WOW Vapor Vanilla Cartomizers

WOW Vapor Vanilla Cartomizers

Availability: In stock

E-cigarette - WOW Vapor Vanilla Cartomizers

Availability: In stock

Rich, sweet vanilla flavoring in high-performing e-cig cartomizers. Box of 5.
Best Seller!
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It’s not easy to find a vanilla e-cig cartomizer with the true, rich sweetness and complexity of real vanilla, but Vanilla Wow Vapor King Cartomizers have just that, along with volumes of vapor. It’s an electronic cigarette cartomizer flavor that manages to be both mild and intense, rich and light—just like real vanilla! Our exclusive V4L vapor juice formula is the only electronic cigarette liquid out there that does justice to this classic flavor. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more Vapor King e-cig cartomizers... 

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Customer Reviews

The Perfect Vanilla
Review by Kellie
If you like vanilla you have to try these! Tastes like vanilla ice cream (but not overly sweet), produces plenty of vapor, and smells fantastic. Def warm & cozy. Sweet aftertaste. Simply yummy! (Posted on 5/3/13)
Very Good
Review by Ben
I like this flavor alot. (Posted on 4/5/13)
4 mg is it for me
Review by Pat Johnson
I can take a little 4 mg in regular carts, but I can take a lot of 4 mg in VG. And the WOW is really nice. All that vapor is so satisfying. Vanilla is my favorite ice cream & I like my coffee black, no mocha, no espresso. And those are the flavors I like in my carts. With this I can switch from smoking completely! And good riddance to it! (Posted on 5/12/11)
Not Bad
Review by Courtney
It's definitely vanilla, but if you prefer the vanilla flavoring over vanilla extract, it's a bit perfumey. (Posted on 5/3/11)
Review by E-cig maniac
These tasted good, but I meant to order Premium Cool Carts, which are totally the way to go. Always get Cool Carts if you can. They last longer, don't get hot, and for some reason, taste better. (Posted on 11/19/10)
Plain Vanilla
Review by Dawn
This plain Vanilla cart gives a lot of smoke. Much better than others I've tried, but I'm looking for a more complex flavor - maybe a spicy vanilla. This is Vanilla and nothing else. Tasty. (Posted on 10/3/10)
Great choice
Review by Kevin Morris
As others have mentioned, this is a really great v4l product. very vanilla with an almost creamy after taste. it also has a great deal of vapor to it. but, IMO, these taste exactly like bubblicious cotton candy. (Posted on 9/15/10)
WOW Vanilla
Review by Robert Chafin
These are my absolute all time favorite.The flavor is wonderful and the vape is huge..Nothing like smoking a real cig but then none of the flavors are either.I have bought and vaped 25 different flavors and these are just GREAT! (Posted on 8/23/10)
My absolute favorite
Review by Electronic cigarettes zealot
This vanilla cartomizer is absolute perfection. It is smooth, and has a great after taste. I absolutely love it! (Posted on 8/17/10)
Good Carts
Review by Vanillaface
What could I say? Is vanilla what you dig? If so, get these. (Posted on 8/17/10)
Very good
Review by LadyPhoenix
This is a mild, creamy Vanilla. By mild I don't mean weak, it has plenty of flavor but it's not a harsh or overly sweet Vanilla. Vapor production is good. Overall if you like Vanilla I recommend it! (Posted on 7/26/10)
Good Flavor
Review by Elaina
The flavor is a very nice mild vanilla. The cart tastes better after vaping for a little bit. In 18 mg I didn't get much vapor at all, but when I filled blank premiums with 8mg wow vanilla the vapor and th were fine. This could be an all day vape for me. (Posted on 7/25/10)
Very strong
Review by PK
Lots of flavor that's for sure. (Posted on 7/25/10)
Best so far...
Review by Heather
18mg: This is the best flavor I've tried so far. I'll be ordering most of my carts from the WOW line b/c the vapor truly is insane! I thought it had good strong vanilla flavor and almost a caramel aftertaste. I guess it was like a vanilla caramel. I definitely liked it though! I let a friend try it out, and she said it was like inhaling candy. I didn't find it that sweet myself, but it has light, almost frothy sweetness to it...subtle, not overwhelming. (Posted on 7/21/10)
Review by CDD
This is by far has the best flavor and vapor. I like a smooth taste like vanilla, but not really sweet. I hope that they keep making these forever! (Posted on 7/21/10)
Review by Missy Patrick
I ordered this based on the reviews of others but I was actually really disappointed when I got it. Took a couple drags and the taste made me sick to my stomach after awhile. I didn't pick it up for 4 days then decided to give it another try instead of wasting the 5 carts. I screwed it on and couldn't put it down. I would say to others that if you don't like it at first give it a second try. It really grows on you. Leaves a very nice smell in the air but does have a kinda weird aftertaste, maybe its just me. (Posted on 7/20/10)
A good vape
Review by JE
Real Vanilla in general is one of my all time favorite flavors, so I was hoping for a crisp Real Vanilla Essence flavor, but my first vape was a little disappointing. It was a very deep overpowering strong vanilla taste, and was more like the Vanilla flavor added to Vanilla Shakes at McDonalds, it has a deep candy taste to it which I am not a fan of. Nevertheless, that deep candy taste subsides after vaping it for a minute and becomes quite pleasant. Good for a now and then vape. (Posted on 7/19/10)
Not bad, but not great either
Review by Tom
I'm with the other reviewer. Not much vanilla taste, more like cloves. I've vaped both better and worse. I gave it a 4 because it is a WOW. (Posted on 7/15/10)
Review by Kate
I agree with the other reviewers in saying that this one is not sweet at all, but still strong on vanilla flavor. This is my new all-day vape, and as soon as I took my first drag, I knew I needed to order more. Tons of vapor, smooth throat hit, all-around perfect. This is hands-down my favorite. (Posted on 6/23/10)
tastes a little off
Review by alec r
maybe its this one cartomizer but this vanilla isnt sweet at all
i got it in 18 mg. which is usully too high for me, and it didnt taste very nice (Posted on 6/1/10)
Shockingly Amazing Vapor!!!
Review by Deb
I love vanilla premiums and these are FAR BETTER on the vapor. I was SHOCKED!! It does use more juice but its worth it.

Flavor is the same as the juice and the premium cartos....its so AMAZING!!!! Smooth pure vanilla taste. Never tasted any vanilla as tasty as this!! (Posted on 5/19/10)
Perfect Vanilla
Review by Mark Hooper
Absolutely gorgeous aromas almost clove-like, but the flavor is just enough to create a warm, relaxing vape. The PERFECT vanilla. NOT a sweet candy type flavor. A relaxing, feel-good type taste. (Posted on 5/18/10)
Has great vapor and a good taste.
Review by Robert Van Brunt
Has a great taste but not that sweet the perfect vanilla for a no nonsense vape.

If you were looking for a candy type flavor don't order this one though. (Posted on 5/17/10)

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