product is simply gorgeous. I love the way it keeps the Zeus battery and my Smileomizers clean, and it fits in my purse like a pack of cigs, which I no longer smoke, thanks to V4L!
  • Great case!
    Review by Will on 6/26/2015
    I bought the V-Kit because I liked the white battery and Smileomizer. But since I've started using it, I have come to love the case. I use it to hold a battery and two different flavored Smileomiers. It keeps the tips clean, has a very solid feel to it, and is no bigger than a pack of cigarettes. This is the only one i've seen out there.
  • Different flavors
    Review by Louise on 4/8/2015
    As soon as you add peach flavor I will definitely try this.
  • juice strength
    Review by hurus on 2/26/2016
    This kit is an awesome idea to keep all ur stuff clean and together. But i just wish it couold accomommdate a larger size that a small for longer battery life and the pre-fills com in least 1.8 which is too strong for me now. It would be nice if the white smileoizers came in blanks so i could fill them with 0.4 or o strength. Or if they just came prefilled worh zero.
  • Battery not working
    Review by Elizabeth Z on 1/20/2016
    I like the size case and charging cable is much stronger than other kits.
    The battery shows fully charged but makes no connection to the tip...
    Flavors are great. Why can't you flavor your others with the same strength you give these.

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