Rated the number one disposable e-cigarettte by "Spinfuel" and "Vapor Digest" e Cig magazines, this disposable vape will shock you with its true tobacco taste. This new and improved disposable e-cigarette has a unique battery cell that allows it to last as long as a traditional pack of cigarettes. The disposable vape features:

  • Unique tobacco and menthol flavoring that provides a superior taste and perfect throat-hit
  • Low resistance coil that delivers maximum vapor volume
  • Soft chewable tip
  • 2.6 % nicotine content
If you are looking for an eCigarette that is just like smoking the "real thing", you have come to the right place! This top selling e-cig from Vapor4Life has unique e Juice flavor, an adjusted low resistance coil, and updated eCigarette battery for improved performance.

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  • Amazing stuff
    Review by Tony on 9/14/2016
    Great price for a great product. Love these things. Whenever I run up I usually pick up a ten pack of these. Cant really go wrong with the great taste and the price.
  • Great Analog Substitute without all the chemicals!
    Review by Karyn on 7/29/2016
    I always have to have these on hand. I'm going on 4 years cigarette free. For me it was all about the "action" of smoking. These have a great draw and the vape is satisfying. I like that they are similar to an analog in feel, size and the way they vape. I don't miss those nasty cigarettes AT ALL. Give them a try, you will be sold!
  • Best on the market
    Review by Kit on 7/22/2016
    Just to be clear, I tried the old Vapor King tobacco disposable, and it was great. The taste, the feel and and the size are the closest you'll get to the smoking sensation. Great for people who are curious about vaping but not willing to go all in on a starter set yet. Buy a bunch, and give them out to friends and family!
  • Great tobacco taste/ Great draw!
    Review by Shamrock on 4/16/2014
    I was frustrated with the quality of the ecigs I had been using so I decided it was time for a change. After I researched several brands I decided to try Wow! Wow! What a difference. Great taste, long lasting, awesome holder to keep it clean.Wow definitely has become the ecig of my choice. After smoking close to 2 packs a day I was ready to quit the smelly nasty habit that my children hated. No problem with these. No mess, no smell can use safely indoors. My children were thrilled. I now consider myself a non smoker! Love Wow!
  • great...but not...
    Review by laurie on 6/10/2016
    Loved everything about em EXCEPT they dont last very long. other brands ive used last a coupla days. these last less than a day. not worth the price if not purchased at a discount.


Nicotine Strength:
26mg or 2.6%
Smilin Tobacco (Regular) & Smilin Tobacco Menthol (Menthol)
L.E.D. Color:
3.56 in
0.38 in

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