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Blackberry e Juice (30 mL)

It's not easy to find a blackberry e juice flavor that is so unbelievably authentic that it tastes just like a ripe blackberry grown on a vine on a fence in your own front yard. If you're a big fan of fruit e liquids, you will be in love with this blackberry vape flavor at first taste. The inhale gives you a pleasantly mild throat hit, and a rush of super sweet blackberry flavor that's been ripened in the summer sunshine and doesn't have any trace of sourness or tartness.

Perfectly ripe, perfectly picked, perfectly blackberry. This e juice flavor gets it all just right.
  • Great flavor!
    Review by Richard on 8/25/2017
    I've tried several other brands of e-juice and never been satisfied with the flavor, until now.
    This tastes just like blackberries that I picked as a kid.
    Will be ordering again!
  • Tasty!
    Review by Mark on 8/24/2017
    I normally go for tobacco flavors, having been a longtime (now ex) smoker. But I really enjoyed the blackberry flavor e juice as well! I appreciate the variety of flavors, at least it feels like another step away from tobacco when I no longer taste the flavor of it.
  • Yum
    Review by Brian on 2/27/2017
    Don't leave home without it, lol. Blackberry is a very tasty flavor!
  • It's a blackberry
    Review by jennyann on 12/3/2016
    It taste just like a blackberry, amazing. V4L did a good jod, love it!
  • Awesome!
    Review by Mandy on 11/27/2016
    Enjoyed it very much. It is a very floral and sweet version of an almost ripe blackberry. Not too bitter, not too sweet! Will buy again!
  • Tastey
    Review by Diane on 9/9/2016
    Didn't taste like Blackberry to me but it did taste fruity and I liked it and will order it again.
  • One of my favs!!
    Review by Jennifer on 8/30/2016
    Love the taste of the fruit! Nice and sweet but not too much to where it's overpowering. You'll love this one for sure !!
  • Good flavor
    Review by Deborah on 8/8/2016
    This is not too strong and not too mild, I went through several flavors before settling on the Blackberry. I got tired of the taste of the others I tried or some seemed to get too strong, I like the blackberry and am down to 1.1 mg from 3.6 mg when I get down to 0.0 I am still going to use it with no nicotine.
  • fresh clean taste
    Review by Autum on 12/2/2015
    Love this new flavor. You get the blackberry taste that is very refreshing and clean.
  • good
    Review by de paz on 11/8/2014
    great!! its very good
  • Very clean and potent
    Review by Jacob on 9/5/2014
    I vape the 24 mg and it is excellent. Get the taste of blackberry minus any other sort of flavors.
  • Good
    Review by Holly on 7/17/2013
    Want bigger bottle
  • A Nice Tasty Treat
    Review by catvapes on 3/25/2013
    I have been vaping Wow Blackberry Nobacco Juice the past two days and have to say it very tasty! Here's my review

  • different than expected
    Review by Steve on 9/9/2016
    very floral taste. different, but I enjoy it once in a while
  • Great
    Review by de paz on 9/9/2015
    I vape the 24 mg and it is excellent. Get the taste of blackberry minus any other sort of flavors..
  • Not bad
    Review by NM on 4/9/2015
    It doesn't taste like blackberry to me, but it does have a very tangy berry-like taste. Very smooth. Despite that it isn't what I expected, it is still a decent flavor. I vape the 11mg.

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