Aspire Rover 2 NX40 Review

Box Mods

The world of vaping devices appears to be cyclical. The first generation, cigalikes and ecigs, were gradually supplanted by ever more powerful devices. The apogee of power and performance was seemingly reached several years ago in the form of box mods. Generally powered by two 18650 batteries, box mods were optimized for high-VG, lower nicotine ejuices and generated massive vapor.

The advent of nic salts, which allow for higher concentrations of nicotine, allowed far smaller devices to provide a satisfying experience and the market eventually shifted to smaller devices. Burning less ejuice and consuming less battery power, refillable vape pod kits were a perfect way to vape nic salts.

But it turns out the mod design has some legs and works great in a wide range of vaping scenarios, not just cloud chucking. While mods back a big battery, variable wattage, high capacity vape tanks, wattage control and screens, nowhere is it written that they need to top out 220watts, not include an integrated battery and that all of the coils need to be subohm. A much less powerful but still high-tech device is more suitable for most vapers and this is where the brilliantly practical Aspire Rover 2 NX40 fits is.

Aspire Rover 2 NX40

The Aspire Rover 2 NX40 is a compact box mod with a built in 2200mAh battery. Featuring the new Nautilus XS tank, it is compatible with Nautilus X coils and features 1.13” display screen.

The Aspire Rover 2 has the full suite of safety features and has an output range of 1w to 40w. And it really is designed to handle any ejuice in that power band, thanks to the new Aspire Nautilus XS tank. Each Aspire Rover kit comes with 0.7ohm and 1.8ohm coil. We will cover these cores in more detail below.

Aspire Nautilus XS Tank

The new Nautilus XS tank is a top fill design with adjustable airflow. As the cores that this tank is compatible have a very wide range of resistances, from subohm to mouth to lung, the top mounted airflow really seals nicely and gives you a ton of control. Another neat feature on this tank are the radial fins. These help dissipate the heat and keep the ejuice in the tank from deteriorating due to its proximity to the coil.

The rounded drip tip is excellent and ergonomic as well. The Peek material of the drip tip is heat resistant helps maintain a comfortable temperature when chain vaping.

The standard ejuice capacity of Aspire Nautilus XS coil is 2ml but with the included bubble glass it can be bumped up to 4ml. This is very handy. If you are using one of the high resistance coils, 4ml of ejuice is fairly massive amount to tote around. This is especially the case if you like to switch flavors and take advantage of the easy to clean design.


The built in battery is a very nice feature, like the Voopoo Drag Platinum Mini, it leads to a lighter device that is a bit more user friendly. The 2200mAh battery is certainly more than enough if you are using the 1.8ohm or optional 1.5ohm coil.

Do not sleep on the versatility of the Aspire Rover 2 as an MTL or nic salt vape. It is higher tech and can deliver the goods flavor wise. Unless size is a serious constraint, it should be under consideration. Especially since the pyrex glass and 22mm tank design are built to last in a way that plastic vape pods are not.

Aspire Nautilus Coils

One of the coils included with the Aspire Rover 2 the 1.8ohm U-Tech MTL Coil. Capable of handling high-PG ejuices with its smaller ports, it is ideal for nic salts and high-VG ejuices. It delivers pure mouth to lung vaping performance from a long-lasting box mod. There is a reason why vapers love Nautilus X coils.

The 1.8ohm coil is rated for 12 to 16watts. This low power usage means you will get a ton of puffs and flavor from the big battery and expandable capacity of the Nautilus XS tank, which has a capacity of 2ml but can be expanded with the bubble replacement glass. When topped off, a 2200mAh battery and 4ml eliquid capacity give this box mod longer legs than any vape pod kit on the market, and handle the juices with perhaps even more aplomb due to the larger and more intricate coil design.

Aspire Nautilus XS 0.7Ω Mesh Coil

The Aspire Nautilus XS 0.7ohm coil is a superb addition to the Nautilus X family. A subohm coil that maximizes flavor, it is rated for 18 to 22w. It works perfectly with higher-VG formulations and is a great middle ground for vapers who don’t want the ejuice and battery consumption of a subohm coil that requires 50 or more watts, but also want to enjoy serious cloud production.