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510 Dual Mode Vapor Zeus Kit

Regular Price: $104.99

Special Price $74.99

  • Everything you need to make the switch to vapor cigarettes
  • Designed to provide the perfect draw for any smoker
  • Switch between auto and manual by pushing a button
  • 510 connection produces ideal results with 510 Smileomizer that comes in kit
  • Compatible with other 510 Tanks and Cartomizers
  • 510 Dual Mode Vapor Zeus Kit. Works best with 510 Smileomizers and tank coils with resistances between 1.5 - 3.0 ohms. Save money when you buy the kit with an add-on!
  • Comes with 90 day warranty and 30 day money back guarantee

  • Product Manual: Download here

  • How-to Videos: Learn How to Fill a Smileomizer Here
  • Color of your battery and smileomizer

    • Black
    • Cigar
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Magenta

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    A message about the 510 Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Auto/Manual Vape Starter Kit from Vapor4Life’s founder, Steve Smilin Milin:

    I was overseas inventing my Vapor Zeus products, traveling every day to see what the competition was. It seemed like everywhere I looked and every place I went, the 808 batteries were disappearing. The 808 connection, to me, is far superior to the 510. It’s the one with perfect airflow, which is why i prefer the 808. Also, it’s a better connection on carts and tanks, but I also realized that 80 percent or more of the world’s vapers were using a 510 connection. Now I had to solve one of the hardest issues I’ve ever faced: How do I perfect the airflow that I get from my original Zeus line? It took months of long, hard days to get the proper airflow for the pairing of my 510 cartomizer (Smileomizer) and my 510 Vapor Zeus vape battery.

    I can honestly say that there is no difference between my 510 and my 808 with my Smileomizer, and on the dual mode, you have the best of both worlds. You can match it with any other tank, but it works best with close to 2.5 ohms, which will give you approximately 10 watts of vaping power. I made this so 510 users could replicate smoking properly. Vape ­on!

    • The best battery ever made
      Review by joseph on 5/18/2013
      Just buy this. I have tried every single battery and wasted so much money. This for smokers will make you (switch). For vape lovers, WOW is all I have to say! I have the large and small now because I like to switch out flavors. If you read this review, this battery took forever to create and there is nothing close to it anywhere on the market. It is the Rolls Royce of E-cigs. Don't think or search, just buy this and it will be the best investment ever!
    • 2 years cig free
      Review by DeeW on 3/1/2014
      On March 10th at 1:30, (but who's counting) it marked my 2 year cig free anniversary. For a 2 pack a day smoker for 45 years, this was a milestone. Could not have done it without this awesome company and their products. I have copd and have a hard time getting a decent cloud. With this dual mode e cig, I can get a good cloud. I started out at 2.3 and am at 1.8 now. My doctor is jumping for joy that I have quit cigs. In his words "vape away".....thanks Vapor 4 Life!!!!
      [email protected]@@!!!
    • Great e-cig all around.
      Review by KimO on 6/10/2013
      I have used e-cigs for over two years now, starting out with locally available ones to ordering from the net. I found V4L about a year and a half ago and been purchasing from them ever since. I bought the Vapor Zeus to get more battery life and that is just what it gives. I can use a battery all day while out on the road for my job. I bought three of them so far and I like them a lot better than other e-cigs I bought. I also have Vapor Titans that I use at home while my Zeus' charge.
    • Zues
      Review by Ash on 8/25/2017
      Best Ecig I've ever used! Only thing I use! Love love love! Good durability!
      Review by GWEN on 9/9/2016
      Great quality product, excellent draw, very abundant vapo. I have tried alot of e-cis, & cigars this is the best. I also upgraded to the extra larger battery GREAT
    • The gift of Life!!!
      Review by Deanwithana on 8/24/2016
      This was gifted to me after being a 1 pack smoker for 30 years!!! I am 3 months cigarette free today!!!!! If you are looking to quit, this is it!!! Do not hesitate to buy it now!!!!!!!
    • More Cigar-Like Than Cig-a-Like
      Review by Jake1297 on 5/10/2016
      This battery lasts me well over 8 hours a day and when it starts to die I can plug it in and use it while it charges. It is a little on the heavier side, but what do you expect when it lasts as long as it does. I have used batteries from other companies and they die after 2 hours of use claiming it is compared to 2 packs of cigs...yeah right. V4L doesnt give you false promises, but delivers what they say they will.
      Review by Jon Aaron on 5/10/2016
      I never actually wanted to "quit" smoking. Anything that made an attempt to get me to want to quit was a laughable failure. I don't care if my hair and teeth all fall out, and I talk with a box through a hole in my throat. I do NOT give it quarter. I 'll DEAL with it and you should really spend your time bothering someone else. That's what has made this such a big deal. I quit NOT WANTING TO QUIT AT ALL,

      but that's exactly what happened for me, and several others as soon as I showed how easy this is and how much sense it makes.

      I quit - BEFORE any resolution day or support group intervention.
      I quit - with absolutely NO side effects, other than being able to TASTE, SMELL, and BREATHE so much better, and...
      I QUIT' - the day I received my first Vapor Zeus XL Dual-Mode Battery (Black)

      Can I honestly say I have not had a cigarette since? - No. But those few times were through faults of my own.

      The only time spent was..
      1) educating myself online and knowing going in that I made a good 'non-decision' about the product I chose and it's investment value.
      2) The first hour of vaping- it WILL make you cough. Get over it. It SHOULD make you cough, otherwise it would not be sufficient to get a heavy smoker like myself to actually 'feel' the sensation enough to where it produces that 'light-headedness' that one seeks when they are a committed, heavy 'I do not WANT to quit, get it yet?' smoker.
      3) I sometimes sit around and think how amazing it is that I do NOT have to go to the store for anything.. and all the gas I've burned up on daily outings like that. (Does that count as spending "time" on anything. Oh, well sorry..

      Look man, if you want to quit.. well good for you, you are a better person than I. Now you've wasted some of your own time in reading this, and frankly I feel some of mine by writing, when you could have already gone and done what you needed to do in order to ENJOY vaping, you'll find a much more worthwhile habit.. you may be able to tare down the nicotine levels and really, REALLY quit all of it.

      But not me. I told you, I am NOT quitting anything. I've just found something that I like better, and it happens to be better for my health. It saves me just so much money it is freaking ridiculous, and I don't smell like a freaking ashtray. So it's just better for me, and everyone else around me... but don't believe me. Try their battery out. If you screw it up, man, it has a warranty. How easy do they make this on you. This should have been a week-long decision or something. It should NOT be this easy to quit smoking cigarettes. But it was for me, and I bet you, it will be for you too.
      Review by Glen on 5/10/2016
      I own and have been using the 900mAh Vapor Zeus in both automatic and dual mode along with the small Smilomizers... They are great and work fantastic. They are also a little better from a portability standpoint as well. But I just received my two 1300mAh Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Batteries (cigar color) today along with a 10pk of the large Smilomizers (cigar color)... WOW! Now this is the "Cat's Meow"! If you like the look, size and feel between your fingers of a tobacco cigar or stogie, then this is the way to go. This is what I deem a man's e-cigar! Perfect in size IMHO. Paired with the large Smilomizers provides about twice the e-juice capacity of the small Smilomizers. All day vaping with this set-up will be no problem whatsoever when starting with a fully charged battery and full Smilomizer, no matter how heavy you vape. Personally, I highly recommend the dual mode. This gives you the benefit of choosing which mode you prefer to use. Also from previous experience with both versions in the 900mAh, I've found the dual mode tends to provide more battery life then the automatic and it's also the one I tend to prefer, even if using it in "auto" mode. One last thing. The large Smilomizers also have what appears to be a stainless mesh screen sitting on top of the wicking material with the center tube protruding up through it. The small Smilomizers I've received do NOT have this mesh screen. Well done V4L... Well done!
    • the best one ever used
      Review by bryan on 4/14/2016
      i've been using it for a while now and i love it i took it to decay of nations a 3 day paintball event the biggest event in california i let people there try it and they said it was the best vapor hit they ever had people with 200 to 300$ vapor cigs love my vapor zeus
    • Vapor Zues Clouds of Vapor
      Review by Edward on 4/6/2016
      This unit is the best kit V4L has ever offered. The amount of vapor the Zeus on a 2 ohm DC Tank cart is awesome. The flavor from the Zeus is phenominal. I have tried in auto and manual either way it is a beast and out performs any other device I have ever used in my vaping journey. I also have a manual DAV and the Zeus out performs the DAV by far. My new PV is the Zeus. V4L has hit this one way out of the park, Grand Slam all the way. Have yet to try the smileo's that came with the kit if the Zeus make clouds of vapor on the tank I can only imagine what a smileomizer will do and will most likely be a Grand Slam as well. Five Stars All The Way!!!!!
    • Just bought it!
      Review by Adix99 on 1/23/2016
      I bought this yesterday, and came the next day, I first bought a Dial-A Volt which turned out good, still have it. But the Zeus makes it look like a 10$ Vaporizer It's just perfect, love how I can vape while charging makes the experience SO much better. Buy this NOW! Best 100$ Spend!
    • WOW! #BeastMode
      Review by PlainBad23 on 1/6/2016
      I received my Zeus Dual-mode 1300mah in the mail just a little while ago. I immediately filled the smileomizer, and was off to the vaping olympics (in my mind.) OMG! The product was labeled with the word, "WOW" all over it. And to be honest, that is the only word I can use to truly describe this thing! WOW! It is THAT GOOD! I am a satisfied customer. I will be buying more from Vapor4Life as everything about the company and the products that I have heard up til now have all been completely true! WOW! #BeastMode
    • Hits the spot
      Review by William on 12/2/2015
      The large Zeus was my first e-cig, so I claim no expertise, but I have to say, it's been a hugely pleasant surprise. I was a pack and a half a day, full-flavor smoker for 15+ years and feel, for the first time ever, that I'm well on my way to quitting. The battery lasts FOREVER. Forgot my charger at work on friday and it lasted til Sunday evening... and guess what, it'll charge on your PS3 controller cord too.
      Even though it's as big as a cigar, it's a breeze to carry... much easier than two packs of smokes. Shipping is fast, and overall it's just so nice to not have to get dressed and walk to the store at 10a.m. on a Sunday morning when you're still in your sleeping clothes. It's nice to be able to vape inside. For a former smoker though, it's nice that it "feels" enough like a smoke that you can still go outside and get your "breaks" at work.
      The smileos are nice, but can be a little fickle for a novice. Hard to know when they're full, empty, burnt... whatever. This can make the vaping experience a little inconsistent if you're not a real pro and are trying to travel light. I have a tank on the way though and am looking forward to that.
    • Life Changing
      Review by The Hoff on 11/26/2015
      This vape seriously changed the way i view vaping. the plumes of smoke it produces are poetically large and milky. like a hookah. thanks V4L, you've earned yourselves a lifelong customer
    • The God Of Vaporizers!
      Review by Vapor Zeus: on 11/22/2015
      I love this! I purchased the Large 1300 mah dual mode battery with Large 6ml smileomizers in black. I thought it would be too big, but it is just the right size. It is durable, has a great soft finish, and is well thought out. It produces great flavor, clouds of vapor, and is easy to use. I use 100% VG eliquid with low nicotine. It holds charge all day, and it charges fast compared to the usage time. The smileomizers are easy to fill and last a long time. No leaking, dry hits, or burning taste. This is a superior device to anything I have used, I put all my other vape supplies in my closet since receiving the Zeus. The dual mode on the battery is genius and at 5v, it is very powerful. The only problem I have found it that the Zeus makes vaping so enjoyable that I vape more often! I was hesitant about the price, but definitely money well spent. Great Job V4L!
    • Superb long lasting battery
      Review by Mark on 11/18/2015
      Greetings and salutations, allow me to share my experiences with the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode starter kit. I bought this kit months ago, probably last September or October after my yearnings for a longer more flavorful vape brought me to V4L. After searching the pages herein my gaze settled on the Vapor Zeus, I wasn't sure weather I wanted an automatic or manual type battery, so, I bought the best of both worlds. The only way to describe the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode battery is...incredibile! The nice things about the XL battery, at least for me is the fact that I would get at minimum 2 days..2 full days of heavy vaping. Also, the idea of the passthrough feature was intriguing to me. I could connect my cable to the wall adaptor, plug in an enjoy vaping while at the same time charging my battery.

      Another feature that I liked with this setup, was the variety of different cartomizers and tanks one can attach to this battery. You get a 6ml dual coil tank on there and you literally vape for days..I mean I could get 3-5 days on a 6ml tank, and I am a heavy vaper. The Smileomizers are nice, you can mix and match your favorite colors to get a really funky look, or do just a basick browm/black combo and you have your very own e=cigar, a fact that was not lost upon me as I used to smoke cigars.

      This is a very durable product, and probably even after all the drops my battery suffered was still going strong. Alas, it was one evening while enjoying a soothing soak in my hot tub, my wife was just about to get in and...horror of horrors...my wife accidently knocked my Vapor Zeus XL into the 101 degree water. We quickly retrieved the battery, wiped and dried it off to the best of our ability. I knew that this was the possible end of my beloved e-cigar. I had dried it thoroughly, let it set under my lamp until bed time . The next morning, the lamp came on and my Vapor Zeus XL battery laid patiently. I would at various times through out the day rotate my Vapor Zeus XL battery, after a week of patiently making sure it was thoroughly dry I plugged the Vapor Zeus battery into the charger and waited. After 24 hours with out any significant change the light never changed from red to green indicating a full charge. I figured...well didn't think it would survive, but had to try. I did let it sit on my desk, and after a week, thought well let me see what happens if I try and charge it again. What really surprised me was...it took and held a charge! Wow V4L products are durable and after a couple hours put my favorite tank on and was a happy camper. I was deluding myself though, deep down I knew that batteries and water do not mix. Finally about a month ago my much loved and often abused Vapor Zeus would neither charge nor could I however much I tried was able to vape from that battery again. This was about a month ago that the battery died on me, and the accidental bath happened in the first week or so of January. Guess I got another 3 months of use out of what I thought to be a death blow for the Vapor Zeus XL battery. I don't recommend dunking your Vapor Zeus or any of V4L's battery products in water, but I do know for a fact that mine was used and abused and kept on till the very end. Yes, I would recommend the V4L Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Starter Kit...in any size you would like, great products, maybe at some point I can again use what I consider a simply superbly built product. Thank you all for taking the time to read my product review..may God Bless.
    • Amazing - Its actually like smoking
      Review by William on 11/12/2015
      I almost never review things on line, but I have to say that I'm very glad I went ahead and bought the Zeus battery. Great vapor, and plenty of it --- after almost a year of trying different e-cigs, I've finally found something that is truly like the cigarette smoking experience. The size -- and it is big -- is not an issue for me, as I like analog cigars, so I'm used to that. I still like my smaller e-cigs, but the Zeus is now my go-to one. And as someone just getting used to filling with e-liquids instead of prefilled carts, I found the Zeus very beginner-friendly. In fact, I just ordered some additional blank smilomizers to fill up with more e-liquid flavors. All in all, I'm very satisfied with the Zeus.
    • Zeus
      Review by Daily on 4/27/2015
      I have a few kits that now are sitting tucked away in my drawer thanks to the Vapor Zeus!

      This kit is definitely a game changer!

      Battery life is superb. I've gone up to 2 days without a charge.

      Vapor is superb. Nice puffs from this bad boy! Vaping at its finest.
    • Vapor Zeus
      Review by Glen on 4/21/2015
      I own both the automatic and dual-mode versions of the Zeus.
      Both are 900mAh. After 7 months of use they are still performing like a champ.
      I normally get at least a full days worth of vaping from each battery, and sometimes a day and a half to two days worth.
      I'm using the 3.5ml Smilomizers. After 7 months of use I would have to say the dual-mode is my preferred model. It seems to have a longer battery live even in auto mode.
      I chose the cigar color as it suits my personal taste best.
      The Vapor Zeus has virtually replaced my others items, but I do use my DAV's on occasion only to prevent total battery drain.
      I see the purchase of the "big boy" in my future : )... two Vapor Zeus XL's, dual mode in cigar color with 6ml Smilomizers.
    • 1300 Zeus Ecigarette
      Review by Steeldragon on 3/20/2015
      I have 1 of the large 1300 mah Zeus due to 12 hour shifts but I can see a 900 mah in my future. My wife who also vapes was talking about switching to the 650 when she finally kills all her 510 batteries which I think will be soon due to the fact of her opinion of my system.
    • Love it!
      Review by Matthew on 3/12/2015
      Brilliant ,fantastic! Thank you for your product.

      I did find the 36mg nicotine a little too much to handle ,think I'll go lighter next time.
    • Zeus
      Review by wow wow wow on 3/11/2015
      I have been using v4l products for almost 4 years now and this product is by FAR the best one I have ever used! Of course, it is a very large unit however it is totally worth the size! The vapor production, throat hit and flavor are out of this world! I have never been so impressed with an ecig before. All of my juices taste sooo much better on the zeus. It puts all of my other ecigs to shame. Do not waste your time on any other ecigs because the zeus is truly the best. Worth the money! Trust me.
      Excellent job with this product v4l. You have found a real winner with the zeus...now lets try to figure out how to make it a little bit more pocket friendly ;-)
      5 out of 5 stars!!
    • I can't believe it!
      Review by Scott on 2/28/2015
      I just took a huge risk by spending this much money on my first vaping product. I was sick of smelling like smoke from traditional cigarettes and wanted something that would still give me that familiar feeling.

      So, this just came in today and I've been vaping with it for a few hours now. My very first hit and as soon as the vapor hit my throat, I knew that this would replace cigarettes for me. It was really unbelievable to me... it felt like smoke, tasted like smoke, and came out like smoke.

      As for the build of the Zeus, it is undeniably solid and classy looking. Perfectly weighted and it just feels... solid. Even the box that this thing comes in screams elegance and quality.

      Turnaround time was also very good. I ordered on a Sunday, paid for the expedited shipping and received on Wednesday. Nothing to complain about here.

      Now, I am browsing for some different e-juices to try out!
    • shipping
      Review by Geoffrey on 9/24/2014
      I live in st.charles il theyre located in northbrook il. Youd think they would have gotten it out the door by now. Its about an hour an a half drive for me an i ordered 3 days ago so far no luck w the provided tracking # either. A product for smokers should be readily processed ive bought 4 packs since ordering, an i ordered before theyre open at the warehouse youd think itd be shipped to usps that day. I gave it 4 stars because iv used one before great product poor shipping time. Id be hesitant on getting the more expensive shipping if they cant get 1 order out w standard shipping
    • Vaping my vapor zeus
      Review by Vaping Veronika on 9/12/2014
      I love my vapor zeus battery! It lasts me all day long and I pretty much chainvape , so thats awhile for me. Im so happy they came out with this because I needed something that would last a while but not be so big that I cant go in public with it. i think every vapor should buy one!!!!!
    • AMAZING!!!
      Review by TJ on 9/10/2014
      Simply amazing how great this works. Massive clouds of vapor all day off same charge and tank. Charges up fast. I used to be a pack a day smoker for about 8 years, and I received this on a Saturday, and by Monday, I have absolutely no desire to smoke a real cig ever again. Thanks Vapor4life for this! You are lifesavers whether they let you say it or not!!!
    • The Zeus Rules All!
      Review by Darin on 8/24/2014
      Warning: I can be a long-winded SOB at times, and this is going to be one of those times. There will be a review in here somewhere, but to give you a good idea of where I am coming from in my review, I feel it is necessary to give you some background. This will not be a tech-heavy review, I couldn't give it justice in that area. For the tech-side of stuff, I suggest going to the V4L forum and looking up Morandir, Im sure he will cover that better than anyone can! This review will be from a somewhat novice mod-user's perspective. I promise to get a video review up soon as well, so if you don't like to read long posts, you can always wait for the movie!

      Those of you who know me on the forum know that, compared to most of you, I am still a novice vaper. I started my vaping journey in mid-December of last year. Through the encouragement and sound advice of one of my closest friends, I endeavored to make the switch from analogs to vaping, and I jumped in with both feet! My first experience with vaping was using the OMG All Day mod with a 6ml tank full of 24mg WOWbacco and a 1.5ohm carto. It quite literally blew my mind. I had no idea that the flavor, enjoyment, and satisfaction of puffing on my beloved (and very expensive) cigars could be replaced so completely with an e-cig-type device...

      Like all of my hobbies (most of which could be considered "vice"), once my initial interest is piqued, I researched the heck out of it. I dove into this and other forums with a voracity some may consider a mild madness. I started ordering tanks, pre-filled cartos, and e-liquids. I then got my wife hooked, and because she likes them, ordered stick batteries in manual and auto. I back-tracked from the OMG in search of a more "stealthy" and compact unit, but found the stick batteries lacked the vapor production necessary to satisfy my cigar-minded cravings. I even remember posting somewhere on the forum that I wished V4L would come out with a more "cigar" like mod with a drip tip I could "bite and gnaw on". You know how it is when you switch from analogs: you are in search of something which most closely matches the tactile feel and "full" experience of your old analog choice, not just the vapor production and throat-hit...So I went back to my OMG, and I still do love it.

      Then, by chance, I entered a V4L contest and won a Dial-A-Volt. To be fair, I don't think I would have ordered a DAV on my own. At the time, I just didn't get the whole "variable volt" scene. However, when it did arrive, I decided to give the DAV a fair shake, and I'm glad I did! I absolutely fell in love with it, (I think I may have mentioned this once or twice here on the forum...) and much like my experience with the OMG, I was convinced that NOTHING could top the DAV. Then there was the Auto DAV...and again the pattern repeated itself: Get new mod; love new mod; become convinced that nothing can be greater than new mod; get new-new mod, rinse and repeat...

      Then, one day I got a vape-mail package that, yet again, blew my freaking mind! I remember opening each little box and saying over and over again in a most reverent whisper: "Wow!" "Wow!" "Wow!" I won't bore you with the details, but it went on like that for at least the first 15 minutes...The first thing that I noticed was the quality of the device. This is nothing new where V4L is concerned. One look at the OMG or DAV lineup and you know that these mods are well-built, quality machines.

      The next thing that caught my attention (and held it and still holds it) was the drip-tip. The DT which comes with the Zeus cartos is, IMHO, (and speaking from a purely cigar-obsessed perspective) revolutionary. The exterior is a firm and yet pliable silicone. The interior is a solid metal piece onto which the silicone outer shell firmly seats. This combination lends the tip the unique ability to be comfortably bitten upon and held in the teeth. Into the Zeus™ DT, V4L has engineered a most near-perfect replica of the experience of biting on my favorite stogie. And for that I tip my hat to you, good sirs and madams!

      Moving right along, we come to one of a pair of the coolest features which the Zeus so rightfully touts: the dual mode switch. The Zeus takes away the age old dilemma: Do I get an auto or manual battery? With the Zeus one no longer has to choose. The conveniently located button high on the battery toward the carto, when pressed 5 times converts this lovable machine from manual to auto, and if you like, back again. The button is also back lit with a subtle LED. (mine is green).

      The second in the coolest features category for the Zeus is the pass-thru port on the end of the battery. Just as one no longer has to decide auto or manual, one no longer has to settle for a stick batty PT. When plugged in via the USB/PT cable, the Zeus is not only acting like a PT, but is being charged as well. I use the PT cable when sitting in my favorite EZ chair working on my computer (as a matter of fact, Im vaping on my Zeus in PT/Auto mode right now) and when Im driving down the road.

      Want all day battery life? You Got It! This thing will literally go all day! I am talking 9-12 hours to the blink depending on your vaping style! The full Auto version does have a very small, and very surreptitious white LED on the tip just above the USB/PT port, and while charging the LED is red; when charged the LED is green. Long charging time? Forget About It!! You can plug the Zeus into your PT/USB cable and from the blink it only takes 3.5 to 4 hours to charge! Dont have your USB adapter? No problem, just screw the Zeus onto the Slim Line Charger. This method will take 12 to 16 hours depending, though.

      The cartos that come with the Vapor Zeus are the Smileomizer (affectionately known as Smileos) 3.5ml, Single Coil, 2.5ohm cartos, and on the 5v Zeus battery, they kick like the proverbial mule. The vapor production is nothing short of amazing. When I was testing the Zeus for the very first time, I was puffing away at the kitchen table and my wife came into the kitchen; she almost lost it, accusing me of going back to those damned ol stogies due to the tremendous volume of vapor hanging in the air all around my head! All the flavors I have tried (as of this post over 20 flavors) interact well with the Zeus cartos, and the 5 volt output.

      I have been intentionally somewhat abusive to my Zeus (while watching the sky for errant lightning bolts) to see how the unit will hold up. Over the past 28+ days I have dropped it, sat upon it, carried it in my pocket, soaked the cartos in 100 proof, washed them and spun them dry. I have filled them and refilled them I don’t know how many times…and the Zeus works as good tonight as it did right out of the box. I keep waiting and dreading the day when one of the 2 cartos I was sent starts to leak or burn out on me, but it has not yet happened. Thank Zeus!

      The Vapor Zeus, as of now, comes in two colors: the cigar wrapper we are familiar with from the Titan Soft Touch series, and matt black (also Soft Touch). I love this feature as well.

      What dont I like about the Zeus? I really cant point to anything just yet that I dont like about this unit. I foresee some possible problems with the (my beloved) drip tip. I am concerned about the longevity of the silicone exterior; however, I am a heavy gnasher (an actual word? Sure, if I say it is¦) and have not yet begun to wear it out. Also, I would like to see some sort of cover or plug for the USB port on the end. I carry my Zeus in my shirt or side pants pocket and lint buildup and foreign debris has become an issue. For those worried about the weight of the Zeus: dont be. It is comparable to the Auto DAV with a 3.5ml tank.

      My overall view of this unit is hands down Two Thumbs UP! Its my go-to for all-day vaping. I have a hard time setting it aside to enjoy my new Auto DAV! My advice to you is to definitely get one of these as soon as it becomes available. Steve Milins vision of the supreme ruler of all mods has truly come to fruition! Well done, sir!

      Respectfully submitted,
      Darin M. McFarland
      Review by rolltidevaper on 8/9/2014
      I absolutely love this product. I have many mods some mechs and some VV/VW. The Zeus is so easy to use and travel with. It is my all day vape. Even the small battery will last me on work days all day long 10-12 hours with occasional vaping. I love this because the flavor and vapor is amazing for a stick battery. It is so easy to take with! I also understand that its very easy to travel with on the airlines. Now I don't have to worry about batteries, leaking, making sure I have my juices packed correctly for the airlines. I could not recommend this more!!! I know they are pricey, but it's worth it to find something that works this well. I say GO FOR IT!!
    • Vapor Zeus
      Review by Nailz on 7/29/2014
      The DAV and zeus are both great batteries, I have both, I do prefer the zeus, but been vaping a while and like a stronger vape and like the faster charging with pass through with the zeus, but of course with the zeus you are stuck at 5 volts, which ever you have chosen, sure you won't be disappointed
    • 1 1/2 months of the Zeus
      Review by opsguy on 7/19/2014
      I have been vaping for about 3 1/2 years and tried just about everything. I have been using my Zeus for 1 1/2 months now and love it. Most of the juices I use work well at 5V. Couple juices that don't do as well at 5V but with those I still use a smileo on mt DAV battery and turn the voltage down slightly.

      A great device that's simple and works well.
    • The Zeus is a quality product
      Review by NimrodAUS on 7/1/2014
      I purchased the "small" dual mode vapor zeus kit in cigar and I'm very impressed. Vapor production is amazing. The feel of the device is very nice with a slightly soft rubbery outside skin which is a nice touch and feels like a high quality unit. Battery lasted me nearly 2 days with fairly moderate - heavy vaping, used to smoke 25 analogs a day. The smileomizer holds heaps of juice and doesn't burn it quickly. Easily outlast a battery charge, probably 2 or 3. Doesn't leak, which is important to me, as I like to keep the zeus in my pocket. I got the dual mode as I was worried about the auto firing off in my pocket but I have found this probably won't happen and I've left my batt in auto mode mostly as the button is easily pressed in your pocket in manual mode. I have just ordered a auto battery as well as I think the slightly shorter size will be spot on. The manual zeus is bigger then I expected but still acceptable. Now flavour, started off wow, really great. Totally changed the taste of my all day vape juices, real strong flavour, and you can pick all the different elements in a juice, however and this could really be in my head, I get a slightly burnt taste now and then. I'm not sure if its the smileomizer or my juice might be too thin for the extreme 5 volts. But saying that I had a puff on an analog, which now taste completely terrible and through it away latterly after 2 puffs, went back to the zeus and it tasted amazing again so idk. Seems to work fine with thicker juices and 100% VG. Overall I'm impressed with my vapor4life Vapor Zeus and it's my all day vape device. I do highly recommend as you won't be disappointed.
    • Should be called WOW Zeus Dual Mode XL Battery
      Review by E. on 6/7/2014
      OH MY GOD ! ! ! This battery is so good you have to spell it out. OMG just doesn't do it justice. This battery lasts a solid 16 HOURS. I vape just about all the time and NEVER, EVER have I had a battery last like this. At one point I tried another company with the promise that their battery would last 2 to 3 days. HA. Not even 1 day. Shortly after this V4L came out with the Zeus battery. I have been with V4L for many years. Got my first kit on a Saturday and never looked back. Not 1 cigarette since and I had been smoking for over 50 years. WOW! I have always been impressed with V4L products. Their customer service is exceptional, personnel friendly, helpful and always - always answered any questions. The only down-side was that I would go through 2 to 3 batteries a day. Anyway, when V4L came out with the Zeus for approx. $100.00 I was skeptical, boasting of a long use time but with a much larger price tag. Eventually, and with a good coupon code, I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a try. WOW!!! 16 Hours a day, every day, and a short charge time (USB on computer)! V4L you did it !
    • I usually don't post reviews but...
      Review by Jon R. on 5/8/2014
      All I can say is.... SWEET! The cigar version looks awesome and sleek (not like other clunky mods I've had), does NOT glow at the tip (more stealthy), and hits like a charm! Produces clouds of vapor and a satisfying throat hit both in auto and manual mode. I've tried TONS of mods (lambo, lava tube, vamo, zmax, eGo twist, K100) and this one outshines them all due to its' simplicity, performance, and look!
    • best product ever
      Review by Lacy Brown on 3/24/2014
      This is by far the BEST device I have ever used for vaping. I used to smoke cigars and have to say this is almost JUST like it. (well except that I use a combo of strawberry and vanilla juice, lol)
      I get tons of vapor from it, and like that it lasts me forever before I have to recharge it. I just want to say thank you to V4L for creating such a perfect ecigg. If you're looking for something to work for you then you should get this one.
      Oh, also its really cool that you can switch from auto mode to manual. You just click the button 5 times and it switches. - WOW, how cool is that. :)
    • What helped me quit
      Review by Dylan on 2/17/2014
      Ill have to say that the draw on this model is amazing. I used to smoke cigars and this thing definitely replicates the heavy cloud that a fine cigar gives you. The zeus is actually the model that helped me quit smoking cigarettes and cigars and with the selection of flavors you get from this site... Ill never go back. ^_^
    • Better than a cigarette!
      Review by James C on 2/3/2014
      I have been a one and a half to two pack a day smoker for for 30+ years. Since getting the Zeus, I have smoked 2 packs over the last four days.

      I tried another ecig a while back and it did not come close to imitating a cigarette. This thing made me cough the first hit I took a hit. Big throat hit, big clouds of smoke, big flavor!

      For the first time in my life, I honestly think I can quit smoking analog cigarettes. Example: when driving I am a chain smoker.

      Today I ran errands all over town and did not light up one cigarette; even though I had half a pack with me. If anyone who is a heavy smoker such as I wants to quit analogs, the Zeus is a very good bet.

      Now I need to buy one more kit, so I always have a backup!
    • Zeus, God of Gods!
      Review by Via, theVocalVaper on 1/27/2014
      Mr.Milin went the extra mile on this mod...I can't say that I have been as impressed since they introduced sliced bread when I was a kid! I've been a "dyed in the wool" manual person since I discovered the difference, so I was VERY surprised to find that I use Zeus mostly in "auto" mode. I received this little beauty about a week ago...and, to be honest, I wasn't expecting to be blown out if my chair with my vape...but I was! The Zeus will definetely spoil you...and you won't be able to return to any of your other APVs! I could "make do" without my Zeus everyday...but I wouldn't LIKE it! You NEED one!
    • Life changer
      Review by Jon Aaron on 1/21/2014
      This product does not just 'help' me quit. it makes me HATE cigarettes and the smell and taste of ash and all that. I go strong, but it is so worth and this company is as supportive a business as I have encountered. They have a customer for life.
    • Revolutionary!!
      Review by Harmony on 11/28/2013
      This could be revolutionary for new vapers. Instead of buying one of each to figure out which one they like best they can get one batt and never have a spare batt that they dont particularly care for. Granted its cheaper to buy one of each stick batt, but with the functionality and charge time you get with this one it is totally worth the investment. I rarely put mine in manual mode, as I prefer autos, but this product is awesome! Perfect draw, fast charging time, long lasting 5v vaping, I love this battery!
    • Say goodbye to your addiction.
      Review by Steven M. on 11/25/2013
      The Vapor Zeus is truly all you need to kick your cigarette addiction for good. You don't even have to be particularly keen on quitting. You just have to be open minded enough to give this a try. I would submit to you that once you've tried the Vapor Zeus, you will prefer it over analog cigarettes. It has a long-lasting battery with a USB passthrough (so you can continue vaping as you charge). It's easy-to-use, convenient and will exponentially improve your overall quality of life. I bought my first Dual-Mode Vapor Zeus XL ~ 6 months ago and I haven't looked back. V4L's fast shipping and world class customer service is just icing on an already amazing cake. Do yourself a favor and buy this kit.
    • 7.5 inches of Vaping Pleasure
      Review by Blooper on 10/30/2013
      Finally picked up the Zeus. 1300mah xL green. Problem with the first unit as the manual mode worked but the auto mode did not. Handled by Paul with no problem (thanks again). With the carto attached it comes out to 7.5" long no carto the battery is 4.75". The carto is pretty bulky and adds a lot of length to the device. Battery has lasted me an 8 hour shift at work. Manual and auto mode are both great and working exceptionally well. I do prefer the manual mode as the auto I seem to have to suck to hard. Battery looks nice and is not slippery to hold. Standard generic battery shape. The carto's are better than the standard carts so far but more time with them is needed. They seem to go through juice faster perhaps due to the voltage of the zeus itself and some juices seem to vape faster than others. The vapor production is spectacular and I love getting the warm vapor throat hit it provides. Passthrough is a nice feature but the cord is too short. Tried this with a tank and 1.5ohm dual cart but the flavor tasted burnt. I'm guessing need to up the ohm of the cart due to the strength of the battery. Yes it is a little annoying to put in a front pocket but if your a manly man you carry a fanny pack or a vaping purse so you wont have that problem.
    • Buy this now
      Review by Aaron on 10/3/2013
      Here's what happened for me buying this. I was a two-pack a day smoker for 20 years. I recently saw both my mother and a close friend go completely "digital" with cigarettes. I researched and saw all the government warnings on how the e-cig is not a smoking cessation product. Well, then how have myself and two others been able to put those nasty cigarettes down for GOOD? I won't answer that, I know V4L has standards it has to abide by, but being a heavy smoker, I researched all I could and decided to give the ZEUS XL dual mode start package a try. It took some getting used to; honestly it made me cough a lot the first hour or so.. but once I got used to it, especially in the last couple of weeks, I simply have not wanted another nasty cigarette again. I tried an analog cigarette about a day after vaping, AND IT WAS TERRIBLE. Now, I can smell people around me who have recently smoked, and it's just awful. If your curious about the performance of the Zeus, well how about this: I charge it overnight, and fill a smileomizer before going to bed, AND I CAN VAPE ALL DAY LONG. And I do.. non-stop, AT WORK! The battery NEVER dies, the smileomizer lasts all day, with few exceptions. Another thing to note, for most of you smokers who think you'll have to get something very, very "tobacco" flavored to start, and that's good thinking, HOWEVER, as soon you will start to actually taste things again, and you'll want something other than tobacco flavors. Hands down the best health decision and investment I have made for myself as an adult. Try this product NOW..
    • Excellent Product
      Review by Donna on 9/24/2013
      See all of my reviews for many of the electronic cigs I've already tried - so you don't have to.

      Really Lovin' the ZEUS! at....

    • love it BUT
      Review by Jason on 9/22/2013
      #1, they say its a passthru wich is awesome and the reason i bought it once i was tired of sooner or later having to throw out my cordless batteries since they stop charging enough after time... what they dont tell you is that the passthru cord they send you with it is barely a foot long... should come with at least a 6 foot cord... that kinda ticked me off since this was mainly for use while driving my truck for work. other then that, i love it... tanks work best on manual and smileonizers work best on automatic.
    • I"M A ZEUS MAN!!!
      Review by mark on 9/13/2013
      I've been vaping for 3yrs(in may). I started with V4L and I wanted to thank them for making the transition from tobacco to ecigs EASY!! They always start with the best quality stuff but that doesn't mean things will stay that way. I will say that things may have come around.
      Now the ZEUS! They REALLY hit it out of the park with this one. I've tried everything out there and the ZEUS is the BOSS!! This is the BEST ecig I've ever used. KISS, keep it simple stupid, and that's just what they did. I could go on all day. All I'll tell you is BUY ONE! The easiest, best flavor, most vapor anywhere . The only problem I've had is not being able to get smilos. these things are HOT so if you see it on the website BUY IT cause it may not be there in an hour. ENJOY!!
    • charger is great and like the tip
      Review by scott on 8/25/2013
      My wife bought 2 of these starter kits for me. The chargers are great, charge a lot faster than the slim wall charger. I really like the tip, it is easier to hang onto when driving. It would be a nice gift for family members for who vape.
    • It's Magical
      Review by Jason on 8/5/2013
      When my Zeus first arrived, I don't know why, but I wasn't expecting much out of it. Maybe not much more than something to play with or a conversation starter. After filling the smileomizer and cranking it up, I did indeed actually smile to myself.

      I love the mushy soft tip, the perfect draw, robust flavor production, and huge clouds of vapor.

      As a 0-nic puffer, I was looking for something that I could enjoy as a cigar hassle-free. The Vapor Zeus fits the bill. The quality of both the battery and the smileomizer is top-notch, and with the cigar finish it looks great sitting out on the table :)

      All that said, I wish my buying experience was better. It took quite a while for V4L to send out my order, and they weren't the friendliest people when I called. Doesn't detract from the product, but better service would make me more likely to recommend V4L to a friend.
    • Exceeds Standards
      Review by Phil on 6/22/2013
      Wow o wow! I'm very happy with my purchase of my Zeus. Picked up the large model. I've been a smoker since I was 18. I wanted to replace the nasty habit with something realistic. This was the right choice.

      All of the 5 star reviews are right on. Puffs like a cigarette without the nasty smell and chemicals. Flavors are amazing. I tried smoking a cigerette on day two and put it out. I am a vape convert. Bonus, I can vape wherever I want.

      V4L also has excellent service. As a first time V4L customer I didn't properly understand the additional equipment/accessories I was purchasing. They made it right with a smile.

      My only surprise was the size. It's cigar sized, but I quickly adapted. Looks very classy, which was important for me as a 40 year old man.

      The one thing I would ask for is faster order processing and shipping times. Otherwise I am a huge fan and definitely a repeat customer.

      Thank you V4L!!


    Black, Cigar, Blue, Green, Magenta
    Small 650mAh, Medium 900mAh, XL 1300mAh
    Estimated Use and Charge Time:
    The 650mAh has 4-8 hours of use and takes 2 hours to charge
    The 900mAh has 6-12 hours of use and takes 4 hours to charge
    The 1300mAh has 15-20 hours of use and takes 5 hours to charge
    Regulated to 5V using single coil cartomizers 2.0ohms and above; and 4.4V using dual coil cartomizers
    510 Smileomizers, select 510 cartomizers and tanks
    Vapor Zeus USB Charging Cable plugs into a USB port or USB adapter and can be used as a passthrough or to charge the battery. Alternatively can be charged with the Slim Wall Charger. The Slim Wall Charger will take longer to charge the device.
    Take your time when filling your Smileomizer. Approximately 3 minutes of filling will give you many hours of happy vaping. Please allow 5 minutes for any e Juice to dry before re-attaching the cartomizer or tank to the battery. Damages caused by e-liquid misuse will not be covered by the warranty.


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