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3.5 mL Dual Coil Tank - 808D Threading


This is a 3.5ml Dual Coil (1.5 Ohm resistance) cartomizer tank threaded to fit a 808D style e Cigarette with a tank drip tip. Monitor your e-liquid levels with our clear tank design.

Purchase tank replacement cartomizers when original cartomizer loses flavor, or tastes burnt

Compatible e Cig batteries are: Vapor Titan e Cig batteries, Vapor4Life EGO batteries and works best with Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage e Cig batteries

Find more drip tip styles in the vape tank section

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  • Lavender
  • Yellow
  • Magenta

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808D Threaded e Cigarette Tank

This is a 3.5ml Dual Coil cartomizer tank that comes with a 1.5 ohm dual coil cartomizer and a drip tip. It is threaded to fit an 808D style eCigarette. Monitor your e-liquid levels with our clear tank design. Try our higher resistance coils (2-3 ohms) when using voltages higher than 4.4 Volts.

If you like our Dual Coil Tanks, then you have to try our Vapor4Life Clearomizers (808D Thread)

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  • Convenient smaller size
    Review by Brad on 4/28/2018
    Better than 6 ml tank of you have smaller pockets or when wearing tighter clothing. Pair with a small variable voltage battery and it's perfect. Just be careful of leakage if you are using an automatic battery.
  • Great option for ex-smokers
    Review by videobear on 2/20/2018
    I've used these for several years now. They work with the Vapor Zeus, Vapor Titan, and variable voltage cylindrical batteries, and also now with my Vogue box mod (with an adapter). I prefer these to, for example, the mini Riptide tank that came with my Vogue kit...that one produces vapor that catches in my throat and makes me cough, but these are just like smoking a cigarette. (I smoke mouth-to-lung style). I use them with the 1.5 ohm dual coil cartridges. They last a long time and don't need a lot of maintenance. Here is my exact setup: 3.5 ml Dual Coil Tank, Vogue box mod with 808 adapter, 1.5 ohm dual coil refill cartomizer, WOW Peppermint juice. There are only three bad things I can say about them: 1) They can get sticky and hard to disassemble for re-filling. When that happens, I need a couple of pairs of pliers to grip them strongly enough to pull the cart part way out for refilling. 2) While there are supposed to be 8 colors available, the color selection has been limited to 1 or 2 choices for a LONG time. 3) The black soft rubber tip that comes with it as an alternative to the plastic tip fits rather loosely and is prone to coming out. The plastic tip with a rubber O ring fits perfectly though. A couple of tips on refilling: 1. Take off the tip; put the tank on a hard flat surface like a table top, tip end down, and push down to push the cartomizer part way out. 3. Pull the cartomizer out until its open end is visible inside the tank. 4. Hold the tank at a slant and squirt juice down along the inside edge of the tank until it's about 3/4 full. Be careful not to get juice inside the cartomizer at this point, or it will come out the bottom and things will get messy. 5. Push the cartomizer up until it's at the upper O ring. You may need to twist it a little to start it past the O ring. 6. Put the bottom end of the cartomizer flat on the table top and push it home. 7. (Important!) Now slowly drip juice onto the fiber fill of the cartomizer. If it's a new one, you may need 50 drops or more to fully saturate the fiber. One that's been used will take anywhere from 5 or 6 drops to 30...you want the fiber to be saturated so it's not absorbing more juice, but don't put in so much that it runs out the little hole in the bottom. If you don't wet the fiber, it will burn and the taste will be awful. 8. If juice DOES come out the bottom, twist the corner of a Kleenex tissue into a thin probe. Stick it up into the hole to absorb the extra juice, to keep it from getting onto your battery or mod.
  • Tank.
    Review by Andrew on 2/6/2018
    I use the clear tank. Great.
  • Love the colors
    Review by Rachel on 1/11/2018
    Love the variety of colors but I prefer the 6ml tanks.
  • A good tank for starters
    Review by Kimberly on 12/15/2017
    This is a good tank for those new to using them. You can find instruction videos if needed for help. A good quality product.
  • Perfect for the skinny batteries
    Review by Raj on 11/14/2017
    I love the 6 ml, for sure, but it always seems a bit awkward on the Titan or the diamond batts. These are perfection. They last longer (and are more cost-effective) than the pre-filled carts (also delicious). But when you hit on a favorite flavor, and you want that one all day, the 3.5 ml tank with a slim battery is the way to go.
  • Good tank
    Review by Tom on 11/1/2017
    I started with this tank after graduating from carts. Works very well and durable. You will need to refill at least once a day depending on use.
  • Didn't leak
    Review by Taylor on 8/24/2017
    Was worried most about having free fluid just wooshing around, but the seals and the tanks stayed strong. Switched back to smilomizers because when a cart got clogged and you had 50% full tank it was a mess to change. Easy to clean and swap carts for changing flavors without contamination though.
  • Miss the other colors
    Review by Chocolateannie on 8/16/2017
    Have used and loved these tanks for years. Easy to use and a perfect fit on the V4L Zeus batteries. Where are all the fabulous colors though V4L? Please bring them back or find us a great alternative for the Zeus 808 threaded battery users.
  • Great Tank
    Review by Heather Ashley on 7/5/2017
    Comes in a variety of colors and is easy to fill. My mom's been using them for years and swears by them. Carts are easy to replace and since the tanks are see-through, it's easy to know when you need to refill. Definitely a must-have if you're a tank user!
  • Awesome Tank
    Review by Jon on 6/27/2017
    Great tank never have a problem with leaking, coil last long time if you don't dry it out.
  • No other colors available
    Review by Vicky on 5/7/2017
    I used to buy these tanks in all colors, but for the last 9 months there hasn't been anything available other than the yellow and lime green color. I used to use the different colors for my different batteries and know when to change the cartomizer, but there hasn't been any other options for almost a year...
    PLEASE get the other colors in stock!!!!!
  • Great tank
    Review by Thea on 1/15/2017
    These are great and inexpensive. I use with my variable voltage. I like being able to see when my liquid is low. Reason I gave 4 stars is the tips pop off all the time and I'm always losing them.
  • Excellent for everyday vaping!
    Review by Steve on 11/22/2016
    I love that these tanks come in the 3.5 ml capacity because I vape two types of E-cig juices (1 nicotine & 1 non-nicotine) and it makes them much more compact and manageable when I put them in my pocket with my 2 short DAV batteries connected on them. I would only recommend the bigger 6 ml capacity tanks if you are a heavy chain vapor otherwise these will defiantly get the job done and will you give a lung and throat hit that no other cartomizer can match!
  • Great Tank
    Review by ChrisD26 on 10/3/2016
    This tank came with my vapor titan kit and I'm glad it did. This is a great tank with awesome flavor. The cloud of vapor is produces is amazing. Great product.
  • Great
    Review by Jennifer on 7/31/2016
    I really love these, easy to fill and you can express your style with so many color options.
  • Very good tank
    Review by Lauren on 7/26/2016
    I use these tanks on the Variable Voltage vapor Zeus. Works fantastic. Good vapor and flavor with the 1.5 ohm.
  • Perfect and easy to use
    Review by Vicky on 7/22/2016
    This tank is the perfect size, easy to fill and use, and gives a great hit with the Vapor Titan and Vapor Zeus.
    I have been able to easily clean and re-use the different colored tanks (to match the batteries), and are easy to change out and carry anywhere.
    I only have to replace them on the few occasions when I drop them too much, but that's mostly due to being clumsy - I've had cell phones that break easier than these!
  • Great, Easy Tank
    Review by Wesley on 4/28/2016
    Easy to use and clean, great flavor, massive vapor production (on the 1.5 ohm dual coil) and no noticeable hit to battery life.
  • fabulous
    Review by Jen on 4/25/2016
    Wow! Wasn't sure I was going to like this tank, but it's just fabulous. The flavor is strong and smooth and easy to fill. I really don't need or want cigerettes anymore.
  • love this tank
    Review by jasonf22 on 2/15/2016
    just filled it up with waffle! great vapor!
  • Excellent
    Review by James on 2/5/2016
    Best innovatiom since vaping. Superior vaping hits time after. Consistant flavor. More than adequate capacity. One fill lasts me 2 fays. Superior product.
    Review by JIM H on 12/18/2015
    started using this yesterday , I'm a heavy vaper and would use 4 carts a day. now 2 tanks last all day om my OMG. no problem filling I use a syring and prefill the center after loading the tank. youtube has best how to vid.
  • Works great with lots of vapor but filling as directed?
    Review by Ken on 10/13/2015
    I've had mine for a week and it works great with lots of vapor. All my V4L batteries work fine despite being told by V4L that they would only work with the newer, more powerful Diamond Series batts. My Ego batt works the best with excellent results. Only problem is with the stated tank filling procedure. It says to "tilt tank slightly and fill directly into the cartomizer until it overflows" Do this and the juice will leak right out the bottom. The cartomizer inside the tank is setup just like a standard Ecig cartomizer with a hole in the center through to the bottom. Instead I just add a few drops inside the cartomizer to get the material inside of it wet and then fill inside the clear tank. This works great, I refill tank when the visible liquid is almost gone. I plan to get a few more of these tanks soon.
  • Fantastic 808 Tank!
    Review by jacqi4arts on 9/16/2015
    I prefer My V4L tank over CE2 tanks, and/or leaky CE4 tanks.
    However, the dual coil cartridges SUCK batteries' power!
    Since buying single coil cartridges for my V4L tank, I am extremely pleased with this tank! In addition to V4L XLManual Diamond Series batteries, the lower ohms single coil cartridges work fine with V2 XL manual batteries, also.
    My V4L tank has never leaked in use! Handle them carefully & gently when refilling one! Both metal ends are removable..
    The tank itself is the best-5 stars! V4L needs to provide more info about dual coils and single coils cartridges with the tanks' descriptive information.
  • Wonderful product...
    Review by No comparison! on 9/3/2015
    This is my first tank that I've purchased after using only cartomizers. These things are PERFECT! I can't say enough about them. Tons of vapor and my e-juice tastes completely different using this tank. I'm definitely sold on these.
  • Sooooo Happy!!
    Review by Julia on 7/8/2015
    I starting vaping 3 yrs ago, and totally switched from smoking for about 8 months. Unfortunately, the hassles of refilling cartridges, making sure I had enough to see me through the day, burnt cartridges, etc., led me back to cigarettes. It was easier to buy a pack or two and go! I decided to give it another try, so came back to this site to stock up a bit, and saw these. I just got it, filled them in no time, and really think all the things that made me crazy are gone. Love the increased vapor, easy to fill, should have no more "burnt taste". Cigarettes gone again, no more lectures from my 8 year old! Oh, and the Titan manual battery was recommended to me, working fine.
  • leacking
    Review by dan on 7/4/2015
    i found i had the same leaking problem and found that it was the cart not the tank. i have 3 tanks, ready to order another. some carts when they where or be for they ware out will start to leak so bad. but its not the tank. ive also had this problom when i over fill to where the juice goes over the top of the cart. trust me its not the tank.
  • Awesome
    Review by Mater on 6/29/2015
    I have been vaping for 2 months now and I tried regular cartomizers. I never truly knew when to refill or how much to put back in. Until I recieved this awesome thing. Once you empty fill it back up. If the cotton is dry wet it. BTW, If you run out of juice and burn the cotton in the slightest, buy a new replacement cartomizer for cheaper than the other ones. Truly awesome product.
  • love it
    Review by suzanne on 6/17/2015
    this tank is compatible with the titan baterries love it wont go back will always use the tank
  • Awesome purchase!
    Review by Raymond on 4/27/2015
    Got this for home use with the USB Passthrough, amazing purchase, lasts for about two days before needing a refill. Already recommended to others and my own mother just purchased an ultimate kit, two 30ml flavors, and the tank for her passthrough as well. Very much worth the price, and will definitely buy again and again. Thanks V4L!! Ive left analog behind for good!
  • Love it!
    Review by Crystal on 4/26/2015
    Even though I have been vaping for over 2 years now I was confused about what this was. I love it. I got the 3.5 small tank and it holds plenty. It is just a holding tank around a special cartomizer with holes that allow it to refill as needed. I got the 2.0 dual coil replacement cartomizer replacements since that is what the WOW cartomizers I love are. Easy to fill (watched a video on you tube). No leaking. Not obnoxious looking imo with the titan xl battery. I ordered the "white" which is just clear and silver metal (matches all my batteries), but one of the tips is clear and one is white. If you are like me and have already settled on one flavor and don't constantly switch than this is for you.
  • Great after investment
    Review by LA on 4/19/2015
    I have been vaping for 2 years and was tired of the nightly refilling of carts. I ordered clearomizers from another company before V4L had these tanks and they leaked and spit juice in the mouth. They were awful and a waste of money. Decided to give these a try and very glad that I did! They are a bit pricey but with the discounts, affordable. Filling a tank and vaping all day on it, no leaks, no burnt cartomizer, no changing carts throughout the day...it's great. I use the VK regular length manual stealth batteries with mine and they work well. The dual coils drain the batteries much quicker than the standard carts so I ordered a few extra batteries. These do not work for me with the shorter VK manual batteries or short VK auto batteries I had so it's like starting over with batteries but so worth it for the convenience.
  • Not enough battery power
    Review by Theresa on 4/8/2015
    I received this today. I originally ordered the 6mil tank and had very little luck. I thought maybe it was just too big so I ordered one of these. I received it today. It will not work with the VK battery This was a fully charged battery.. I guess it don't have enough power to heat it. It does however work very good with the passthrough and the Ego battery. If you don't have one of these, do not order this. You can't return it and you will be disappointed. It only gets 3 stars because the site don't tell you it won't work with a regular battery. It might work with the Titan I don't have one of those yet.
  • Love this thing
    Review by aaron on 4/7/2015
    Produces lots of vapor and has much better flavor compared to a normal cart. I have this paired with my V2 batteries (long and short/auto and manual) and it works great. I doesn't work on my USB cig though.
  • Fantastic
    Review by JoAnne on 3/3/2015
    These are the bomb. Super easy to fill. A little harder on the battery life I noticed but the vapor and taste out weighs that. I always have an extra battery on hand so no biggie. I am going on day 5 with the dual coil cart in it and still going. Not sure how long they last but heck for $2.95 each I already got my moneys worth. Never leaked it is a great design. A must have!!!
  • Best thing V4L has released yet!!!
    Review by Jason P on 2/2/2015
    Vaper for 2 1/2 years. Gotta admit, I was getting really tired of the constant effort to fill blank carts, top them off occasionally, and fuss around with ensuring they don't burn or flood. The Tank has just renewed my hope for vaping entirely!

    The Tank is a DREAM. Filling the thing took less than 3 minutes for me, and from the start I got AMAZING flavor and vapor production. The extra power these dual coils offer give you a whole new vaping experience. Literal Vapor Heaven right here!

    The price was VERY affordable too, and it's good to know I can get replacement carts for mere dollars.

    I vape heavily throughout the day. Three days of nonstop vaping, I've only had to refill the tank canister twice. I still get the crisp flavor of my Mango juice, and it seems these things last a lot longer than standard cartomizers (I go through 1-2 of those a day).

    Sad thing is, I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to normal carts :)
  • Best innovation in the vaping industry
    Review by jmm on 12/30/2014
    I love everything abut these tanks from the capacity to the 2 days of vaping I get from 1the fill yo the 2.95 replacement interiors to the ease of filling to the sharp look it has with the titan series manual batteries. I could go on but it took me an about an hour to write this much. Superior product
  • Awesome tanks, look great on my EGO batteries.
    Review by Ken on 11/29/2014
    These tanks are perfect for me. I smoked half to one pack a day before quitting, and one of these filled lasts me all day. They look perfect aesthetically on the Ego kit batteries, and deliver a fantastic vape.

    The first one I filled on my own I actually burnt the inside of the cart. It was entirely my fault, and I wasn't the least bit upset when I saw how cheap replacement tank cartomizers are.

    My only bad experience was purely operator error, so this one gets five stars from me.
  • Zowie! So this is what vaping is supposed to be like!
    Review by MThead on 11/26/2014
    I just got my first tank a little while ago, filled it up and wow! So much easier to hit than a little carto, and I feel that I'll never encounter a burnt taste again. The included instruction pamphlet for filling the tank is okay, but for a more helpful tutorial check out the first 3-4 minutes of this vid from V4L (not sure why this isn't in the sidebar on this page to begin with as it would definitely take away any fears of using this tank): http://youtu.be/n9Q1x-f5UkQ

    Since I just got this thing I cannot yet comment on its longevity, will it leak, etc., but it seems like a well-constructed unit that should hold up if I take care of it properly. I'm glad I didn't get a 6 mL because this one is already rather bulky. It came with 2 drip tips, one rigid and semi-transparent, the other a solid black rubber tip that is a little squishy that I can see nervously chewing to shreds if I'm having a bad day. ;) I plan on getting a few more of these to designate for different flavors as I can't imagine fussing with cleaning these out well enough to change juices.

  • Just a new form of vaping completely. The consistancy of the hits is remarkable.
    Review by James on 11/8/2014
    No more burning taste of catomizers. No more messy refills of carts. With a full load mine last about two days. Thats a lot of saving ln juice alone. And the replacement guts are only 2.95 apiece and last about a week. I would recommend this product to any vapor enthusiast.
  • Can't go back to carts!
    Review by Jess on 9/26/2014
    My boyfriend gave me one of these as an early Christmas present and I'm SHOCKED at how smooth the pull is, how crisp the taste is and how convenient it is to fill! I go to a school filled with smokers, many of my friends smoke and although it's been over a year of vaping sometimes I miss the simplicity of smoking. I couldn't stand filling up carts, getting the taste of burning hair and getting juice in my mouth etc. This seems to of solved all my problems! This really is a fantastic product!
  • Really good...for a while
    Review by Tim on 9/10/2014
    When your first filling these up and vaping from them, they are awesome no doubt. Multiple refills and theres really no taste difference. Ive refilled mine countless times, and i noticed that they kinda get clogged after a while (i know your not suppose to refill them that many times but, eh lol). However, some of the tanks i received pretty much leaked all over the place as soon as i filled them, even if i filled them up all the way, I noticed little air bubbles coming from the holes inside the tank's cartomizer and normally thats a good thing, but mine never stopped. It eventually leaked pretty much all the juice out. After i cleaned up the mess, i started vaping it and got a mouthful of juice, not pleasent, and more started leaking out through the battery end and i hadnt noticed until i took it off and noticed a bunch in my battery.
    Overall, they are awesome as long as they arent malfunctioning, and i wouldnt refill them more then say...15-20 times, either wise you really gotta suck on them to get some good vapor, which can lead to a buncha juice in ur mouth. Also ive been buying from this company for about 3 years now.
  • Great Tank!
    Review by meowmix915 on 8/11/2014
    Great product! This is super easy to fill & offers outstanding flavor & vapor!
  • Awesome Vaping
    Review by Gypsy on 7/15/2014
    I ordered some different flavors of E Liquid and a few of these tanks and a beautiful new blue Titan battery. I am so happy with these tanks and my new battery. I am so pleased with my overall experience with this company. Fast delivery and my order was perfect! I enjoy using these tanks with my favorite Fruit stripe gum E liquid & it seriously never tasted better, it taste so clean and loads of vapor. I also use these tanks on my other 808 batteries with no problem. No leaks,, no mess, and I can vape all day with these tanks. I will be ordering more, as well as a lot of other products from V4L. Thanks guys, this was definitely a home run! These carts beat the crap out of tanks and clearomizers that I have tried in the past.
    Review by Joshua on 7/10/2014
    I love love love these tanks they are so much better than the mega cartomizers. They have a perfect draw and great vapor production and every drag is great
  • Tanks are great
    Review by Frank on 7/8/2014
    Tanks are great for people who want long lasting vape without refilling often. I have owned both 6 and 3.5ml sizes. I have owned mine for over a year and they do not leak and have held up well. The rubber tip that it comes with will pop out easily if bumped ( I have lost two already) The clear tips are nice but they will crack if dropped. The Ming tip is a good replacement but it will crack if dropped also. Actually I like the clear tip it comes with the best and wish V4L sold those as I have been through many tips because I am clumsy lol. I like have a few of these tanks to fill with different flavors and strengths depending on my mood :)

    Good Tip: When filling these you need to totally saturate the filling in the cartomizer. I fill my tank then push the carto up, and then fill the carto almost to the top, hold at an angle and rotate until the juice seeps down then repeat until just a little juice comes out the bottom hole. Then clean the excess juice of the bottom. This makes the carto last longer and produces more vapor.
  • Best innovation in the vaping industry
    Review by James on 4/29/2014
    From the ease of loading to the lack of juice loss to the longevity between loads to the consistancy hit after hit to the sleek look paired up with the titan manual battery series I think we have a winner here
  • Great!
    Review by MG11 on 1/21/2014
    1st time trying a tank (rec'd yesterday) and it works great! Instructions it came with were pretty clear. I have a plastic needle tip to place on the juice bottle so it's easy to fill without dripping all over the place. Works great with my V4L pass through! It's nice to work without having to change/refill cartridges through the day.
  • Great Vapor, Great Flavor
    Review by AN13 on 12/21/2013
    the filling method discribed will leak some through the center hole only reason for 4 stars
    other then that great flavor great vapor couldnt have asked for anything more.
  • Great product!
    Review by NJD316 on 12/19/2013
    First time tank user with V4L and it doesn't leak, easy to fill (use video link on V4L for help) and 1 fill lasts all day. No more constant refills throughout the day. Using Vapor Titan battery with 2.0 resistance cartos with Wintergreen/Smilin Special mix. HIGHLY recommend!
  • Good if I didn't already have Smileomizers
    Review by Adam on 11/8/2013
    I have 2 Smileomizers that came with my Zeus and those are just unreal. You can rinse them and re-use them and they hold a ton of juice.

    These certainly work and look cool, but I get better flavor with the Smileomizers. If you already have a Zeus with Smileomizers (I hate that name btw), stick with those.

    With all that said, V4L has the best products and service on the market.
  • My choice over carts
    Review by Chris on 9/19/2013
    Using the Zeus/ECK, I always used the Smileomizers. After making the switch to the 3.5mL tank with single coil 3.0ohm carts, I'm never going back to the Smileomizer. Tanks and replacement carts are far more economical and there is more consistency in draw and hit. Just my 2 cents.
  • No leak tank
    Review by Brenda on 8/31/2013
    I previously tried fluxomizers from another company. I got a mouthful of juice if I didn't store them standing upright or if I raised them above a horizontal position when vaping. I tried this new tank and I absolutely love it!! It works on every 808 battery I have tried it on, even the automatics. There is no leaking whether stored vertically or laying flat on a tabletop. I have yet to get a mouthful of juice in any vaping position including lying on my back in bed. I now have (5) and some have been refilled (10) times with no change in vapor production, throat hit or taste. I vape all day at work and only need to refill every second or third day. These are a must have for any serious vaper!
  • another good product
    Review by noholesinmyclothes on 8/27/2013
    got my fiance one of these i have the older model i guess cause i don't see them anymore. they work great would give this one five stars but unlike the old ones this one doesn't have the notch on the bottom that fits the cartos just a circle. it has never happened but i could see it getting stuck and having to work a bit to get it loose since the tank will just spin on the carto. still a very good product, and will get one even without the notch
  • Excellent flavor, smoke, longevity and taste
    Review by Dawn on 7/30/2013
    Bought one from another company..probably didn't fill it right, and got burned taste. Got one of these...BINGO! I even tried putting a V4life carto in the other one with good result. No more constant refilling of cartos, no burnt taste, no topping........I'll keep a good supply of new single coils in.....too bad I recently bulk ordered some regular blank cartos, but I'll eventually use them up on my car passthrough I guess....
  • Love it
    Review by James on 7/12/2013
    Saves tons of juice
    Review by Mindy on 4/30/2013
  • Love my tank
    Review by LisaV on 3/26/2013
    I got to shop in store and got great step by step instructions on priming this tank. I can not go back to regular cartomizers! Love the tank and ease of knowing when its empty instead of sucking a carto til you get that awful burnt taste. I have a diamon regular automatic battery and a stealth manual battery and it work fine with both! I may try the single coil cartomizers next time beccause it does suck the battery life pretty fast! But I am a chain vaper so that may have something to do with it :)
  • A Must Have for Chain Vapor'ers
    Review by Cory on 4/16/2018
    I need to order another one of these because they are awesome. I tend to be a chain vapor'er some days and having one of these makes it so much easier as I only need to fill it up once a day versus the numerous times I will have to fill up an regular cartomizer. I used to have one in red and it looked really cool and somehow eventually lost it...so again this is definitely on my to order list. Filling this tank up is easy enough and pretty much fool proof...an easy 5 star rating from myself.
  • Love the size
    Review by John on 8/19/2016
    Works much beeter then the 6 mil one for me. Not really sure why it just does
  • Worth it
    Review by mattchoo on 1/2/2019
    Holds more than enough for all day. Also reusable many times with the same flavor or close to it and keep that taste.
  • Ok
    Review by Mike on 7/29/2016
    Ok, milder throat hit, a little messy to refill
  • Ehhh
    Review by matthew on 7/29/2016
    I tried these briefly but i prefer the smileomizer. These seemed to leak and not as simple to use. Maybe im just an amateur worth a try nonetheless
  • Not for beginners
    Review by Lizzie on 8/7/2017
    The idea of a Dual Coil Tank was exciting to me, because I wanted more control over the amount of e-juice I was using. However, I was never able to get this tank to work for me. Every time I used it, the e-juice leaked into my battery. Adjusting it was not easy, and when I did it was a huge mess. You really need to practice to get it right, but I didn't have the patience to try to make it work properly. The manuals and videos were there to help, but I just couldn't get it right. Not for beginners.
  • Undecided
    Review by Peggy on 8/10/2017
    I had a hard tome filling it the first time , very messy . Vaped very well but seems like a hassle .
  • 3.5 mL Dual Coil Tank - 808D Threading
    Review by Mike on 8/25/2017
    ok but not a fan because messy to fill. why get this when v2 smileomizer much cleaner


1.5 ohm
Single Coil (2 and 3 ohm) or dual coil (1.5, 2 and 2.5 ohm) Resistance
1.75 in
0.63 in
Stainless steel, surgical-grade silicone tip
All Vapor4Life KR808D batteries
White, Blue, Red, Green, Lime Green, Lavender, Yellow and Magenta


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