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Banana e Juice (30 mL)

We picked the best bananas off the bunch and turned them into a creamy and smooth banana e juice that will always be perfectly ripe. Each delicious inhale is filled with the sweet flavor and aromatic fragrance of a just-peeled banana. Vapers and smokers enjoy indulging in this sweet Banana E Liquid by itself, or mixed with a decadent vanilla vape flavor. If you like banana e juice flavors, you'll also love our banana dessert and bananas foster e juices. This is a great way to get your banana fix without making a trip to the grocery store.

Your tastebuds can't help but go bananas when you try this vaping e liquid for the first time.

Buy Banana e-Juice Today

Banana e-Liquid from Vapor4Life is designed with a fresh banana flavor and a high PG blend intended to provide a cigarette like throat hit.

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  • Good flavor
    Review by Lauren on 2/1/2018
    Good flavor but not very strong
  • Tasty
    Review by Brian on 2/27/2017
    Banana flavor usually aren't my favorite, but this one is pretty good. It's worth a try!
  • Ahhhh Banana!
    Review by Thea on 1/15/2017
    If you like banana, you'll like this juice. I feel in love with it. Great for mixing with chocolate, caramel, cream etc... Awesome!
  • Love bananas
    Review by Tmariee on 1/15/2017
    This is a great vape! It taste just like a yummy banana but better BC you don't have to eat it. I'm going to try it with milk or the cream pie. Good with chocolate!
  • Yummy
    Review by Cathy on 10/26/2016
    I love this banana..It's my go to flavor.
  • Awesome flavor
    Review by Tony on 9/14/2016
    Tastes just like the taffy. Grew up with the stuff and it really gives me a heavy feeling of back in the day. Tastes great. Goes down smooth.
  • Mmmmmm
    Review by Cathy on 9/9/2016
    My goal to flavor, can't be without it.
  • Yum
    Review by Jennifer on 9/5/2016
    Mix this flavor with chocolate it's the best dessert without the calories.
  • Yum
    Review by Bradley on 8/25/2016
    Straight up tastes like banana taffy that I grew up with. I highly recommend it. Took me back to my school days. A+
  • 100% BANANA
    Review by Tammy on 8/25/2016
    No doubt about that taste, it's definitely a strong really good banana. I've gone to so many stores looking for a true banana flavor and FINALLY found it. Like eating a fresh banana. Really good mixed with the Cinnamon roll. Love it
  • My Favorite
    Review by Dan on 8/2/2016
    Banana is my favorite fruit. I vaped a lot of this juice because the flavor is exactly like a ripe banana.
  • Going bananas for bananas!
    Review by Jennifer Moreno on 9/5/2015
    This is really one of my very favorite vapes! Very tasty alone, or with chocolate!
  • Smooth and Creamy
    Review by Joni Williamson on 10/30/2014
    This one is delicious, with just a hint of tang. If you like banana pudding or a perfectly ripe sweet banana, you are going to love it too!
  • Fantastic!
    Review by rocks82 on 9/29/2014
    Banana nobacco is an excellent, full flavor. Very tasty. Try with a little vanilla for novelty (not that it's even needed... so good!)
  • One of my top all day vapes!
    Review by Taryn on 4/28/2014
    Luscious banana flavor with tons of vapor!
  • So-so
    Review by Eric Murphy on 1/9/2014
    I tried this flavor after the Banana Cream Pie one, and I was not as impressed with this one. The banana taste was there, but some other taste overpowered it and I don't know how to describe what it was. My girlfriend really liked it though.
  • Nice and smooth
    Review by Dale's Gal on 8/6/2013
    I've been vaping for only 11 days using only menthol juice so I decided to try something new flavor wise. I ordered 4 different ones and banana was my first taste of them. Very nice, mild and smooth with a light throat hit. I like it a lot! And my order came super fast too. You've got a guaranteed customer here. Thanks, V4L!!
  • Ya Gotta Try This!
    Review by Stan Chapman on 7/30/2013
    Tastes more like a homemade banana pudding to me. This stuff is awesome!! Definitely will be on my "regular" list of vapes.
  • bannana
    Review by Chris on 1/2/2019
    so fresh and tasty , my favorite fruit flavor
  • Nice Flavor
    Review by mary on 10/10/2014
    The taste is good, the essence is true. Not a go-to favorite, but I won't run from it, either. If you like bananas, I don't think you will be disappointed.
  • banana
    Review by Chris on 10/2/2018
    banana was alaways a hard flavor to find to smoke, but this one nails it and this bananna flavor is very smooth
  • Great when mixed with chocolate
    Review by Kimberly on 7/21/2016
    I am not a fan of this one by itself, but I tried mixing it with Chocolate Nobacco and that hit the sweet spot! If you like chocolate covered bananas, try these together!
  • Ok juice
    Review by poconojo on 5/21/2014
    I did not like this liquid that much. Had a funny taste to it. The vapor was good but the taste wasnt there for me. Some people might like it.

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