This is a guest post written by Morandir835, a regular on V4L's sub forum on ECF, and an e-cig enthusiast. KISS The acronym "KISS" is often used in the ecig world. As good as "keep it short and sweet" sounds, in the ecig world it can lead to poor hardware and juice decisions. Giving people a blanket statement without evidence to back it up leads to frustration. A lot of people may not understand why I go into so many technical details in my blog posts and on the forums, but information is key. High Voltage Ahead   The sweet spot for a majority of  flavors that V4L sells (and many  vapers) is 4.2 to 3.85v. Few people will detect a difference in the flavor, vapor production, and throat hit of a juice at this voltage. Some need more kick (which is why the passthroughs are rated  for 5v, and the OMG runs a bit hotter than  5v at full charge), some less (which is why V4L still has its Vapor King line of batts). This is where all the voltage testing comes into play. Extra Batts The same holds true for run time. There are three types of vapers. The first are a rare bunch who start vaping a decent amount per day (3 to 6ml's  of juice) and never go past that. Then there's an even rarer group of people who vape heavily at the start and never let up even after a year or more of vaping. Most people fall into the category  of using their personal vaporizer as a pacifier at the start, then cutting back to a more reasonable level later on. For most part, the usually stated 4-6 hour estimate can be  thrown out the window when you first start. When I first made the switch, I went through 9-14 KR808  batts a day (still do, but again an exception). I always suggest if the starter kit allows you to make the switch, then the best thing to do is order at least three more batts and another charger. Nothing can be more frustrating than not having any charged batteries left (except not having enough cartos or juice left either).
Numbers Don't Lie So yes, much of the information I give out is very technical,  and I give the  hard numbers given for a reason. The old saying "numbers don't lie" very much applies when it comes to vaping. Being as informed as possible when making the switch is the difference between an easy transition and a hard one. That is why forums are so helpful in the end. There's always someone on them willing to help and give advice. We're all individuals with different habits. As time goes by you'll find what routine serves you best, but there is one thing everyone has in common. - we all start new to vaping at some point. Contact Morandir835 via e-mail at [email protected] or through his page on ECF at "Even Though I Nothing Learned, With Strength I Burned." - Emperor