After hearing feedback from our customers, we realized that there were some different eLiquid flavors that we were not offering. After testing and tweaking dozens of different eLiquid mixes, Berry Splash and Banana Dessert were born! Here are the descriptions of our two new flavors from the founder and eLiquid mixologist of Vapor4Life, "Smilin" Steve: Berry Splash eLiquid Since I've been vaping, I’ve had no cigs, lost 100 pounds, and been loving a bowl of fresh berries in the morning. Healthy, natural, wonderful to taste Berries bring you to a great place Peaceful, happy, positive, and great Just by vaping our latest berry you will love your new fate I developed this taste to mimic my favorite berry smoothie. It’s a relaxing blend that has a touch of blueberry, a hint of strawberry, and a smidgen of raspberry. I promise you will love it just like me. Buy Berry Splash eLiquid Here     Banana Dessert eLiquid Since 2008 I’ve lost about 100 lbs by vaping my favorite dessert flavors instead of eating them. I'm also a big-time lover of bananas, eating one every morning, and enjoying all banana desserts.   Banana Dessert is sublime in a subtle way, a true chameleon of flavors: soft, creamy, frothy, sweet, hints of graham cracker and whipped cream putting it all together. It reminds me of dinner dates with my family: happy, smiling, and having a wonderful time.  Vape and enjoy, a true connoisseur will find this one fabulous. Buy Banana Dessert e Liquid Here