Aspire Nautilus AIO

The Aspire Nautilus AIO is an “all in one” refillable vape pod kit. It features a 1000mAh battery, massive 4.5ml juice capacity and a pair of 1.8ohm coils.

Refillable Vape Pod Systems

The popularity of refillable vape pods and all-in-one (AIO) devices illustrates how vaping preferences have come full circle. A straight line can be drawn between the original cartomizer e-cigs and today’s popular vape pods. Both use high resistance coils, focus on ease of use and excel at “mouth to lung” vaping with high nicotine ejuices.

We explain the difference between “mouth to lung” and “direct to lung” vaping here. There will always be vapers who demand powerful boxy vape mods, and high-end sub-ohm tanks, but consumer demand has created a crowded field pod system contenders.

The Aspire Family

Industry heavyweights looking to capture market share have been rolling out non-stop refinements of previous products. Enter the Aspire Nautilus AIO. It takes design elements from a few of its closest siblings: the Aspire Breeze 2 and Aspire Spryte. To matter even more confusing, the lozenge shaped Aspire Cobble is yet another worthy and compact pod system.  

The first thing you will notice about the Aspire Nautilus AIO is that it bears a striking resemblance to the Aspire Breeze 2, which itself is a derivative of the original Aspire Breeze. But looks can be deceiving. Underneath the hood, there are some important difference between these Aspire AIOs.

Nautilus BVC Coil

The biggest difference between the Breeze 2 and the Aspire Nautilus AIO are the coils. The Breeze 2 coils are nearly interchangeable with the coils for the original Breeze, although Aspire does not recommend using the Breeze 2’s 1.0 ohm coil with the Breeze 1. The original Breeze is not quite a pod system, although its performance is effectively similar.

Unlike the Breeze brothers, the Aspire Nautilus AIO uses the classic Nautilus BVC coil design. This popular line of coils has been producing clouds for years and now has a purpose built nic salt coil that comes with the Nautilus AIO. Both coils included in the kit have a 1.8 ohm resistance

The nic salt coil is identifiable because of its green band. Like the regular Nautilus coil, it has four wicking ports but two of these are significantly enlarged and are perfect for nic salt ejuices. For practical purposes, this also means that the nic salt coil would also work better with thick high VG e-juices than the standard coil.

Two of the ports on the Nic Salt coil are enlarged. This will help it handle both nic salts and higher VG juices.

The Pod

The practicality of a pod system is contingent on several crucial factors: ease of filling, ease of cleaning, the ability monitor e-juice levels and ease of swapping coils. The Aspire Nautilus AIO excels on all counts. The fill port is located on the bottom of the pod. It is large and easily accessed. It can easily fit the nose of a chubby gorilla bottle.

The pod fills very quickly and easily. This is due to its voluminous 4.5ml resevoir. This is a 50 percent improvement on the Breeze 2’s 3ml capacity. The combination of large pod size and high resistance coils means that the Aspire AIO should easily last you most of the day, especially if you have a backup pod filled up and on call. The 1000mAh battery should be more than sufficient running these high resistance coils, and the device charges quickly.

Accessing the pod is a breeze. The Nautilus AIO uses the familiar two button system which releases the clips that hold the pod in place. It is a very easy to use system and does not seem to be prone to jamming.  

NOTE: The coil is not installed in the pod when you open the box. Do not make the mistake of trying to fill the pod before affixing the coil. Otherwise, you will make a mess and waste ejuice.

Nautilus Air Flow System

The Nautilus AIO is a straight forward device that is perfect for travelling and toting around on errands. It does not have a lot of frills but you are able to customize your vaping performance through the effective Nautilus Air Flow system.

This system for controlling air flow will look familiar to Aspire Spryte users. There is a cap which holds the coil in place on the pod and has an adjustable vent. You can tighten it up for a tight draw or throw the air flow wide open for a more airy vaping experience. The difference between wide open and nearly closed is tremendous.

Do I Need a Aspire Nautilus AIO?

The Aspire Nautilus AIO is a utilitarian but effective piece of kit. It is perfect if you are looking for a small device that will last all day. The juice 4.5 ml juice capacity is extraordinary when using high resistance coils, and the snug fitting cap helps prevent pocket leaks.

The AIO also makes a perfect starter kit. It is simple to operate and maintain. The Nautilus BVC coils have decent longevity and are widely available. Smokers who are worried about running out of batteries or don’t like the hassle of refilling a vape tank will love the Aspire Nautilus AIO’s endurance.  It is button activated, not an autodraw, but is otherwise as simple to use as it gets.

It competes directly with the Smok Nord, Smok Novo and is a cheaper alternative to the high performance Lost Vape Orion DNA Go. We compared the Smok Nord and Smok Novo in an earlier issue, and last summer pitted the Breeze and Breeze 2 head to head. Although smaller, the credit card sized Suorin Air Vape also draws on the design principals which have made pod systems so popular.