Black Cherry e Juice (30 mL)

Who doesn't like their cherry with a little bit of a bite? Vapor4Life's Black Cherry E Juice brings you the distinctive flavor of perfectly ripe black cherries just when they're at the peak of their season. The black cherry e juice flavor lingers on your tongue as you inhale this smooth, sweet flavor, which brings to mind a black forest cake or a swanky retro style drink like an old-fashioned, served with a spear of black cherries soaked in liqueur. Exhale your cherry e juice slowly to savor the deliciously fruity flavor and make everyone around you eager to know what you're vaping.
    Review by Richard on 3/30/2018
    Bought this for my wife and she already wants to re-order! It's perfect for cherry lovers who love a bit of a bite! GREAT cloud production on this one! A bit of a menthol, mint taste at the end but that's a good thing! Resupplying this one as soon as there is a sale! I only buy from Vapor 4 Life, it's worth the wait!
  • The BEST flavor
    Review by Samantha on 7/3/2017
    This is the absolute best flavor. Why can't I find these in pre-filled?
  • Love
    Review by jennyann on 1/11/2017
    I love everything blackberry, black cherry yougert my fav, so tho juice is one of my go to every time.
  • This is dope!!!
    Review by Jes on 11/3/2016
    I didn't expect a unique flavor. But this is the cherry flavor with a different scent and feeling. This is #1
  • Great Flavor
    Review by Kim on 8/30/2016
    This has a very good black cherry flavor. It reminds me of the black cherry soda I used to drink when I was younger. Would highly recommend this!
  • Good flavor
    Review by Jennifer on 8/20/2016
    Great flavor if you like the fruity ones !!
  • Best cherry for me
    Review by Laura on 7/29/2016
    Cherry is my favorite fruit flavor in general, and this blackcherry is the best I have found. I usually mix cherry with Doc Popular, but this is one I prefer on its own.
  • Not too bad
    Review by McVapin on 2/22/2016
    I like the cherry flavor and this one gives a nicer kick over the regular cherry. Still would like to see a cherry limeade flavor
  • yummy
    Review by Richard on 11/29/2018
    Cant keep it around long enough. awesome pick for anyone
  • black cherry
    Review by Chris on 1/3/2019
    this is so sweet and tasty , this is the best cherry flavor and i reccomend it over the regular cherry
  • It is just OK
    Review by AngelaW on 10/14/2017
    I started Vaping with drugstore blu ecigs. My favorite was black cherry and I expected this to taste similar. It didn't. It tastes more like a very weak red cherry. It's not terrible, but not really good either. I use it when I run out of everything else.

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