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Almond Coconut e Juice (30 mL)


Natural almonds fused with flakes of island coconut create a delightfully sweet vaping e liquid that's a little bit traditional and a little bit tropical. Almond Coconut E Juice imitates the pure taste of a nutty granola bar sprinkled with coconut. Fans of our Coconut E Juice can't go wrong with the sweet almond sensation this almond coconut concoction delivers. Try adding a touch of Chocolate e Liquid to get the taste of an almond coconut candy bar.

Coconut and almond together have always brought us joy, and now we have the perfect e cig flavor for vaping it whenever you get a craving.

  • decent
    Review by Emily on 4/2/2018
    Good for a change, wouldn't use this juice all the time. The almond flavor is definitely there, the coconut is very bland.
  • Good
    Review by christine on 10/1/2017
    Nice dessert juice. Sweet but not too sweet. Good for occasional use
  • Suprisingly great!
    Review by Kerry on 8/24/2017
    I would have never tried this on my own, didn't seem like something I'd like but a friend suggested it and wowzer! It's amazing! Love it!
  • enjoy
    Review by LISA on 4/20/2017
    Ive recently switched from pre fill to using the juice and I love it so much better. The taste is amazing.
  • Ive been using only this flavor for 3 years
    Review by Old Smokie on 3/7/2017
    I started ordering almond coconut in 2014. This is the only flavor that I want to vape. It is sweet but
    not too sweet, especially nice after a meal. I will never go back to nasty tobacco give me a smileomizer
    and almond coconut juice and Im set!
  • One of the best
    Review by Elisabeth on 9/4/2016
    This was my first flavor I ever tried. Still one of my favorites.
  • Wonderful!
    Review by GalinaJay on 11/17/2015
    I have been waiting for this exact flavor and I was not disappointed! Just like the other reviews said-bold almond flavor on the inhale and smooth, sweet coconut on the exhale. Perfection!
  • Smooth
    Review by JR on 11/14/2015
    First taste almonds ending with delicious coconut! Love the sweet, but not too sweet blend. Very good flavor.
  • Nice one!
    Review by Jan on 4/25/2015
    A nutty beginning and a sweet coconut end! Just delicious!
  • Very nice.
    Review by navkat on 3/22/2015
    Coconut is my absolute favorite flavor so when I saw this on the site, I snatched it up. I was not disappointed and I'm picky.

    The Almond balances well with the coconut and it's very smooth. I can vape this all day but I do need to take breaks by vaping something else to cleanse my palate after a while.

    This vapes well right out of the mail but I've noticed the flavor has become more intense after a few weeks in a closed bottle so if you want more intensity, this would probably steep well.

    Deserves 4.5 stars.
  • Love it alone, or as part of my Beach Bum replacement recipe
    Review by JustTrish on 2/15/2015
    Beach Bum was my favorite, but it's been retired. It was my all-day, every day, absolute. So, I had to find a replacement. This is it, but I will say that the almond is the central flavor. I love almond, so that works for me. Even better, when I mixed it with a little 555, and the last few drops of pineapple that I found, I got a better Beach Bum than the original! Needless to say, I've reordered multiple bottles of all but the 555 (it didn't take much, so I should be set). I just wanted to put that out there, for anyone missing Beach Bum, or anyone who is still on the fence about Coconut Almond. Almond oil or extract, in food or as a vape, is strong. A little goes a long way, so if at first this seems too much, mix. It's very likely the best secret ingredient (along with pineapple) that you never thought of. And for those of us who like almond and coconut, it also delivers. I've tried it throughout the VV range, and it's fine on any setting, but best at 3.8-4.3. This Beach Bum blonde is now very, very happy!
  • The best
    Review by old smokie on 10/13/2014
    My favorite flavor, I have been smoking this one for a year
    and it is still the one I use! If a flavor is really sweet I tend to
    be ready for a new flavor. Coconut/Almond is sweet but not
    too sweet. If you haven't found your fav yet, you might want to give this one a try.
  • almond coconut
    Review by rah on 8/23/2014
    i think this flavor is really great has a nice coconut taste not to sweet vapor is good and thoat hit not to harsh will definaly order another bottle
  • Wowzer
    Review by maureen on 12/31/2013
    Has a strong almond and coconut taste the balances each other, nice
  • Simply Amazing
    Review by LittleMissRachel on 12/4/2013
    This is probably my favorite flavor out of V4L right now. Pair it up with Chocolate for a delightful Almond Joy!
  • Joe
    Review by Awesome! on 9/25/2013
    Got this in 18mg of nic. using an ego with a low resistance atomizer.

    The flavor is great,I taste an equal amount of almond and coconut. The throat hit at 18mg is solid and satisfying.

    I definitely reccoment this!
  • My personal fav
    Review by Sidney on 7/30/2013
    Had to try this one cos I'm a huge fan of coconut, was NOT disappointed! The almond goes really well with it and doesn't overpower the coconut either. I like to mix a little bit of white chocolate into it sometimes too, cos it totally makes it taste like a candy bar.
  • Where is the Coconut?
    Review by VickyLee256 on 5/19/2013
    If you love almonds this is the e-liquid for you... Guess my taste buds are not working because I could not taste any coconut...
  • Lovely
    Review by Brian on 4/4/2013
    One of my absolute favorites. Spot on flavor that matches its name. If you love coconut It's the best there is.
  • It is what it says it is
    Review by Scottie on 3/31/2013
    Yes, almond/coconut. I would prefer less almond, more coconut, but for what it is, not bad at all.
  • It was ok
    Review by Wendy on 6/25/2017
    I was slightly disappointed with this flavor. I think I expected more flavor out of it but didn't really get much of either almond or coconut.
  • So-so
    Review by Raj on 11/13/2017
    I wanted to love it, but it was just ok. I probably should have mixed it up with some chocolate, oooooh, it would have been great mixe with vanilla mocha Frappuccino! That’s my advice :)
  • So-So
    Review by Tonya on 9/22/2018
    It was kind of bland. Smells delicious but the flavor is weak. Got it in the same nic strength I always vape (.4) and there just wasn’t enough of a throat hit for me.
  • why
    Review by no cocnut on 3/11/2017
    IO won't buy this again. No coconut taste at all. Just almond and that wasn't even good. I added a few drops of coconut to make the taste a little bit better. These two bottles I bought are now just for back up

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