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510 Smileomizer

This unique, long lasting cartomizer has a chewable mouthpiece, an easy filling process, and lasts up to 3 weeks. Fill your Smileomizer with up to 6mL of e-liquid in order to get hours of vaping satisfaction without having to refill. Click here for a video on "How to fill a Smileomizer."

  • Compatible with all 510 batteries

  • Small Smileomizers fit flush on Small, Medium, Large Dial-A-Volts and Vapor Zeus batteries

  • Large Smileomizers fit flush on Extra Large Dial-A-Volt and Vapor Zeus batteries

  • Can refill each cartomizer up to 5 times

  • Chewable mouthpiece made of surgical grade silicon

  • Dependable, stainless steel shell

  • Comes in 5 vibrant colors

Choose your Smileomizer Color

  • Black
  • Cigar
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Magenta

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The 510 Smileomizer is a fascinating eCig cartomizer that was built to work with the 510 Vapor Zeus, but can also be used with other 510 eCigarette products on the market today. It is built with a 2.5 ohm coil, and can hold up to 3.5mL of e Liquid in the small size, and 6mL of e Liquid in the Large size. It has a chewable mouthpiece unlike any other on the market, and creates a perfect combination of flavor and throat hit that long time smokers are looking for.
Product Manual: Download here

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  • awesome!!!!
    Review by kelly on 3/6/2017
    I buy these for my husband and i, I usually get us 5 each. They last for weeks... flavor is great. I really hope people read my review because I think smileomizers deserve a lot of credit and everyone should at least try one. you will never buy another $60 tank again. Trust me. I don't even need to order more yet but they are always on sale so I'm stocking up. one lasts me 2 or 3 weeks
  • Excellent need I say more?
    Review by Rebecca on 12/3/2016
    I just got my 510 smileomizer kit in mail yesterday and so pleased with how easy to fill and the flavor!! I will be a constant customer and will keep coming here shipping was fast too what are you waiting for buy one!!!
  • these are awesome
    Review by Nickybear on 12/2/2016
    for a long time I used clearomizers and they just started to not sit well with me, so I started using carts. well I always bought "regular" cartomizers until I stumbled upon smileomizers. SERIOUSLY LIFE CHANGING! Im still using my magenta large smileomizer that I opened 3 weeks ago. Still great flavor and vapor and throat hit. I'm so happy that I found these and I suggest that everyone looking for a good sturdy cartomizer to try these. It's well worth the try!
  • So happy about these
    Review by Tony on 9/14/2016
    When I switched to something with 510 threading I was worried about having to use some bulky adapter but these saved the day. So glad these things are around.
  • So glad these exist
    Review by Bradley on 8/25/2016
    I hate fumbling around with adaptors. When I switched to a battery with a 510 I was so happy to see these existed.
  • Better than tanks
    Review by Gina on 8/19/2016
    I have vaped for almost 7 years. I started with the smaller mods and worked my way up to the more advanced mods as they became available. I have tried numerous tanks (the top brands) but found that they lose their flavor and leak on me. I always end up going back to the Smileomizer. It keeps the taste of the juice fresh and I'm hooked. Highly recommend.
  • Couldn't be happier
    Review by Sheryl on 7/29/2016
    I have vaped since March 2014, love the Zeus and think this cart is just as high quality as the original. Having a variety of colors helps me remember how old each cart is as well as just being fun.
  • Good
    Review by Mike on 7/29/2016
    Very nice
  • Love these!!!
    Review by Deana on 7/29/2016
    So much better than a tank and love that it comes in a 510 versus the 808!!! Now, if we can just talk to someone about getting a purple zeus out there as another "girl" color, I would be the happiest person on the planet!!!!
  • great vape
    Review by blkdoll on 11/14/2015
    I like this cart! it's pink!! when you make purple let me know, im still learning how to not to overfill, and it fits my Istick,coolfire 4 too! so im good im getting 2 more for rotation lol.step up your fashion game and let me know even if for a limited time thanks much.
  • love this item !!
    Review by michelle on 9/11/2015
    Once I found this cartridge I wad done looking !!
  • Better than tanks
    Review by ChrisF on 2/26/2015
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Vapor4Life for bringing out the 510 version of my favorite cart. I like these much better than tanks, because they never leak, and the vapor production is sick!!! But the 808 wouldn't fit on my trusted battery.
  • Love it!
    Review by stefan-v on 7/13/2014
    It feels like real smoking!
  • Not looking for an e-hookah but an e-cig!!!
    Review by Claire on 5/3/2014
    I love how your guys batteries actually look and feel like a cigarette. A little big for most women, but I dont mind :) My only downside is that i wish i knew the 808 filters were easier to balance and fill than the small 510 post, it keeps falling over on me, so i should of got the 808 auto zeus. Oh well it was my fault for not reviewing the specs, you guyz still rock!!! <3
  • Love
    Review by Michael on 9/14/2013
    These are great for fill it and forget it vaping. Generally I can fill 2 up, and have them last me a couple days without taking a dry hit. I just wish there were skins for them to match the battery, rather than having to mix and match when I wanted to change flavors.
  • Im Glad!!!!!
    Review by Justin on 5/19/2013
    Im Glad youy guys moved to 510 don't get me wrong I love my 808 Zeus but I have a lot of friends that use 510 band would really love using the smileomizers in 510 with out the adaptor.Thanks you guys Are the BEsat in THE BIZ by A LANDSLIDE,HANDS DOWN!!!!!!! Always JUSTIN Kaufman!!!!
  • Best ever
    Review by Kelly on 11/16/2018
    This is the #1 mouth to lung product ever. The e cig business mainly makes direct lung tanks and stuff so it leaves us MTL vapers out. But these!!! Amazing, lasts for weeks great flavor and vapor and the only product I will buy. I'd be list without my smileomizers!!
  • 510 Smileomizer
    Review by Mike on 8/25/2017
    just as good as 808 thread. bought this thread by mistake but recently bought my first mod. luckily I kept it.
  • Wanted to love it, but it's not comfortable
    Review by Mouthpiece too big on 8/20/2018
    I was looking for a larger tank or cartomizer, and had high hopes for the smileomizer. I just don't love it. You can't tell how much liquid is in it, and you waste a bunch of liquid filling it up. My biggest complaint is that the mouthpiece is too big! I am not a small person, and I feel like I either have to open my mouth super wide to get the whole mouthpiece in there or have to push it against my teeth which is uncomfortable.


2.5 ohm
3 inches (Small), 3 inches (Large)
0.56 inches (Small), 0.63 inches (Large)
Stainless steel, surgical-grade silicone tip
All Zeus 510 and Zeus Variable Voltage 510 batteries
Black, Cigar, Blue, Magenta, Green
Pull off the soft mouth piece and drip tip from the cartomizer and drip 70-90 drops (120-150 for Large) against the side of the cartomizer into the white filler material. Work your way around in a circle dripping one at a time. Let sit for 5 minutes. If the polyfill is not saturated, repeat this process. Replace the drip tip and mouth piece, screw onto a battery and you're ready to vape. Once you experience a lack of vapor production or flavor, it is time to refill the 510 V4L Smileomizer.


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