1100mAh Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage Battery

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The Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage e Cig battery has a unique vaping technology that makes it the world's only variable automatic e Cigarette. This easy-to-use e Cig mod gives vapers the capability of changing the e Cigarette's voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 volts, while vaping without the use of a button.

  • Available in 5 vibrant colors
  • Can alter vapor production and throat hit by changing voltage from 3.2-4.8 volts
  • Add a Smileomizer for ultimate vaping experience
  • Soft, smooth exterior allows for comfortable vaping
  • Automatic battery switch allows for hands-free vaping

Includes 90 day warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee

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  • Black
  • Cigar
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Magenta

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  • Good Transition from the titan
    Review by NeedMyNicFix on 4/12/2016
    I use to use the Vapor Titan and pre-filled carts for years, however sometimes i felt that i wasnt getting enough vapor production i was looking for. Stopped into the shop in northbrook and seen all the different types of batteries they carry and how they preform. Based on that I see that the variable voltage battery is definitely the battery i want! Lasts twice as long as the titan, holds more liquid in the tanks and allows me to change the voltage setting for when I need to be discreet of want that nice big draw the zeus delivers. I am not ready for the zeus just yet, but see myself picking one up in the near future do to the fact that is has a passthrough capability. Thank V4L, 5 years smoke free!!!!!
  • More power than the titans
    Review by Brian on 4/12/2016
    I got this battery after using the vapor titan batteries for years and love the extra power that I got with it! I tried it out when V4L sent me a good deal and now I'm coming back to buy backups. Im really enjoying extra flavor and throat hit that I get with this battery
  • I like the large Zeus with the button best, cuz you can control the hit you take.
    Review by Litlbit on 11/13/2015
    I've tried them all and can honestly say, after quitting 10yrs ago, the large Zeus with the button is by far your best invention, however, when the battery craps out, you are in need of another asap, so always have a spare on hand.


KR808D or 510


Variable Voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 volts

CoolCart Cartomizers, WOW Vapor Cartomizers, 808-Style Metal Tanks, Smileomizers

Charge Time:
3-4 hours

Puffing Time:
8 - 14 hours

To activate the battery, attach a cartomizer or tank filled with e-liquid, and inhale. Twist the dial on the bottom of the battery to choose your preferred voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 volts. When it no longer produces vapor, recharge the battery using the Vapor4Life Slim Wall Charger. When not in use, store your V4L Automatic Variable Voltage battery without the cartomizer attached.

Clean the threading on your battery weekly using ethyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Allow the battery to dry before use.


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