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510 Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage e Cig Battery

  • Available in 5 vibrant colors
  • Change from 3.2 to 4.8 Volts to control your vaping "hit"
  • Add a Smileomizer for ultimate vaping experience
  • Soft, smooth exterior allows for comfortable vaping
  • Color of your e-cig battery

    • Black
    • Cigar
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Magenta

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    The Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage e-cig is the only automatic, variable voltage e-cigarette stick battery on the market today and it's exclusively sold by Vapor4Life. The variable voltage feature allows vapers to have complete control of every puff they take by simply twisting the dial between 3.2V and 4.8V. That's a level of customization that's usually reserved for vape mods. Crank the voltage up to get a stronger throat hit, and more vapor in your hit while puffing on the completely button-free eCig. Pair it with a 510 Smileomizer for ultimate performance.

    Comes with 90 day warranty and 30 day money back guarantee

    Product Manual: Download here
    • dial-a-volt field testing results
      Review by GRANDPAWRICHARD on 1/11/2016
      My new Dial-a-volt came in the mail today. :) I dug through my stash of brand new cartos and filled a couple of them with some of my favorite Spearmint Nobacco juice and dialed the setting down to 3.2v. to start with.

      At 3.2 volts I got an Immediate start up without a primer puff. It was a pleasant tasting surprise. Very, very Mild flavor, but a bit too mild for my liking. I still had a good clould of Vapor, but the throat hit is too mild for my vaping preference. It might be Perfect for someone that likes a very mild hit; or for a Beginning Vapor that hasn't learned how to use their product.

      At this minute I am on the 3.7v. setting. I am getting a strong cloud of vapor, a bit more Robust flavor, a bit more throat hit that is quite pleasant, but not over powering and I am enjoying this new contraption very much. :)

      Wow! I just ran the setting up to 4.2v. and I was instantly amazed at how much Vapor cloud I am getting! Not to mention how much more wonderful Spearmint Flavor I taste! The throat hit went up quite a bit at this setting. I think I will be using this setting with this flavor, but I am going to try the last setting before I decide.

      Here I am at 4.8v. I have a huge cloud of vapor circling my head. My mouth is filled with a heavy Peppermint flavor and I am coughing my head off! 4.8v. is a bit too much for me right now, especially with Spearmint Nobacco. I think I'll dial back down and only use the highest setting to experiment with other flavors or during those times when I Really Need a Heavy Hit!
      This setting is definitely for those people that like a Heavy Throat hit and massive clouds of heavy, but wonderful vapor; not for me.

      One other thing that I would like to point out that not many other people might notice: The size of the Dial-a-volt is absolutely Perfect for me and my BIG Meat Hook Hands! Especially now that I have had a stroke and my Right hand is weak, so that it likes drop Pencils, Pens, and my other V4L Ecigs! This is a God's Send For Me! Thank You BHam and V4L! You ROCK!

      Review by desertkat on 3/13/2015
      I recently stepped up from a cig a like to the next generation in vaping and chose the small Zeus VV auto kit in blue. I loved the batteries so much that I ordered two more in the large size. Even with the small batteries, I can vape for close to three hours before needing to charge. With the large, I can chain vape for 5 hours or more, depending on the voltage setting I'm using .
      The blue color is very vibrant and durable and the finish has a nice silky feel to it, without it being slippery. Even the large battery is comfortable to hold without feeling unwieldy.
      These are great batteries that I highly recommend.
    • I can not live without my Zeus
      Review by Gina and Thomas on 3/2/2018
      I have been a customer with the company for years and this is something I can not live without! Thank you for saving me from cigarettes and letting me vape to save "my" life!
    • battery
      Review by sad51 on 6/9/2017
      I bought a battery about 3 months ago & I love it. It's better tasting than a cigarrette. My only problem is this. I have 2 batteries, but one of them won't charge anymore. Why is this?
    • Built to last
      Review by Linda on 1/2/2017
      After our first frost and the weeds died by our homeI noticed something Pink. It was my manual battery with the pink top that I had lost in early Spring. After washing the mud off and cleaning it real good with a Q-TIP and rubbing alcohol it took a charge with no issues still using it. I have 3 batteries that are over a year old still working great. I went from smoking for 40 years to using this battery. I've tried other brands but nothing beats this.
    • 10 STARS!
      Review by Kristin on 4/13/2016
      I have probably spent thousands of dollars over the past 4 years trying to find the perfect battery... Well, the search is over! I got the 650 auto and I love it! It's not too big and it fits my vaping needs perfect. This lasts me in the morning before I go to work. Then I carry around a stick battery in my pocket for the work day... Then I'm back to my DAV for the rest of the day and night! Such a nice design with the smileomizer-- it's a thing of beauty! Thank you So much V4L. You have a customer for life in me.
    • NICE
      Review by jeremy on 1/9/2016
      Just wish it did not take so long to charge but besides that it is excellent
    • The Automatic Dial-A-Volt "Consumer Review"
      Review by Skyler Salva on 12/15/2015
      Today I am reviewing the new "Automatic Dial-A-Volt" model from Vapor-4-Life. I have had the pleasure of vaping this model for a few days now, and I can say it runs just as smooth as it's brother the "Manual Dial-A-Volt". This was a shocker for me, because a lot of other automatic batteries I have tried, did not compete in performance with their manual kin.

      When I first got my Auto D.A.V. I didn't even have to charge it, even though I threw it on the charger to see if it did, it was at full charge so I started using it right away. I was very much shocked, as well as pleased with the new design. Unlike the Manual D.A.V. the automatic is a bit slimmer, and holds nicer in your fingers, but at the expense of slimming the battery, the battery is slightly longer. For me this is no big deal as I have no preference in length on the extra large batteries. This mod just likes it's brother, will come in four sizes, they are as follows:

      Small - 650 mAh - 6-8 hours
      Medium - 900 mAh - 8-9 hours
      Large - 1100 mAh - 9-11 hours
      Extra Large - 1300 mAh - 10-12 hours

      I personally always vape an extra large, because I enjoy charging it less, even though the charging time is longer; I compensate for that by having two batteries, so I am never without.

      Another plus to this model is the threaded tip, the Manual D.A.V comes with a bulky steel head that the thread sits on, much like the 510, or eGo batteries. This personally does not appeal to me. However the Auto D.A.V. is a slim batteries all the way to the thread, just like the old 808D batteries the VK, and VT. Because of this thread, the battery works very well with the new cart V4L has designed for the new model, which I will be covering in my other review.

      The voltage adjuster on the bottom is the same as the Manual D.A.V., and there for you will be accustomed to it right away out of the envelope, if you've used D.A.V.'s in the past. The thread on it is also a standard 808D modeled thread and works with all carts and tanks provided by V4L that are 808D threaded.

      Even if you weren't a fan of automatic batteries I would recommend this model to you because it vapes just as consistent as the Manual D.A.V. My personal opinion is that it also vapes better than all of the previous automatic batteries I have tested from V4L.

      It is well worth the money for such a sleek designed, automatic battery, and of course the manufacturer is none other then the best in the business Vapor-4-Life.
      Review by Matthew on 10/21/2015
      Bought this back in March 2013. When it arrived I put a 36mg cartomizer on, set it to 4.8v and oh-my-god have I never experienced so much vapour or smoke! I was actually coughing for a few minutes! This is a very strong battery when you push it to its limits.

      I've found 4.2v to be my ideal setting. I have dropped this battery on hard floors from 5 ft up many times, hasn't broken or even scratched from being dropped on concrete.

      The battery does look a bit silly with the standard cartomizers, so I suggest getting a smileomizer or a dual coil tank, which I will be purchasing in my next order.

      Battery life is phenomenal, I charge it overnight and it will last all day the following day and sometimes when I forget to charge it it even lasts the following day as well! I carry a spare VK on me 'just in case' but I've yet to even use it except for right before bed when I've plugged in the dial-a-volt.

      You can't go wrong with this battery. :)
      Review by julie g on 10/4/2015
      Got this unit in black and it looks sharp with my various colored tanks with the black o ring. Was having trouble finding a comfortable throat hit, and seem to have found it at 3.7v with a 2.5 cargo. I like how it feels more balance it my hand than my stealth bats. Vapor production is great, juice flavor really comes out.
      Review by lISA on 3/11/2015
      The auto switch works seamlessly and effortlessly, giving a full hit of vapor with just a short draw. I have never seen this before...anywhere. The variable voltage is icing on the cake. I compared it to my high-priced mod using the same voltage, juice and carto and there was absolutely no difference in vapor. Really. It's a great device to take out and about; no lugging the heavy mod around. I had moved away from autos, but this changes things.
      Review by Emma on 1/10/2015
      The DAV is a great little battery. I might prefer it to the Zeus..maybe..simply because I can adjust the voltage and get the vape more comfortable for me. I tend to like a slightly cooler vape.

      The only downside I've found, and this is small, is the length of time it takes to charge the batteries. It isn't really unusual, simply something I'm not used to these days.

      All in all, I'm very impressed with these new products. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a convenient, solid, powerful vape.
      Review by Ecigaudit.com on 12/27/2014
      Not only is the puffing great when it comes to Vapor4Lifes units The Dial-A-Volts model slick design allows you to modify the voltage output manually giving you a stronger hit and more vapor.
      Review by KY_Rob on 12/13/2014
      The Auto DAV XL, stands alone at the top among its peers. Like my XL manuals the Auto version is 1300mah, providing all day functionality for me. I charged it using one of my existing original Slim Wall Chargers without issue. The initial charge took just over 13 hours, with subsequent charges taking 11-12 hours. This is really too long, and needs to be addressed.

      I'm most impressed with the Auto's switch performance. Absolutely no hesitation in firing at all. No "primer" puffs required. Just pick it up, give it a toot, and you get large plumes of vapor!

      Variable voltage adjustments are made via the bottom dial, with a range of 3.2v to 4.8v. The knurled finish of the knob makes gripping the dial easy, and the clearly marked red indicator line easily depicts the voltage setting.

      Like the other DAV's before it, the smooth, soft, somewhat rubbery finish is very comfortable to the touch, and easy to hold on to.

      I've been trying really hard to find something about this battery that I think could use improvement. As of the time of these writings, I really can't identify anything substantial. The only real issue is the charge times, which is why this only gets 4 stars. All-in-all very easy to use. Solid, robust construction. Plenty of capacity. Variable voltage flexibility. Portability...Oh, the portability. I've taken this thing with me everywhere, and its been awesome! I've carried it every-which-way for extended periods, and not a single hint of a misfire. Just snatch it up, and vape!
      Pricing for the Auto DAV is in the "Premium" category at $49.95. Considering the performance and coupled with an industry leading 1-year warranty, I'm quite satisfied with the value.
      Review by Michael B. on 12/8/2014
      Its great to finally have an auto battery again. Its nice to just sit on the couch and be able to puff away without thinking. I didnt know I missed my old autos until now.

      It is working great with both my carts and the tanks. I think carts tend to look a little tiny on the DAVs in general, and the auto is the same. But with a 3.5 ml tank threaded on, it looks great. The tank on the auto DAV just looks sleek.

      I think this is a real step up from the first generation of autos I had. Some of those you really needed to take a hard puff on to get vaping. This auto is really responsive to taking even a light puff.

      I cant really feel a difference between the manual and this new auto DAV as far as power is concerned. If anything, I think I am taking slightly shorter puffs on the auto for some reason.

      Overall, I think this is a really great addition to my personal vaping gear, and I highly recommend it to anyone that misses (or didnt realize they might miss) their old auto batteries.
    • DAV
      Review by Kevin on 10/13/2014
      Pros: Batteries last for at least a day often two or three. Hits, with more volts, are as big as my lungs will allow. With the DAVs, I can tailor how hard they hit (easily getting the right throat hit).

      Cons: Other than being conspicuous, I cant think of anything I dont like about this vaping experience.
      Review by MissEmma on 9/29/2014
      The DAV is a great little battery. I might prefer it to the Zeus..maybe..simply because I can adjust the voltage and get the vape more comfortable for me. I tend to like a slightly cooler vape.

      The only downside I've found, and this is small, is the length of time it takes to charge the batteries. It isn't really unusual, simply something I'm not used to these days.

      All in all, I'm very impressed with these new products. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a convenient, solid, powerful vape.

      Kudos V4L. You just might have won me back
      Review by Coffee on 9/24/2014
      Fantastic vapor delivery at all settings, Lasts all day on one 3mL tank, I've tried all the vapor cigs out there and this is by far the best, Maybe they came out with the instruction card later in production, but I got one with mine. I'm definitely going to order another as a backup so I'll have one going while the other one is charging. I would recommend this product to any serious vapers out there, I tried to think of a negative thing to say so it wouldn't look like a company shill, but I really couldn't think of one.
    • CONRAD
      Review by Pleasant surprise on 8/22/2014
      I've had bad luck with automatic battery's in the past so I was sceptical when I bought this. This is an amazing battery, great voltage range, lasts extremely long, and very durable.
      Review by Katz in Boots on 9/4/2014
      First up, they are Auto. This is very important to me, I really do not like manual e-cigs. To me, an e-cig needs to replicate as closely as possible the analogue experience to help people make the switch to vaping. I need to be able to take a nice big inhalation to be satisfied. With manuals, I routinely saturate the carto & end up feeling like I'm drinking the juice.

      Secondly, battery life. I use 3.5ml tanks with 1.5ohm DC cartos. An Auto XL Titan lasted me about an hour of vaping or less than a tank. The Auto DAV lasts me around 3-3.5 hours. This is a big improvement for me, I no longer have to take extras with me when I go out. I can still get through 4 in a day & night, and be finishing the night with a Titan.

      Thirdly, appearance. I like the black soft touch finish, though I hope they'll come out in other colors too. They are well finished and the 3.5ml tanks sit nicely on them. The tank is slightly wider than the battery. I don't mind because I use a simple o-ring to attach the battery to a lanyard, so the lip of the tank prevents it from slipping off the ring.

      The VV is nice. I'm not really into tinkering with the VV, but there are times I have moved the dial, and it can be nice to increase one aspect of my juice as desired. The dial for VV is very easy to use – better than the Ego Twist because the textured edge makes it easy to turn and the red indicator line is easy to see (even without my glasses)

      One thing I don't like about the VV dial the indicator line is cut into the dial. The edges of these are not exactly sharp, but they consistently catch on my clothes, especially nylon shirts that easily get pulled threads. It isn't a huge issue for me, but it is something that could be improved.

      Lastly, what's it like to vape? The draw is very good, almost (but not quite) as good as the Auto XL Titan. Certainly close enough to satisfy me. The vapour is great, battery life is great etc.

      Out of 5 stars I give it a 4.So what's missing?

      Cut off times.

      As I've posted before in other threads, I am having problems getting more than 5 seconds cut off time out of my Auto DAVS and I have 4 of them. The problem appears to be more to do with how it handles the cartos than a problem with the battery itself. Switch to another 1.5ohm carto

      Charging time: it'd be nice to get a fast charger for these.
      Have to say these work superbly with the new Smileomizers too!
      Review by Lori on 9/8/2015
      The vape is great on these. I love them and have two. But the first one stopped working not too long after I got it. They replaced it but the next one I bought just stopped working too. Kind of expensive for the length of time they last. It's great though that these don't start losing power and giving bad vape like the other batteries do.


    Variable Voltage from 3.2 - 4.8 volts
    Black, Cigar, Blue, Green, Magenta
    Small 650 mAh (Height: 4.31 in, Width: 0.56 in)
    Medium 900mAh (Height: 4.81 in, Width: 0.56 in)
    Large 1100mAh (Height: 5.31 in, Width: 0.56 in)
    XL 1300mAh (Height: 4.81 in, Width: 0.63 in)
    Estimated Use and Charge Time:
    The 650mAh has 4-8 hours of use and takes 2-3 hours to charge

    The 900mAh has 6-12 hours of use and takes 4-5 hours to charge

    The 1100mAh has 12-15 hours of use and takes 5-6 hours to charge

    The 1300mAh has 15-20 hours of use and takes 6-7 hours to charge
    510 Smileomizers. *Non-compatible with KR808D Threading
    To activate the battery, attach a cartomizer or tank filled with e-liquid, and inhale. Twist the dial on the bottom of the battery to choose your preferred voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 volts. When it no longer produces vapor, recharge the battery using the Vapor4Life 510 USB Charging Cable. When not in use, store your V4L Automatic Variable Voltage battery without the cartomizer attached.
    Clean the threading on your battery weekly using ethyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Allow the battery to dry before use.


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