Banana Ice Pop Disposable Vape


Pop Vape Disposables are a great alternative for former Juul users who have been cut off from the flavors that adults prefer by federal restrictions on prefilled vape pods. And Pop has another advantage for former prefilled vape pod users in that it is available in a far wider range of flavors. The newest addition to their stacked lineup is Banana Ice.

Banana Ice Pop Vapes

A great option for fans of Lush Ice, fruit and menthol infused sweet vapes, Banana Ice has plenty of ripe and rich banana flavor. Like the best fruit nic salts on the market, there is a complementary blend of sweet, creamy and smooth notes. The strength of the banana flavor is enhanced with a blast of icy menthol, converting a delightful flavor into an all-day vape. Pop disposable vapes have a nic strength of 5 percent and hold 1.3ml of vape juice.


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