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It has been a year since the original Aspire AVP hit the market. A tremendously practical and effective autodraw vape pod kit, it was popular with mouth to lung vapers and nic salt fans. But technology moves forward quickly in vaping world. Aspire did much more than slap a fresh coat of paint on the ergonomic form of the original Aspire AVP. Instead they released the Aspire AVP Pro. It is a total and complete upgrade. The same level of practicality is evident in the AVP Pro but the overall performance has been turned up to 11.

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Aspire AVP Pro Vape Kit Information

Less than a half inch longer than the original Aspire AVP, the AVP Pro has a much larger battery (1200mAh versus 700mAh), double the ejuice capacity (4ml versus 2ml), and more wattage (up to 16w versus 12w).

One of the biggest upgrades to the AVP is the addition of swappable coils. This reduces waste and makes it easier than ever to keep your device up and running. The increased power of the AVP Pro is perfect for Aspire’s new 0.65ohm resistance coil. For those who prefer a tight-drawing vape like the original Aspire AVP will enjoy the 1.15ohm coil.

With stronger magnets, better airflow, swappable coils and an enhanced leak-free bottom fill system, the Aspire AVP Pro is one of the best refillable vape pod kits on the market today and a tremendously flavorful and effective way to vape nic salts.


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