Banana Plus Pods Disposable Vape

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When people complain that artificial banana flavor does not taste like a real banana, what they fail to understand is that the classic artificial banana flavor was first developed in the 1950s and is actually based on the superior Gros Michel cultivar. The bananas we have been eating since the 1960s have less flavor than the original Gros Michel. With that in mind, Banana Plus Pods relies on Gros Michel flavor tones rather than the creamy and bland banana of the current day. Plus Pods Banana has a nice tart mouth feel and a sweet finish. The balance is outstanding and it does not stray too far into the realm populated by Banana Runts and cloying candies.

Banana Plus Pod Vapes

Banana Plus Pods Disposables use a nic salt formula with a strength of 6 percent. Each Plus Pod contains 1.2ml of vape juice.


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