Apple e Juice (30 mL)


This amazing apple-flavored vape potion is a high quality e juice flavor that has all the super sweet freshness of a juicy and ripe Honey Crisp apple harvested right from the orchard at the start of autumn. Our Apple E Juice is one of Vapor4Life's top-selling vape flavors, and it's a special favorite of vapers who like the refreshing taste of our fruit e juices. Try mixing the potent Sour Green Apple with this Apple E Juice for a striking sour apple taste that lingers on your tongue.

Mix in some of our sizzling hot Cinnablaze to discover a magical apple-cinnamon combo.

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  • Crips
    Review by jenniferann on 1/11/2017
    Like biting into a just picked apple, wonderful!
  • Very good
    Review by jennyann on 11/30/2016
    Not as fabulous as sour apple in my opinion but, none the less a great fruit flavor vape. It's a must have in your collection.
  • On the lighter side
    Review by Thea on 11/29/2016
    It's a pleasant Apple flavor. I find it to be on the lighter flavor side even turning up the voltage on my ecig. I mix it with Apple Breeze for a stronger flavor. Good to mix with other fruits as well.
  • Crisp apple taste
    Review by Tony on 9/14/2016
    Like biting into a fresh apple. Love it to death. Somewhere between apple juice and cider. Not overpowering. Highly suggest you try it out.
  • Crisp!
    Review by Jen on 9/12/2016
    Love this flavor. Just like apple juice.
    Clean, refreshing and a must have in your collection of juice.
  • Delicious "untill" the end
    Review by Dylan on 8/25/2016
    One of the better fruit flavors on this site. Only complaint is that when I would get towards the end of a bottle it would start to taste a little funny, even with a new smilomizer. Maybe it was settling in the liquid, maybe it lasts just as long as normal apples should? Would buy it again either way.
  • Excellent Apple Goodness
    Review by Mersild on 1/22/2016
    Great taste! On my Top 10 list, mixes well with Cinnamon.
  • Awesome Flavor
    Review by Akujin on 10/12/2015
    Juice reviews are subjective, but this is one of my regular vapes. V4L has some of the best fruit flavors I've found anywhere. Most fruit flavors taste too much like candy, but this stuff is the real deal. Tastes exactly like fruit. Awesome!
  • My Favorite
    Review by clazarz on 8/23/2015
    This is my favorite flavor from V4L. It's a great all day vape and it tastes just like apple, not like an apple jolly rancher.

    But I hate hate hate the new bottles with the skinny tip and the rigid plastic. They're the worst thing in the world if you're trying to fill a tank with juice.
  • good everyday!
    Review by dangertwin2 on 8/8/2015
    Love this flavor. Just like apple juice if used alone, but great to mix with a clove or cinnamon juice for some spiciness!
  • Apple Juice
    Review by matthew fisher on 7/23/2015
    Not a bad flavor at all, to me it tastes a lot like apple juice, which is not a bad thing I do not think. It is a clean, fresh flavor and one I can enjoy all day if I want to.
  • Another Great Flavor
    Review by D Anderson on 4/20/2015
    Apple flavor is another "out of the park home run" for Vapor King. I usually mix apple with other flavors, but its also great on its own.
  • Applebutter?
    Review by Ken Saint John on 1/27/2015
    I love the WOW juices. While both super on their own an equal part combination of Butterscotch and Apple creates what I find to be an amazing taste. After some vaping I would best described as candy apple and yet somehow different.
  • Great flavor, wish it was stronger
    Review by Desiree on 1/25/2015
    I love this flavor. Tastes like apple. I felt it could have a much stronger flavor. If it did, this would be a favorite for sure!
  • Yummy
    Review by Serena F on 11/24/2014
    Nice crisp, clean taste. To me tastes like a Fuji apple. Good amount of vapor, but I prefer stronger throat hits. So I find myself mixing alot of the fruit flavors with Kamel. Gives it a nice throat hit. I like the true to taste fruitty flavors blended with the tobacco kind. This one is def. a great juice!
    Review by angie gilson on 6/7/2014
    I love this flavor! I didnt think it was possible to like any flavor more then I like Razz Wow but this one is even better..
  • Excellent
    Review by Linda on 4/29/2014
    It is mild and not to sweet. I love this juice.
  • wonderful
    Review by Jennifer on 12/11/2013
    This flavor is exactly as described. It's not to sweet but taste like a fresh apple. Now one of my favorites.
  • Great!
    Review by Vapor enthusiast on 10/2/2013
    Love this one, tastes just like apple and has an amazing throat hit!
  • apple juice
    Review by Molly on 7/20/2013
    Just like sweetened apples, or apple juice. Not bad but the flavor fades after vaping it an hour or so.
    Review by Melissa on 9/10/2018
    My favorite APPLE vape! Has a great apple flavor....and very smooth.
  • awesome flavor
    Review by Emily on 4/2/2018
    This actually tastes like apple, surprisingly wasn't artificial to me. Would definitely buy again!
  • impressive
    Review by Emily on 5/22/2018
    very happy with this flavor and how much it tastes like apples!
  • Doesn't taste like an apple
    Review by Katelyn on 9/24/2017
    I'll start this review by stating that I am extremely picky with flavors and usually have to try them in store before purchasing. I have had many different apple flavors and I figured after reading both the description and reviews that this would be a great apple flavor. I was wrong. I can barely taste any hint of apple. I was extremely disappointed with this juice. The only reason I gave it two stars is because it has a nice throat burn to it. If you are looking for a genuine apple flavor this is not the right juice for you.

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