blue monday TOP FIVE E LIQUIDS TO DEFEAT “BLUE MONDAY” What is Blue Monday? In 2005, Sky Travel with the help of Cliff Arnall, a lecturer at Cardiff University, developed what they called a mathematical formula to discover the most depressing day of the year. The equation looks at six factors including how you feel about the weather, how much debt you have, time since Christmas, time since failing your New Year’s resolutions and your current levels of motivation. The formula allegedly states that based on that formula today is the most depressing day of the year and has earned the nickname “Blue Monday.” Scientists and other have called it a marketing ploy, but the question is how do you feel today? Let’s look at five Vapor4Life e Liquid flavors that will help you beat “Blue Monday.”
  • Wowboy Smooth – A supremely decadent blend of tobacco and chocolate flavors with a touch of mint gives it that little something extra over your everyday tobacco vape.
  • Peach – A crisp and juicy vape that bursts in your mouth and reminds you that no matter how cold it is outside spring is on the way.
  • E-Cigar King Maduro – Sometimes sitting back and enjoying a good cigar is the perfect way to end a long day. V4L’s cigar flavors are so close to the real thing without the guilt.
  • Margarita – That sitting on beach feeling that you can get from our Margarita e Liquid can shake away even the strongest case of the blues.
  • French Vanilla – Crisp and clean vanilla taste with a deep creamy finish that tastes just like a bowl of ice cream without the guilt of breaking your New Years resolution.
What is your favorite e Liquid when you are struggling to get through the day? Enjoy, Vapor4Life