Barista's Blend e Juice (30mL)

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Do you miss having a cigarette with your morning coffee? This vape juice gives you the flavor of freshly ground and brewed coffee and the strong hit of a cigarette all in one. The taste of coffee lingers in your mouth as you slowly exhale java-scented clouds created by a 60/40 PG/VG ratio. Grab a mod and a tank to maximize your mist when you vape this high-VG coffee e juice.

"Imagine sitting at a cafe on the River Seine, watching the steam slowly rise from your demitasse as you sip and savor the moment. You reach for an e-cigarette, and another diner flicks a lighter to light your smoke. It’s then that she realizes you’re already smoking. You’re just smoking smarter. Rise and shine, sweetie. This is one helluva wake-up call."

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  • Great Stand Alone/Accompany Vape
    Review by Joel on 3/18/2018
    This flavor really adds to other coffee flavors, and is a also a great stand alone vape too.
  • Strong flavor
    Review by John on 12/20/2017
    Strong flavor, my favorite of the coffee flavors
  • Favorite Ejuice
    Review by Linda on 8/6/2017
    This is by far my favorite ejuice. It has a great coffee taste and offers a smooth vape experience. I have tried many different brands in the past but this out ranks the others that I tried.
  • Perfect coffee flavor
    Review by Dawn on 6/27/2017
    This has a dark roast flavor that I can't resist. I can't wait to try it with the almond milk. Just to see if it makes a coffee drink.
  • Found my One
    Review by MikeC on 8/7/2016
    Somewhat new to vapeing, and couldn't find a convincing tobacco flavor alternate to cigs. I went searching for my next fav flav - black Columbian coffee. This is now my daily staple and nails two birds w/ one stone - coffee followed with a cigarette aftertaste. Highly recommended!
  • my absolute favorite flavor
    Review by darkerd on 7/29/2016
    I dont know if i would say this tastes exactly like coffee (none of anyone's coffee flavors ever taste like coffee to me), b ut this is the absolute best flavor ever. It has the first really pleasent taste i have found that is NOT sweet. Of course there is some sweetness at the beginning of the vape, but it ends with a beautiful slightly bitter taste that actually tastes a lot like a cigarette to me. SInce I tried this, all my other flavors are getting much less use. this is my all day vape in a .5ohm coil at 33 watts. Big tasty clouds. mixes well with other flavors too!
  • I like it
    Review by Smokin' Kim on 7/21/2016
    When I first tried this flavor, I wasn't too sure, but after vaping it for a few days I find it is a nice break from the normal flavors. I don't drink coffee, but love to vape coffee flavors. It's not a strong coffee flavor, but I can taste hints of maple. I think this is one of those flavors you either like or hate. The nice part of this juice is I find it keeps the tank filters moist so you don't have to worry about a burnt filter taste with this one. If they start selling them in sample sizes, I would recommend trying it.
    Review by MrMike on 6/2/2016
    OMG! This is the BEST coffee flavor ever!!!!! I don't know how in the world you guys got this flavor so spot on!
  • Did You Guys get McDonalds Coffee Recipe?
    Review by TOMTOMThomas on 4/28/2016
    This flavor is spot on with the morning coffee blend (light sugar, no cream) thats perfect for my taste buds
  • Meh
    Review by ChiVaper21 on 4/7/2016
    I think I had higher expectations for this flavor and that's why I'm not too thrilled with this flavor. I'm a huge coffee fanatic and this is an okay coffee flavor. Only three stars.
  • Perfect Combo, Coffee and Nicotine!
    Review by VapeOnTheWater on 2/17/2016
    Now not only can I enjoy my favorite Starbucks coffee but I can vape on it too. Some mornings I need my coffee to get up and get motivated to work and some of my sweeter flavors I vape just doesn't taste well with my coffee. So I switch out the tank I am using with this coffee flavor and.....BAM my old coffee and morning "cigarette" (vape) routine is back at it. To be honest though I only find myself vaping this when I drink coffee, weird? Oh well I like what I like.
  • Not what I was expecting
    Review by J on 6/13/2016
    This may sound crazy and maybe it's just me, but this tastes like a maple bacon to me. I don't taste anything like coffee at all.
  • Delish!
    Review by NikkiNoodle1127 on 1/13/2017
    I absolutely LOVE this flavor!! I mix it with my Triple Nickel and it's my all day every day!! Best way I could describe it is it's a strong but sweet coffee flavor. The only downsides -and reason for only 4 stars- are the price (pretty steep) and heavy VG. Because I mix it I don't have a problem, but my husband often has a clogging issue due to the high VG content.

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