According to new research from Reuters and Ipsos released this June, 10% of Americans are now vaping. But does the news seem a little bit too good to be true? At first glance, the number seems high. After all, the number of smokers in the country is around 17.8%. Previously, the U.S. government had also estimated that just 2.6% of Americans were vaping back in 2013. How did the number of people using rechargeable vapor pens and disposable e cigarettes jump that high in such a short period? The numbers came from a poll conducted online, which had 5,679 random participants. The study found that 10% of all Americans and 15% of respondents under 40 were users of electronic cigarettes and vape pens. About 70% of those who responded to the survey said that they had started vaping within the last year. Still more interesting is that 80% of respondents to the survey saw electronic cigarettes as "a good way to help people quit smoking," according to Time. Yet three out of four users of electronic cigarettes were still smoking, despite the known warnings associated with tobacco. Around 8.6 million people experience negative health effects or illness from smoking, and even nonsmokers who breathe in secondhand smoke have an increased risk of developing lung cancer by as much as 20 to 30%. The good news, though, is that the number of smokers doesn't seem to have any effect on the number of e cigs for sale, and the innovations in the industry could push more people to quit tobacco for good. The report also didn't name how many people were vaping and smoking at the same time in order to wean themselves off of tobacco. Americans are snapping up e cigs for sale in a number of places, from convenience stores and vape shops to online retailers. There are more brands of e cigs for sale today than there were previously, for one thing, especially as the market continues to grow and users demand more out of their vaping experience. Last year, 466 e liquid brands were tallied, with over 7,700 different flavors; the New York Times estimates that there are about 250 new vaping flavors for sale introduced each month. That kind of choice simply doesn't exist with tobacco cigarettes, which could motivate more users to try vaping. What do you think is next for electronic cigarettes and vaping? Will more people quit smoking? Could the number of Americans vaping outpace the number who still smoke? Sound off in the comments!