Air Bar Lux Review

Longer Lasting Disposable ECigs

Disposable ecigs have evolved and advanced tremendously in the last couple of years. The first innovation was switching to nic salts. This was a huge game changer as it allowed disposables to provide satisfying performance.

But a just as important advance was made on the eliquid capacity and technology front. The initial generation of disposables were stick style and generally held 1 to 1.3ml of eliquid. The actual underpinnings were little different than a cigalike disposable from a decade earlier.

Starting in 2020, a new generation of massive disposables flooded the market. We review these in our feature on the longest lasting disposable ecigs. Disposable ecigs like the 6.5ml Dinner Lady Vape Pen, the massive Sea Air Plus and adjustable airflow Hyppe Max Flow revolutionized disposable vape design. Because there are so many disposable ecigs design but a fair amount of overlap when it comes to the flavors adult vapers prefer, Vapor4Life has the widest selection of disposables. No matter what size of device or flavor you are looking for, Vapor4Life has you covered. We carry locally popular disposable ecigs and also regional favorites. The Air Bar Lux does big business in Texas Vape Shops and we are looking to reach every adult vaper. 


Air Bar Lux Review

The Air Bar Lux fits into this category of longer lasting disposables. A mid-sized model, it directly competes with the 3.5ml Puff Plus. This seems to be the Goldilocks size and is the most popular. While there are larger disposables available, it is a great blend of performance, reliability, vapor production and longevity.

The Air Bar Lux has a high quality mouth piece, a big advance from the original Puff Bar, and has a cylindrical design. The Air Bar Lux holds 2.7ml of nic salt eliquid and is powered by a 500mAh battery. On paper, it is basically two Puff Bars and holds almost four times the eliquid of a Juul Pod.

With a selection of unique and great fruit flavors, the Air Bar Lux is a perfect choice for smokers switching to vaping. The nic strength is 5 percent and it is extraordinarily easy to use. Just open up the packaging, remove the silicone inserts and inhale. It has never been easier to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience.


Air Bar Lux Flavors

Any adult vaper with a passing knowledge of disposables knows that there is a heavy emphasis on fruit plus menthol blends. The Air Bar Lux is no exception. But there are unique and bright fruit flavors available that add a bit of flair to a very impressive flavor lineup. A great alternative to the Puff Plus, the Air Bar Lux delivers more vapor and flavor than the original generation of nic salt disposables from a device that is still compact enough to be easily stowed and used. 


Blueberry Kiwi Ice Air Bar Lux

Fresh blueberry is a popular nic salt flavor. Usually mild and sweet, it manages to be fairly complex without overwhelming the taste buds.  The addition of kiwi gives a nice sweet kick on inhale and draws out some of the blueberry tartness without making the Blueberry Kiwi Ice Air Bar Lux into a cloying mess.


Cranberry Lemonade Ice Air Bar Lux

Cranberry and lemonade are a natural flavor combination. As nic salt, this flavor really shines in the Cranberry Lemonade Ice Air Bar Lux. A refreshing and bold combination, this blend of sweet lemonade and cranberry is further enhanced by a blast of menthol ice.


Raspberry Grapefruit Air Bar Lux

Raspberry and grapefruit are not the most common nic salt flavors but they work perfectly in the pair of Raspberry Grapefruit Air Bar Lux. The sweet ruby red grapefruit is never has covered up the sharp tart edges of the grapefruit and a sweet raspberry provides great flavor depth.


Watermelon Apple Ice Air Bar Lux

Watermelon is the solid base of many great nic salt flavors, specifically Lush Ice. Watermelon Apple Air Bar Lux continues this tradition. The watermelon is bold without an overwhelming artificially sweet candied bite and the apple is polished and refreshing. The icy menthol finish is exactly the flavor that is needed to hold this combination together. Consider this a competitor to other Lush Ice flavors. But the dose of juicy apple really enhances the flavor.


Banana Shake Air Bar Lux

In an unusual turn of events, a number of disposable ecigs now sport various “shake” and ice cream names. Oddly enough, this signifies menthol ice rather than a creamy dessert flavor. The Banana Shake Air Bar Lux is no exception. But this strange naming convention is actually great news for adult disposable vapers, because ice-fruit combinations are by far the most popular flavor profile. Banana Shake competes with the other top banana ice flavors. And the creaminess of the banana and coolness of the icy finish makes Banana Shake an apt name.


Cherry Pomegranate Air Bar Lux

A blend of cherry and pomegranate hits all the right notes and makes for a great nic salt. The Air Bar Lux itself is a superb disposable ecig and delivers these flavors flawlessly from start to finish. The Cherry Pomegranate Air Bar Lux is a one-time use disposable ecig that requires no charging or filling. With an eliquid capacity of 2.7ml and a nic strength of 5 percent, the Cherry Pomegranate Air Bar Lux is an all-day flavor in a vape that lasts all day.


Blueberry Pomegranate Ice Air Bar Lux

The Blueberry Pomegranate Ice Air Bar Lux combines a nic salt staple (blueberry) and vibrant tropical fruit (pomegranate). The end result is one of the best fruit-ice nic salt disposables on the market. This is saying something considering how stiff the competition is. The icy finish never overwhelms the fruit notes and creates a great all-day vape.