Aspire Dynamo Kit Now Available At Vapor4Life

Aspire Dynamo Kit

Vape pod systems may be getting all the headlines but the world of vape mods is hardly standing still. Just in time for the holidays, Vapor4Life is offering great deals on the Aspire Dynamo kit. Click here to check out the Aspire Dynamo Kit. Just one of a long line of Aspire mods, this is an attractive and impressive device that is perfect for savoring delicious clouds of your favorite e-juice. It also is an outstanding value you are looking for a gift, either for someone you know who vapes or if you have a friend or family member who is looking for an alternative to cigarettes. One of its more unique features is a cleverly designed battery chamber that allows you to choose how you power your device. The kit includes the Nepho tank and it is a great value at $79.99.

The Aspire Dynamo Kit Includes:

- 1 Aspire Dynamo 220W Mod - 1 Aspire Nepho Tank - 1 Nepho 0.5 ohm coil - 1 Nepho 0.15 ohm mesh coil - 1 Extra Glass Tube - 8 O-Rings - 1 USB Cable

A User-Friendly Mod

The Aspire Dynamo is an amazingly flexible 220w device. Aspire has been making mods for a while now and has a firm grasp on the ergonomics you are looking for. It is rounded and easy to handle, despite being a dual battery device. This is a sturdy trigger puller that is great for every day use. While there is no doubt that it is a heavy duty piece of equipment, there is a level of finesse in the design shape that makes it quite practical.

Flexibility Is the Priority With Aspire Dynamo

The Aspire Dynamo is astonishingly versatile. It comes with a silicone sleeve that allows it to work with 20700, and 21700 and 18650 batteries. It also boasts a clear, circular screen and interface that allows you to easily adjust between its different modes: Wattage, voltage, bypass, CPS (C1/C2/C3), TC (Ni/Ti/SS316L) and TCR(M1/M2/M3). You can also adjust the data, system, time and informational functions. It is amazing how far the functionality of mods has come in just a few years.

Monitoring Battery Life Has Never Been Easier

The Micro USB charging jack works handles up to 2A and the display provides intuitive charging updates in the form of two circular rings that surround the display so that you can monitor the progress of both batteries. An important safety feature is the battery status display. It will keep you informed about any battery or charging issues that may impact this mods performance. Battery safety is a big deal for any lithium ion powered device, whether it be a cellphone or your favorite mod. For more information on Vape battery safety check out this feature article.

Customize the Look of Your Aspire Dynamo

One cool feature on the Aspire Dynamo is that you can adjust the watch face design on the display. Aspire created 11 different types of watch UI  and this gives you the flexibility to modify the look of your Dynamo mod. This option gives a bit of high tech flair to a very utility oriented device: a dual battery, 220w vaping mod. The general and feel of this device does not look out of place in the constellation of smart devices that we rely on each day. You can customize your Dynamo further by taking advantage of the color options: dark grey, rainbow and camo with black. Each of these comes with a tank that complements the color scheme.

Includes the Impressive Nepho Tank

A mod is only as good as its tank and the Nepho tank (included in the kit) delivers. The Nepho's Kanthal coils boast large wicking ports and deliver massive flavor. The Nepho tanks has been designed to be filled easily while incorporating a safer child lock mechanism. The kit comes with two coils. One is the 0.15 ohm mesh coil for serious clouds and a more "fuel efficient" 0.5 ohm kamphal wire coil. Both work in the 65-75w range, so they do not drain batteries as fast as some sub-ohm tanks.

Save Big On The Outstanding Aspire Dynamo Kit

There is no better time than now to upgrade your mod to the Aspire Dynamo. It is a great addition to your collection and also makes a perfect holiday gift. It is surprisingly affordable when you consider the power, flexibility and features. The Nepho tank represents the wave of the future as it offers extra safety features and is cleverly designed to minimize spillage or leaking.