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Apple Breeze e Juice (30 mL)

We soften the bite of sour green apple e liquid with a cool breeze of menthol e juice to create a truly unique vape flavor. Tease your tastebuds with the tart taste of a crisp Granny Smith apple, and exhale a sweet cloud of menthol vapor. If you like fruit e juice flavors and want to try a change of pace, Apple Breeze E Juice is right up your alley.

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  • Great all-day vape!
    Review by Kyle on 8/8/2017
    The minty flavors are a little overpowered by the sour apple, but it's a perfect combination. Nice and round flavor with hints of green apple and a mentholated finish. Great hit on the throat - you can enjoy this all day as it's mellow but equally exciting!
  • My long time favorite
    Review by EWOKBLOOD on 7/13/2017
    I've been vaping Apple breeze and only Apple breeze for about three years now, it really helped me quit smoking cigarettes.
  • Not a fan
    Review by Ugne on 1/12/2017
    I perfer the peppermint over the apple breeze. Didnt taste too much like a menthol apple.
  • Mmmmmmmm
    Review by Thea on 11/3/2016
    I love this juice! It has just the right balance of apple to menthol. The apple is very prominent. This is my other go-to, all-day vape. I can't get enough of it. I'm dying because I'm waiting on a cart to vape more! I'm considering using a baby cig at this point, it's been 24 hours, that's how hooked they got me :) I will continue to buy as long as I'm vaping.
  • Great
    Review by Jennifer on 10/17/2016
    This a great juice, tastes like a cool glass of apple juice. It is absolutely amazing and I love it! It really help me quit cigarettes.
  • Amazing!
    Review by Kristy on 9/30/2016
    I absolutely love, love, love, this juice.
  • My #1 Flavor
    Review by Diane on 9/9/2016
    I love this juice!!! If I had to pick only 1 flavor to vape for the rest of my life, this would be it. I don't think I could live without it...I'd probably go back to smoking analog cigs. I'd been a smoker for 50 years and tried to quit several times over the years using different smoking cessations, but it wasn't until I happened upon this flavor that I was able to give up analogs for the first time ever. Thanks V4L!!
  • green apple jolly rancher more like it
    Review by Sean on 12/3/2015
    really good
  • Delicious!
    Review by Ken on 10/13/2015
    I got this one with a sample pack, and out of all the samples I've tried, this one is the best! The taste (to me, anyway) is half way between a cold glass of apple juice and a green apple flavored hard candy. It's not too sweet, has a nice cool feel when you hit it, and delivers a fantastic flavor. I can hit this one for weeks and never get tired of it, and it has earned a place in my top three favorites.
  • Simply wonderful!
    Review by Brenda on 3/22/2015
    This has been the best tasting juice yet! I use to smoke menthol cig and this is not too strong. Has just the right hint of apple and menthol all packed in one. Just ordered 3 more, can't wait almost out!
  • A good change
    Review by Thomas on 7/2/2014
    Been vaping regular menthol for a while now. This was a nice change of a little bit of green apple. Taste good.
  • Love it!!
    Review by Diane on 5/11/2014
    This e juice is my number 1 favorite!
  • green apple jolly rancher more like it
    Review by Sean on 8/5/2013
    really good
  • Simply amazing
    Review by Harmony on 6/10/2013
    This juice, to me, tastes like a nice cold glass of apple juice. It is absolutely amazing and I love it!
  • Tart, light and fruity
    Review by Lynn on 3/21/2018
    Love the sweet/tart and light taste of this one.
  • Jolly
    Review by D on 9/2/2018
    Taste like a jolly rancher to me lol i love it

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