It seems like everyone is out to get vaping these days, whether it’s the FDA, big media or a pesky neighbor who likes to complain about vape clouds. Even as the FDA Deeming Regulations hang over our heads, there a still number of ways to support vaping rights. Most of these are quick and easy things you can do in your free time to help defend our right to vape and save vaping from vanishing into thin air.   Stay Informed   One of the easiest was to support vaping is to understand as much as you can about how vaping works Take time to dig into the history of e-cigarettes and to learn about what types of challenges vapers currently face on the local, national and global levels. Consider setting Google News Alerts to email you whenever there is breaking news about vaping and e-cigs, so you can stay in the know about struggles, movements, and progress in the industry.  The more you know, the better you’ll be able to make an informed argument to educate others about e-cigarettes.   Share Your Knowledge   Once you’ve become an expert in all things vaping, it’s time to share that knowledge with other people. Keep in mind that the reason many people don’t support vaping rights is that they are uninformed or misinformed. In these situations, you can tap into your vaping knowhow to share facts and articles that illustrate the truth behind the life-changing world of vape mods and e-cigarettes. Logic can help people change their minds and shatter long-standing misconceptions about vaping. Who knows, you might even be able to convert a smoker!   Convert Smokers to Vapers   There’s strength in numbers, vape fam, so it’s important to let smokers know that there is an alternative out there. Many smokers are still hesitant to try vaping because they’ve heard so many false statements and scare tactics about e-cigarettes. I recently asked vapers on ECF why they thought smokers weren’t making the switch to e-cigs and eventually mods. Many responses pointed to the fact that distorted information may be discouraging smokers who have considered quitting smoking to start vaping. Personal stories can go a long way, so don’t be hesitant to share your own experience with others.   Share Your Story   The best way you can support vaping rights is by sharing the story of what e-cigs have done to change your life. Since so many people rely on things they hear in the news or from other people who may not have ever vaped, it’s important that we put a face to the world of vaping by sharing our truths. When you’re not telling your story in person, feel free to share it via social media and vaping advocacy sites. CASAA is currently looking for people to tell their vape stories so they can assemble testimonials that show the human side of the industry to illustrate the negative impact of restricting or eliminating the rights of vapers.   Advocate, Advocate, Advocate   This blog is a great place to start, but there are many, many more resources out there if you want to support vaping rights. These organizations conduct surveys, launch petitions and release research to help fight the ridiculous rules and regulations proposed by the FDA and other agencies. Visit CASAA, VTA, and SFATA to find out what else you can do to protect the rights of all vapers today and well into the future.