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What is a vaper?

Female smoking a electronic cigaretteA "vaper" is a person who uses electronic cigarettes. Smokers smoke traditional analog cigarettes, while vapers vape ecigs. People who are interested in learning everything they can about the industry and technology behind e-cigarettes, often use the term to describe themselves. Vapers love their lifestyle so much that they are often telling everyone they can about it. They enjoy teaching smokers about how to get started and will even go so far as to loan e-cig supplies to people interested.

What do vapers do?

Vaping in public People who are self described vapers enjoy spending time in online forums, attending vape meets, celebrating "vaperversaries", keeping up to date on all legislative activities surrounding the ecigarette industry, "PIF"ing prducts they no longer use, even reviewing products for ecig companies.

Some vapers simply use ecigs as a replacement to their smoking habit. They find what mod or battery and eliquid flavor combination works best for them and they stick with it. Others think of themselves as enthusiasts or hobbyists and must have the latest "toys". They are always seeking out the latest mod, newest flavor, never wanting to be left behind.