For some smokers, it seems like there’s nothing that can replace the satisfying sensation of taking a drag on their favorite cigarette. That’s what Steve Milin, founder of Vapor4Life thought. After smoking for 40 years, Steve was pretty sure he’d never find an alternative to cigarettes — until he invented his own e-cigarette. At Vapor4Life, we got into the industry when it was still new and smokers were rushing to try something they found was a helpful smoking alternative and start smoking an alternative instead.   As vaping became wildly popular, its image started to change too. Box mods came onto the market and many smokers were turned off by the idea of blowing vape tornadoes and savoring sugary sweet cereal e-juice. Companies started catering to mod users and ignoring the needs of e-cig smokers. Vapor4Life never lost sight of what smokers need. They usually don't want to replace cigarettes with a complicated mod and some super sweet vape juice. Smokers want a smoking alternative that tastes like tobacco or menthol. They often want to do it discreetly because of the stigma surrounding vaping. That is if they decide to do it at all.   We see this struggle with many first-time customers here at Vapor4Life. They come into our retail store to buy their first device and sometimes they ’re overwhelmed by all the tricked-out box mods and high-VG juices on display. Shop our selection of vape starter kits now! Don’t let the distorted image of vaping discourage you from finding a smoking alternative. At Vapor4Life, we’re known for having some of the best e-cigarettes you can find, whether you’re looking for a slim stealth battery or a power-packing Vapor Zeus. We’ve also got a huge selection of more than 150 high-PG flavors that you can choose from to make your first time vaping a breeze. If you come to our vape retail store, you can chat with friendly customer service reps who can answer any questions you have because they have been there. If you order online and you need help, call our reps at 847-944-8200.