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WOW Vapor Tobacco Shop Cartomizers

A sampler of five of our most popular tobacco-flavored WOW Vapor cartomizers. Box of 5.

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Not sure which WOW Vapor cartomizer you'll like? Our WOW Vapor Tobacco Shop Cartomizer Sampler Pack allows you to try one of each of the following tobacco-flavored e-cig cartomizers: WOW Vapor Traditional Tobacco, WOW Vapor Oasis, WOW Vapor WowBacco, WOW Vapor Wowboy, and WOW Vapor Triple Nickel.


Love these!Review by Karyn
I like to have a few boxes of these on hand just to switch things up once in a while. The best flavors are at V4L. Customer service rocks too! I had an issue with carts that came with 2 starter kits. Came back and ordered 3 boxes of the samplers and they threw an extra box in to make up for the previous issue! These guys care about their customers! Found my two favorites, Wowboy and Wowbacco. The best flavors out there!!! Thanks V4L! (Posted on 4/25/13)
Tobacco FlavorsReview by Jason
I really enjoy this tobacco shop sampler. All the flavors are good, but they all have their own little subtleties that make them a bit different from the others. They all have good vapor and good throat hit though, so you won't be disappointed regardless of which flavor you end up liking the most. Anyone searching for the perfect tobacco flavor for them will surely find it in this sampler pack. On a side note, lately i have been including a couple of these sampler packs with every order i place just so i can get a couple of Wowboy carts in higher strength since they are ALWAYS sold out in high strengths lately. V4L, PLEASE get more WOWBOY in 24 and 36mg strengths!! PLEASE!!! (Posted on 5/4/11)
GreatReview by Diane
I recommend this sampler pack to try out the different tobacco flavors, it is definitely worth it to find out what flavor suits your taste. For me the Kamel and 555 run pretty neck and neck but if I had to pick one..I'd say the Kamel would be my number one fav with 555 a very close second. In 3rd. place Traditional Tobacco. And they all had WOW WOW vapor. I don't know if I'm going to like the Wowboy or the Wowbacco, they seem a little strong for m..but I might get use to them. (Posted on 3/7/11)
AwesomeReview by Bry-rye bread
I recommend this sampler pack for people who can't make up their minds about which tobacco flavor to get. It lead me to wowboy and wow traditional tobacco and wowbacco which in my opinon are great. The wow kamel is also good and the wow 555 is better than the cool cart version. (Posted on 2/5/11)
Not tobacco but it satisfiesReview by narvinye
This was a great sampler and helped me figure out which tobacco flavor I preferred. The differences are subtle, but I loved Kamel the best by far, with 555 as runner-up. The other three were pretty good as well. Worth trying. All five have decent throat hit and vapor. (Posted on 1/25/11)
WOWReview by Kryptfiction
so these carts have great flavor 5/5 so unique my favorites are the wowboy and wow traditional but all have pretty great flavor. Vapor production varies from cart to cart great vapor in wowboy and kamel but others you have to break in. Throat hit is the best on wow bacco. All pretty smooth vapes, with undertones of certain flavor like a nutty, or chocolate. Throat Hit 4/5. Vapor production 4.5/5. The only thing that im unsatisfied with is the carts don't seem to last that long. But it will definitely give you a good 1- 1.5 hr constant vape. Beware if you take it to far you will get a burnt taste. (Posted on 12/26/10)

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Ecig Cartomizers FAQ
What is a Vapor4Life Ecig Cartomizer?

The Cartomizer (cartridge + atomizer) looks like a filter on a cigarette, but serves a different purpose. It contains a heating element (or atomizer), filler and e-liquid/juice. V4L Cartomizers are pre-filled with a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. They come in boxes of 5 and were originally designed to be used once and thrown away.

Many users extend the life of their Cartomizers by refilling them with juice. Typically Cartomizers, or "carts", hold about 1 ml of fluid. Blank Cartomizers are also available, ready to be filled with your choice of juice.

When you notice a change in flavor (some users say it tastes like marshmallow or slightly plastic) and/or a drop in vapor it's time to change your Cartomizer. You can either refill your carto or throw it away.

What are the differences between Vapor4Life Cartomizers?

Vapor4Life carries three different types of e-liquid and pre-filled Cartomizers: CoolCart Cartomizers/Premium Nobacco Juice, WOW Vapor Cartomizers/Juice, and WOW Vapor VG Cartomizers/Juice.

CoolCart Cartomizers contain Premium Nobacco Juice, last longer and run cooler while still making a good amount of flavor and vapor. They contain more PG than VG. These work best on our USB passthrough, Vapor Zeus battery, and the Dial-A-Volt battery on a high voltage.

WOW Vapor Cartomizers contain WOW Vapor liquid and generate industry leading vapor production. They have more VG than Premium Nobacco Juice and produce a strong throat hit.

WOW Vapor VG Cartomizers and liquid contain Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as the vapor producing agent. Some people are sensitive or allergic to Propylene Glycol (PG), which is found in Premium Nobacco Juice, and WOW Vapor Juice.

What is the difference between PG and VG?

E-liquid contains vapor-producing agents PG and VG, food-grade flavoring, and nicotine (optional).

Propylene Glycol (PG) is thinner than VG and helps create the throat hit when vaping. Some people are sensitive or allergic to Propylene Glycol, so juice with just VG is a good alternative.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is thicker than PG, and produces thick clouds of vapor. The more VG a juice contains, the more vapor it will produce.

Premium and WOW Vapor Cartomizers and liquid use a mix of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

WOW VG carts and juice contain Vegetable Glycerin, food-grade flavoring, and nicotine (optional), but no PG.

What strength Cartomizer should I get?

Although electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, most do have nicotine. This is the addictive part of cigarettes. We carry seven different strengths of nicotine: 36mg (3.6%), 24mg (2.4%), 18mg (1.8%), 11mg (1.1%), 8mg (0.8%), 4mg (0.4%), and no nicotine - 0mg (0%). Higher strengths are best for people who smoke more than one or several packs of cigarettes every day, or smokers who enjoy full-flavor cigarettes. Lower nicotine strengths are best suited for smokers who don’t smoke as much. Different people react differently to nicotine levels. Heavy smokers might not like high levels of nicotine, and light smokers might want higher levels to satisfy cravings.

Below is a general guideline for choosing a nicotine strength. If you’re new to vaping, try a couple different strengths to see which you prefer. Some vapers even use different strengths depending on the flavor.

Which should I get, Carts or Juice?

Flavor is an important part of an electronic cigarette. There are different ways to house the flavor in your e-cig. You can use a pre-filled Cartomizer. This comes with e-liquid already inside it, and is the easiest way to get your flavor. You can also buy blank Cartomizers. Some people like to fill their Cartomizers with juice themselves. Tanks, EGO Mega Carts, and Smileomizers all come empty and must be filled with liquid.

pre-filled Cartomizers are very easy to use. Just remove the protective caps and screw onto your battery. The advantage to buying juice and filling Cartomizers or Tanks yourself, is that it’s cheaper, and you can mix a couple flavors together to create new ones!

Why is my Ecig Cartomizer leaking?

It sounds like we gave you more juice in the carts then we should have! Blow gently through the white end of the Cartomizer. The extra juice will come out the battery end. Then wipe off the Ecig vaporizer battery end with a paper towel before connecting it to the battery again. It should be fine after that.

How can I refill my Ecig Cartomizer?

Gently remove the white disc by putting a thumbtack in the hole and pulling out towards you. Hold the cart at a 45 degree angle and drip about 20 drops of liquid directly on the white filler material for refills and 30 drops for filling blanks. You may have to drop 5, then wait for it to soak in, then do the rest in increments of 5 at a time. Try your best to not let liquid go down the center hole. Replace the white end cap. Let sit for 15 min with the battery connection end facing down. Before attaching to your battery be sure to dab up any liquid that may have leaked out at the battery connection end.

What is an Ecig drip tip?

A drip tip replaces the soft cap on the Cartomizer. It is a little bit longer and creates a mouthpiece kind of like a cigarillo. It is also great for refilling the Cartomizers because you do not have to remove anything you can just drop the juice right in.

Can return my Cartomizers or juice?

Vapor4Life cannot issue refunds or accept exchanges or returns for Nobacco Juice or any type of Cartomizer, unless the customer does not receive the flavor or nicotine strength requested. This policy is dictated by the company's high standards of cleanliness and quality control.

How many Cartomizers can you fill with one 30 ml bottle of liquid?

You can refill a standard Cartomizer 10-30 times depending on your vaping style. This assumes that you have never burnt the cart and that it is still in good working condition.

How long does one Cartomizer last?

One Cartomizer will typically last between 2 and 3 weeks depending on your vaping style. Please make sure that you do not let you Cartomizer dry out because using a dried out Cartomizer is the easiest way to burn out your carotmizer. Once a Cartomizer is burnt, you should throw it away and use another Cartomizer. You will not be able to revive a Cartomizer once it has been burnt.

How do I refill a Cartomizer?

To refill a Vapor4Life Ecig vaporizer Cartomizer, you only need to first remove the Cartomizer from your battery. Second, remove the plastic tip at the mouthpiece end of the Ecig Cartomizer. Then drip in your eliquid around the edge of the Cartomizer, always making sure that you do not drip any of your eliquid down the center of the Cartomizer (this is where the air flow comes through). Once you have dripped 10-30 drips into your carotmizer, you can replace the plastic tip onto the Cartomizer, screw the Cartomizer onto the battery and continue your vaping experience.

What are in the e-liquids?

Vapor4Life eliquids all have a combination of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), food grade flavoring and/or nicotine. The 0mg eliquids offered by Vapor4Life contain NO nicotine.

What’s the difference between WOW Vapor, Premium liquid and VG liquids?

WOW Vapor eliquids contain WOW Vapor liquid and generate industry leading vapor production. They have more PG than Premium Nobacco Juice and produce a strong throat hit.

Premium eliquids contain more PG than VG.

WOW Vapor VG eliquids contain Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as the vapor producing agent. Some people are sensitive or allergic to Propylene Glycol (PG), which is found in Premium Nobacco Juice and WOW Vapor juice.

Why does my cart leak?

It sounds like we gave you more juice in the carts then we should have! Blow gently through the white end of the Cartomizer. The extra juice will come out the battery end. Then wipe off the battery end with a paper towel before connecting it to the battery again. It should be fine after that.

How many times can I fill this cart?

Vapor4Life eliquid Cartomizers can be refilled at least 20-30 times before you should replace your cart.

Which battery is compatible with carts?

All of our batteries are compatible with all of our Cartomizers with one exception. The WOW Vapor Cartomizers should not be used with high voltage batteries. The reason for this is because our WOW Vapor Cartomizers have a resistance of 1.5 ohm, which can sometimes be too low for a high voltage battery like the Vapor Zeus or the Dial-A-Volt turned to the highest voltage.

Frequently Asked Questions