VIV®- Very Important Vaper

We have an acronym at Vapor4Life to describe our loyal customers- VIV®. This stands for Very Important Vaper. What was once a loyalty program now guides our every interaction with our customers. We offer subscribers to our email newsletter massive savings everyday, regardless of order history. Yoisu will find VIV® branding on our propreitary products like the Vapor Titan, because these are the most authentic e-cigarettes on the market and are expressly designed for heavy smokers who are looking for an option that is ash and smoke free.  

But Vapor4Life has a very precise group in mind when it comes to what makes a VIV®. And that is a former or current smoker over the age of 21. We have no interest in selling to minors and use cutting edge Veridad age verification software to keep our nicotine products from getting into the hands of minors. While we know that most adult vapers prefer complex and bright eliquid flavors, although there are many great tobacco flavors on the market, we adhere to all state and local vape ban restrictions. 

Vapor4Life also has no interest in selling our nicotine eliquids to adults who do not smoke or vape. Our goal is to provide smoke and ash free cigarette alternatives to smokers. Just as importantly, we believe in the Road to Zero. We have found that over the course of time, our customers gradually reduce the nicotine strength of the products they use. This is why we offer our Wow and Premium EJuices in seven nic strengths and carry the Zaero Disposable Vape, which is available in four nic strengths including nicotine free. 

Our hope has always been that we can help smokers switch to vaping and for vapers to gradually reduce their nicotine level to zero, with the end-goal being a vaping and nicotine free lifestyle. To us, one of the most important vapers of all is the one who no longer vapes at all.