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Banana Cinnamon e Juice (30 mL)

Smooth and creamy banana vapor mingles with the homestyle comfort of a sprinkling of cinnamon to bring you our Banana Cinnamon E Juice. Vapor4Life's flavor experts perfectly recreate the satisfying sweetness of a freshly peeled banana and complement it with a spicy kick from a stick of cinnamon. Banana Cinnamon E Juice brings to mind a brimming bowl of banana pudding decorated with a flavorful dusting of cinnamon. It's a warm and calming vape flavor to indulge in as you relax on the couch or curl up with a good book.

For anyone who loves banana and cinnamon, this is a must-have e liquid.

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  • A treat!
    Review by Michele on 1/12/2017
    I love bananas but extremely picky about banana flavoring. This one is really nice, and blends so well with the cinnamon. This e-juice is particularly good because it is great alone but I have also combined it with other flavors and it compliments well. So far, any flavor has sounded like a good mix with banana cinnamon in my mind actually has been in reality!
  • Awesome Taste
    Review by Tammy on 8/29/2016
    It's a wonderful banana flavor with cinnamon. You can truly taste the banana. I've never had a true banana taste before this one. If you like banana and cinnamon then you'll love this. I can't believe how much it taste like real bananas and cinnamon. I love it so much
  • Better than expected
    Review by Dave on 8/24/2016
    I tried this on a lark and liked it quite a bit. The banana flavor is like banana Laffy Taffy. He cinnamon hints are noticeable, but not overwhelming.
  • WOW
    Review by Veronica on 4/12/2016
    I really like this one alone or mixed with other flavors (like chocolate). The cinnamon gives a great throat-hit and the banana is a subtle aftertaste.
  • Best e juice in the world!!
    Review by Maggie on 11/20/2015
    I CANNOT recommend this enough! It is the smoothest most delightful flavor I've smoked. I will never get sick of it. I can't find a single person that doesn't love it.
  • Cinnamon Banana WOW
    Review by Sunny on 11/17/2015
    This is just perfect, slight Cinnamon flav with a wonderful Banana Flav. Reminds me of the Banana flavor used on the candy neckless I used to buy as a kid. For sure, will buy this again....
  • Great flavor!
    Review by Michelle on 8/20/2015
    I really enjoy this flavor. It has a nice throat hit, and plenty of cinnamon. I don't really taste banana though. I mix it with Banana Breeze.
  • Awesome
    Review by Dirtay J on 12/28/2014
    I love this flavor! To me it tastes just like the fried bananas my mom used to make. A strong sweet cinnamon flavor with a nice hint of banana on the back side! Now my new all day vape!!
  • The Best!!
    Review by Kurt on 3/9/2014
    I mix this with menthol and its my go to!! Awesome by itself too!!
  • Banana Cinnamon Wow Vapor Juice
    Review by Sunny on 7/27/2013
    This is very, very, good. Unlike the other reviews I find it to have a slight cinnamon flavor and more of a banana flavor. Reminds me of those candy neckless I used to buy as a kid. I will be buying this again, a lot!
  • I like it, but...
    Review by Kristin on 5/22/2013
    It's a little too much on the banana for me and not enough cinnamon. I have plain cinnamon, so I'll just keep adding that for my liking... Good amount of vapor. Not harsh. As always, great customer service--fast shipping. Thank you V4L!
  • PLSChows
    Review by WOW.... on 4/18/2013
    In over 4 yrs I never thought I'd find a flavor I <3 as much as wow-coffee...I didn't expect much from this as I didn't like the original banana years ago...OMG, was I wrong. I can't put this down. It's got the PERFECT blend of cinnamon and banana...reminds me of banana bread...yummie! Can't wait to order more of this :)
  • Not what I expected
    Review by Amanda on 1/15/2019
    I wasn’t happy with this one. I didn’t really taste bananas and the cinnamon was very slight. My husband thought it had a rotten taste. We unfortunately will be tossing this one along with the green tea.

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