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Bird Brains e Juice by Cuttwood

Regular Price: $17.99

Special Price $14.99

From the very first inhale to the very last reluctant exhale, Bird Brains recreates the exact experience of digging into a bowl full of fruit cereal. This miraculous cereal e liquid comes from Cuttwood Vapors, who created the equally entrancing Unicorn Milk. You get a spoonful of orange, lemon lime, strawberry, and grape with every yummy bite puff. The sugary sensation or Cuttwood Bird Brains swirls around a subtle center of cool milk to take you back to your favorite bowl of fruit cereal, filled to the top with colorful, crunchy loops.

A high-VG e juice, Bird Brains tastes amazing in our vape mods and has you blowing killer clouds with its 80/20 VG/PG ratio.

Pick up a bottle today to see what everyone has been chirping about.

30 mL Bottle of Bird Brains e Juice from Cuttwood Vapors *This e Juice is excluded from all promo codes
  • Froot Loops!
    Review by Kerry on 8/24/2017
    My fave cereal and now my fave e-juice! What a fun vape!
  • Just add milk!
    Review by Heather Ashley on 6/17/2017
    You know Fruit Loops? The cereal? Imagine a bowl of that with milk. Well, here it is in liquid form! Exactly like a bowl of the cereal, Bird Brains will make you want the breakfast! Tasty beyond belief, it will have you craving those multicolored loops. Delicious!
  • mmmm goood
    Review by Sierra on 2/27/2017
    hell yea im using this now!!!
  • Like being a kid again!
    Review by John on 11/2/2016
    Fantastic vape. Great flavors that satisfy without fail!
  • Nice vaping
    Review by Pamela on 7/30/2016
    Glad to see V4Life carry products made by competitors! Wonderful flavor
  • UNREAL Flavor!
    Review by Steve on 9/9/2016
    just wish there were more strength options. Hits a bit hard for me
  • SPOT ON!
    Review by ChiVaper21 on 7/27/2016
    I love this flavor! So stoked you guys finally have it for sale! I've been vaping this flavor for a while now and it couldn't be more like fruit loops!! Love love love!

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