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Apple Cinnamon Cranberry e Juice (30 mL)

Crisp, sweet apple and lip-puckering cranberry flavor is spiced up with a delicate dusting of cinnamon to create a holiday favorite that you can vape during any season of the year. Our flavor experts have combined the crisp and sparkling flavors of our red delicious Apple e juice with the distinctive bite of a ripe cranberry served during the holiday season. The cinnamon topping adds a smidgen of homey warmth and comfort to our Apple Cinnamon Cranberry E Juice. This e liquid flavor is a favorite if you like apple or cinnamon, and if you like the bittersweet flavor of cranberry to give it an edge.

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  • Not my favorite, but a solid e-juice
    Review by Elliot on 2/18/2018
    I don't know if it's just me, but this juice left me wishing for a tad more flavor differentiation between the three elements (apple, cinnamon, and cranberry). A perfectly pleasant, if somewhat unremarkable, liquid.
  • Very nice
    Review by Christopher on 3/27/2016
    It is a great flavor. I can definitely taste the apple, and the cinnamon gives it a little spicy kick. I am not sure I taste the cranberry much. I still like it.
  • Oh Yeah!!!
    Review by Lymbo on 7/2/2015
    This flavor is most definitely one of my favorites, if not my number one. I'm vaping this a lot. Great, absolutely wonderful.
  • Delicious
    Review by Lisa on 1/26/2015
    This is yummy. I definitely taste the cranberry along with the apple. The cinnamon is not over-done like some flavors. Will definitely order again.
  • Good mix
    Review by Linda Erickson on 5/11/2014
    Really like this one.Have tried in big battery. Flavor really comes through.Will be buying more
  • Appalicous
    Review by R Bunds on 9/24/2013
    You definantely get the apple and cinnamon flavor, I don't taste the cranberry as much but overall one of the better apple flavors I have tried.

    If you like apple with a little kick you will like this.

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