This is a guest post written by Michelle, who loves writing, vaping, and testing new products. Winter was the worst time to be a smoker. I find myself reflecting on last year around this time, and am so grateful for being an ex-smoker! See if you can relate:   1. Around this time every year I'd have a horrid chest cold that ultimately ended up turning into bronchitis or worse. I'd cut back some, but still smoked. It would take a month for me to get over the illness. I am not saying I won't get sick this year, but if I do get a cold, it probably won't be as bad as before. 2. Ever notice how bad you smelled after smoking outside in the freezing temperatures? There is just something about the cold air that just makes the stench cling to you even more. Even my car smelled worse in the winter. Now, I don't have to deal with all the bad-smelling odors anymore! 3. I never smoked in my home, even at the coldest time of the year. But, I smoked outside or in my garage. I had quite  the set-up out there €¦a card table, my ashtray, something to read and a portable heater. I'd get up in the morning, turn on that heater, get a cup of coffee, put on my hat, down coat, gloves and sit there puffing away, miserable at the crack of dawn. I can't believe I was that crazy. Not anymore! I'm vaping in the warmth of my own home! 4. When I worked in an office, there were only a handful of smokers. We'd go outside several times a day in the bitter cold. Get bundled up and stand in a circle trying to stay warm  €“ now I think about that and just laugh. 5. The worst was always having to go outside when at a party, shopping, or at dinner to take a smoke break. A lot of time was wasted  €“ now I just vape in public. My life sure is different this winter! Stay warm and have a happy new year. Blessings, Michelle Connect with Michelle on Twitter @jstacatholicgrl or read her personal blog at: