Chicago Cracks Down On E-Juice Sales to Minors

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Announces Lawsuit Against E-Juice Sellers

Following the FDA’s flurry of activity to reduce e-cigarette use in children, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago has moved to crackdown on online companies selling nicotine products to minors. A press release from the Mayor's office announced that the city plans on filing a lawsuit against 8 online retailers with the Cook County Circuit Court on Tuesday. Emanuel also announced that the Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) has identified 15 retail establishments that illegally sold e-cigarette devices to underage buyers. The BACP also sent letters to 33 manufacturers of e-cigarettes and e-juices that are selling their products to businesses that may be engaged in unlawful and deceptive marketing. Vapor4Life was not listed in this lawsuit and preventing underage sales is one of our most important company values. Emmanuel has long been a strong voice against tobacco and nicotine products falling into underage hands. At Vapor4Life, we also take this issue very seriously. Our goal has always been to provide cigarette alternatives to adult smokers with the goal of making them ex-smokers.

Vapor4Life Exceeds Industry Standard for Age Verification

We rely on Veratad, the industry leader in age verification technology. This is the same system that is used by the largest companies selling age restricted products online including vaping supplies, ejuice, alcohol and sports betting. Rather just a meaningless check box, this system compares purchaser data against multiple trusted data sources. In addition, all of our sales and customer service team members have completed We Card training.  We Card is the industry leading standard for in-store age confirmation.  In fact, we exceed the local legal requirement and card all customers regardless of age at our Northbrook Vape Shop.

The E-Cigarette Industry Must Join the Fight Against Underage Vaping

Keeping our products out of the hands of children is our priority. If the e-cigarette industry wants to avoid future punitive measures, we must demonstrate that we have performed our due diligence and are responsible business owners. There is no sense in cutting corners for short term savings when the future of the industry depends on our ability to meet and exceed regulatory expectations. Our goal is to give adults access to the best vaping products and to keep these same products out of the hands of the children. We feel that Chicago’s eJuice taxes only impose barriers on those interested in cigarette alternatives and lead to more smoking.  However, the goal of keeping all types of nicotine out of the hands of Chicago youth is hard to argue with.