Treat your taste buds to this supremely decadent blend of tobacco and chocolate flavors with a touch of mint.
Vapor4Life presents what we believe is the end of your journey for the ULTIMATE tobacco-flavored VG cartomizer. Our Wowboy WOW VG Vapor Cartomizers offer a unique blend of rich, tobacco and chocolate flavors, with just a hint of mint. It's another V4L exclusive and our VG customers LOVE IT! Sensitive to PG? Our VG cartomizers are vegetable glycerin based. They do not contain any propylene glycol (PG)—the base used in our standard electronic cigarette liquids. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...      
  • WOW Vapor VG Wowboy
    Review by zzplague on 1/23/2015
    Great Flavor and clouds of vapor I like this better than the normal WOW.
  • Longer lasting carts
    Review by Lana on 12/1/2013
    I like the flavor and the VG carts actually seem to last longer. I do top them off, just as I did the regular ones, but these seem to work well longer for some reason.
    I was sometimes going through 2 carts per day with regular pg carts.

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