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  1. Air Bar Lux versus Puff Bar Plus

    Air Bar Lux versus Puff Bar Plus

    A pair of outstanding mid-sized disposable ecigs, we pit the flavors of the Puff Bar Plus and Air Bar Lux head-to-head.


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  2. Online Vape Shops That Ship to Illinois

    Online Vape Shops That Ship to Illinois

    Despite the federal restrictions on USPS, Vapor4Life still ships to Illinois customers and offers convenient order pick-up options for Chicago customers impacted by the flavor ban. 

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  3. Best Mig Vapor ECigarette Alternatives

    Best Mig Vapor ECigarette Alternatives

    If you are looking for an alternative to the Mig Vapor ECigarette, the 808 threaded Vapor Titan is a perfect choice.

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  4. Air Bar Lux Review

    Air Bar Lux Review

    Another high-performance disposable with great flavors, check out our review of the Air Bar Lux.

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  5. PACT ACT Restrictions on Vape Shipping

    PACT ACT Restrictions on Vape Shipping

    The Vape Mail Ban (S 1253) has been signed into law and will impact our ability to sell and ship all vape products. 

    The restrictions being placed on shipping may dramatically limit your ability to purchase eliquids, coils, pods and vape devices online. We strongly recommend that you stock up before the dates listed below.  

    Fed-EX: 2/25/21 Last Day to Order

    DHL & UPS: Ban on vape shipments

    USPS Adult Signature Verification: 3/25/2021

    USPS Vape Mail Ban: Sometime in April. 

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  6. Premium eCigarette eJuice Alternatives

    Premium eCigarette eJuice Alternatives

    Premier ECigarette EJuices and the Premier ECigarette Cartomizer are no longer available. The Vapor Titan and Wow and Premium eliquids are a perfect alternative. 

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  7. Premium ECigarette Cartomizer Alternatives

    Premium ECigarette Cartomizer Alternatives

    Thre Premium ECigarette Cartomizer is no longer on the US market. Luckily, the Vapor Titan is also 808 threaded, compatible and has huge lineup of prefilled tobacco carts to choose from. 

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  8. Best Mint Nic Salt E-Liquids

    Best Mint Nic Salt E-Liquids

    Disposable Vapes


    Juul Mint and nic salts revolutionized the vaping scene forever, resonating with adult vapers and former smokers who loved the cool and crisp flavor of menthol and mint. Unfortunately, Juul Mint may have been the most popular flavor with adult vapers but it proved popular with minors as well. It has since been pulled from the market. This left adult vapers scrambling for the best Juul Mint alternatives.


    The logical replacement for prefilled vape pods may be disposable vapes, as they are incredibly easy to use and require no filling or charging. Mint and menthol flavors, the flavors adult vapers prefer, can be found in every disposable vape. This is why Vapor4Life carries so many brands.

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  9. Best Strawberry Nic Salt ELiquids

    Best Strawberry Nic Salt ELiquids

    The best Strawberry nic salts combine bright fruit notes with a smooth nic salt finish to create a perfect all day vape. Here are the best pure strawberry nic salt flavors on the market today. 

    Best Strawberry Nic Salts
    Sweet Strawberry I Love Salts
    Strawberry Ice I Love Salts
    Summer Strawberry VGod Salt Nic
    Strawberry Chubby Salt
    Tropic Strawberry Solace Nic Salt
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  10. Smok Novo 3 versus Vaporesso Renova Zero

    Smok Novo 3 versus Vaporesso Renova Zero

    Which vape pod kit will win the showdown between the Smok Novo 3 and the Vaporesso Renova Zero?

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