This is a guest post written by Joyce B., an emergency management professional who has been enjoying Vapor4Life products for just over a year. *Note: Wader is V4L's Inventory Manager Dear Santa Wader, It's been a long time since you've heard from me. I'm afraid that you may have gotten the wrong impression from my last letter. A lot of people say you are not the real Santa, but they are wrong. During the rest of the year, you may be  mild-mannered Wader, but during the holiday season, you become Santa Wader. You have control of resources and production of all of our favorite toys in the greatest of workshops. I believe. I have been a very good girl this year. Having been so very, very good, and you being the kind gentleman that you are, I'm certain that you will want to see to it that I receive bundles of V4L goodies in my stocking. I'll be sure to have a super clean one hanging by the chimney, sans pet hair, lint, and toe jam. The cookies and milk will be on the end table. If you want the stronger stuff, the keys to the cabinet are in the usual place.
                    My list is somewhat flexible. I would like a dozen bottles of juice. You know the flavors I like, but in case you've forgotten, Nuport  WOW, Pineapple WOW, and USA No. 7, please, dear Santa Wader. I leave it to you know how many bottles of each, and if you would like to throw in some surprise juices, that would be okay, too. You know I am not that hard to please. As long as the nicotine milligrams are high, I can never have enough juice. I would like an assortment of  auto diamond batteries, in shorty  length. I love those little beauties, with their ease of draw, sleek good looks, and feel in hand. With a drip tip added, the balance is just perfect for me. I'll take at least one of each color, and two black ones. Now that the long-awaited diamond manual batteries have arrived, I €˜d like one in every color of these as well. Remember, I've been very, very good. Since I'm asking, I've got a list of other goodies that I'd like to have someday. I'd really love to have a 5V  (or variable voltage) mod with a non-proprietary battery. It's time for my favorite ecig  vendor to get into that game.   And as much as I love the new slim chargers, I'm still anticipating a multi-charging stand. Please, please, dear Santa Wader? Oh, and a partridge in a pear tree. Best regards, Joyce Joyce loves feedback! Contact her at [email protected] or leave her a message at