2019 Vaping Resolution Guide For Smokers

Make Your 2019 Resolution Stick

The failure of resolve is not the primary reason that resolutions fail to materialize. This is especially the case when the goal is giving up a habit like smoking, which is often intertwined with your lifestyle and daily routine. Emotional stressors, force of habit and a lack of planning often play a huge role. Although e-cigs are not considered smoking cessation devices, they do make an excellent alternative. They make life easier because they allow you to replace the rituals and nicotine that you are accustomed to without the smoke. Better still, there are tons of flavors, nicotine levels and devices available.

Size Matters

A quick look at vaping options reveals that there are petite cig-a-likes, thumb drive sized pod systems, and tube mods ranging from the size of pen to magic marker. For those who think size matters, there are box-mods that pack a huge punch. Some fit in the palm of your hand and some are the size of a service revolver. The key is that there is a perfect fit for every smoker’s lifestyle.

The Cloud Experience

Whether you prefer the throaty burn of cig-a-like tobacco vapor, the straight fire of potent nic salts or the fragrant clouds of a powerful subohm tank, there is a vaping experience that you will enjoy.

Your 2019 Vaping Resolution Guide

Here is our guide to help you make that transition from cigarettes. Let 2019 be the year that you leave tar, ash and smoke behind forever. Below are a few questions to ask yourself. Your answers and this guide should help you navigate the wide world of vaping and find the device that is right for you.

How much do you smoke?

One of the biggest benefits of e-cigs is that there are tons of nicotine levels available, ranging from no nicotine at all to potent nic salts ejuices found in pod systems. Many vapers start at a higher nicotine level when they start to make sure their cravings are satiated but gradually ramp down the nicotine level as they go. The Vapor Zeus is a tube shaped device (tube mod) that provides a great blend of performance and convenient size. It provides a satisfying experience that mimics smoking and because it is refillable you can use it morning, noon and night. You can adjust the nicotine level, flavor and throat hit with our Wow and Premium e-juice flavors. The Vapor Zeus is an easy to use tube mod, you just inhale and vape. But there are a number of other tube mods available, with varying levels of complexity and performance. If your goal is to get the maximum amount of nicotine in the smallest possible package, then a vape pod is another great option. The obvious example of a nic salt pod system is the Juul.

Do you want to mimic the smoking experience?

If you are looking for a tight throat hit and a device that closely mimics a cigarette consider a “cig-a-like” device like our Vapor Titan. These are prefilled e-cigs that actually mimic the look and feel of an actual cigarette. These compact devices are either disposable or use prefilled cartridges, so there is no hassle or tinkering required. They are sold in affordable starter kits and are a great way to initiate yourself into the world of vaping. The diminutive size and affordable price point does not mean that you will lack for options. They have a full array of flavors. The delicious tobacco and menthol flavors are particularly popular with heavy smokers. Unfortunately, there is less competition in this field than before. Altria has abandoned their loyal Green Smoke customers and V2 closed their doors. But if you are looking for a cig-a-like, we are confident that the Vapor Titan will meet all of your needs.

Are you looking for massive vapor clouds or a quick nic fix?

Powerful subohm vape mods generally use juices with the lowest nicotine levels but make up for this with their impressive cloud production. This also means they burn juice quite quickly, and they require more maintenance in the form of coil changes. Coils are easily removed but add an extra layer of expense and complication. A burnt out coil is an extremely unpleasant experience. Subohm describes the resistance of the coils. The less resistance, the faster they heat up and more vapor they produce. Using a mod is not a complex task and the reward is massive, delicious, creamy clouds. But they do have more “moving parts” and are larger than tube mods and cig-a-likes. They are also much more conspicuous than smaller devices and you may want to brush up on your vaping etiquette before unleashing cumulus clouds of vapor on unwitting passersby. The good news is that it is easier and cheaper than ever to find a perfect mod. Most manufacturers now sell their products in a kit that includes the actual mod, the battery powered brains of the operation, a subohm tank optimized for the mod, charger cord, and a couple of coils. If you want to be at the cutting edge of affordable mod designs, we recently reviewed the Voopoo Drag 2 and the Aspire Dynamo. These are cloud generators par excellence. If you are new to vaping, and want the power of a mod with fewer hassles you should check out our review of the compact Voopoo Mojo. It has impressive performance, is compact in size, has a very attractive appearance and features a built in battery, where most box mod kits will require that you purchase 18650 batteries and possibly a charger.

The Key to Successful Resolutions

A positive mindset, achievable goals and actionable plans are the pillars of a successful New Year’s resolution.  Whether it is health, wealth or pleasure you seek, the fact is that over 80 percent of resolutions fail by February. Selecting the right vaping device and juice will go a long way towards giving up smoke and soot for good in the coming year. Here are a few additional pointers that will help guarantee success:

  • Find the right device: As outlined in some detail above, there are tons of options in the vaping universe. What works for someone else may not work for you. Trial and error may not sound that appealing but the monetary investment of trying several types of devices is not any greater of a financial burden in the near-term than purchasing cigarettes. Cig-a-like starter kits like the Vapor Titan are extremely affordable, and pod systems are also inexpensive. Tube and box mods may cost a bit more but are usually sold in convenient kits. Even the thirstiest box mod will start to provide savings when compared to a heavy smoking habit. All of these device types provide wildly different experiences.
  • Favorite Flavors: There are so many flavors available it is probably easiest to break it down by class. Do you want tobacco or menthol to mimic smoking? Or maybe coffee? There are tons of fruit and dessert flavors available. Despite the hysterics about flavors like crème brule, a 1990s favorite that is somehow connected with teens in the eyes of the media, it turns out many adults may also have a sweet tooth. The fruit flavor fallacy is one of the most pervasive zombie vaping myths. These unfortunately feed a narrative that keeps vaping devices out of the hands of otherwise open-minded smokers.
  • Stay fueled up. Make sure your batteries are charged and you have plenty of juice. Until you have a good feel for your daily use, the chances of running low are much greater. This is when you are most likely to make an impulsive cigarette purchase. 
  • Avoid triggers. I am a former smoker who immediately preferred vaping to smoking. But everyone’s experience is different. If you miss smoking, it may be wise to steer clear of chain smokers and situations where you smoked for a few weeks while you are sorting out what vaping device works best for you.
  • Establish a routine. It may seem like common sense but the only way you will replace smoking with vaping is if you go to the effort of completely replacing smoking with vaping. Even pharmaceutical interventions, government approved smoking cessation aids and behavioral therapies could not be expected to work if they were only used a couple times a week. If your pattern is to vape during the week and smoke on weekends, chances are you will fall back into your old habits.