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Apple Cinnamon Cranberry e Juice (30 mL)

Crisp, sweet apple and lip-puckering cranberry flavor is spiced up with a delicate dusting of cinnamon to create a holiday favorite that you can vape during any season of the year. Our flavor experts have combined the crisp and sparkling flavors of our red delicious Apple e juice with the distinctive bite of a ripe cranberry served during the holiday season. The cinnamon topping adds a smidgen of homey warmth and comfort to our Apple Cinnamon Cranberry E Juice. This e liquid flavor is a favorite if you like apple or cinnamon, and if you like the bittersweet flavor of cranberry to give it an edge.

  • Not my favorite, but a solid e-juice
    Review by Elliot on 2/18/2018
    I don't know if it's just me, but this juice left me wishing for a tad more flavor differentiation between the three elements (apple, cinnamon, and cranberry). A perfectly pleasant, if somewhat unremarkable, liquid.
  • Very nice
    Review by Christopher on 3/27/2016
    It is a great flavor. I can definitely taste the apple, and the cinnamon gives it a little spicy kick. I am not sure I taste the cranberry much. I still like it.
  • Oh Yeah!!!
    Review by Lymbo on 7/2/2015
    This flavor is most definitely one of my favorites, if not my number one. I'm vaping this a lot. Great, absolutely wonderful.
  • Delicious
    Review by Lisa on 1/26/2015
    This is yummy. I definitely taste the cranberry along with the apple. The cinnamon is not over-done like some flavors. Will definitely order again.
  • Good mix
    Review by Linda Erickson on 5/11/2014
    Really like this one.Have tried in big battery. Flavor really comes through.Will be buying more
  • Appalicous
    Review by R Bunds on 9/24/2013
    You definantely get the apple and cinnamon flavor, I don't taste the cranberry as much but overall one of the better apple flavors I have tried.

    If you like apple with a little kick you will like this.
  • apple cinnamon
    Review by Chris on 10/2/2018
    this is a truly great flavor and it reminds me of treats during christmas
  • Meh
    Review by Kmccracken32 on 9/26/2018
    Was really looking forward to this one to coincide with a fall-like flavor. However, I feel that it has a very odd taste, almost how potpourri smells?...lol! The cinnamon definitely dominates this flavor with almost no trace of the apple or the cranberry what so ever making it taste pretty harsh.

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