Aspire Tigon Review

What is a Tigon?


What is a tigon? It is the offspring of a lionness and a tiger. A sharp looking cat, they weigh around 400 lbs and have the subtle spots of a lion and the stripes of a tiger.


A tigon is also a jack of all trades vape starter kit that can handle anything you want to throw it. And the Tigon, the vape device not the big kitty, might just be the perfected version of the classic tube mod.


Vape Starter Kits


Vape pods designed for nic salts have taken the vaping world by storm. There are tons of options today, but initially, prefilled vape pod kits with limited performance and a minimal selection of prefilled nic salt pods were the only game in town. We examine the technology behind nicotine salt in our feature deep-dive: What is Salt Nic?


E-Juice makers saw the opportunity, and they have stepped up to the plate. There are now thousands of outstanding nicotine salt juices to choose from.  Device makers have not stood still either. Initially, refillable vape pods were designed almost exclusively for nic salt juice and were compact, discrete and delivered a restricted hit.


We reviewed some of the best in our feature of Top Ten Juul alternatives. A recent addition to the field is the extremely impressive Aspire AVP.


During our review of the Aspire AVP, we were mightily impressed. But there is no question that it is a very small device with all of the power and longevity limitations that this imposes.  While the AVP might boast a few advantages over the similar Aspire Nautilus AIO, reviewed here, and Aspire Spryte, none of the Aspire vape pods are designed to handle nic salts and throw subohm clouds.


Tube Mod or Premium Vape Starter Kit?


Enter the Aspire Tigon. A quick glance at the product reveals familiar lines. This time tested layout, tank on top and cylindrical battery below, was a dominant player a few years ago. But Aspire has fundamentally updated this formula with a number of design innovations, and new hardware. It is the polished and perfected article.


At one time, the Aspire Tigon may been pigeon holed as a premium vape starter kit, but today it can be viewed for what it really is: a versatile, powerful and flexible tube mod that can handle anything you throw at it.


Aspire Tigon


The Aspire Tigon is a stick style device, a tube mod if you prefer, with a detachable tank. Aspire makes it in two sizes. There is a 2600mAh battery, and a slightly smaller 1800mAh version. If you plan on using the Tigon for nic salts, which it has the hardware to handle expertly, that is a lot of battery life.



Each Aspire Tigon kit is sold with two drip tips. The longer, narrower one is for mouth to lung vaping. The stubby, wider bore drip tip delivers restricted direct to lung hits. The tank has a capacity of 3.5ml of ejuice.



The Tigon tank incorporates some child proof safety protections, but it is still easy to fill. First pull up the top cap, then slid open the top cap. Revealed inside is a silicon leak proof seal. By covering the fill port when not in use, the danger of spillage is greatly reduced. You then insert the nose of the bottle into the self-sealing port. The Aspire AVP has a similar leak-proof fill port, although it is spring loaded on the smaller AVP pod.



Aspire Tigon Coils


The Aspire Tigon also has a wide range of coils to choose from. They are all push fit, which should reduce the danger of leakage and mess. One neat feature of the Tigon tank is that it is leak proof. The wicking holes in the tank seal when the coil is removed.


The 0.4ohm and 1.2ohm coils are use nicochrome wire, and there is also 0.7ohm mesh coil made from kanthal wire. The 1.2ohm coil is perfect for nic salts, although it can easily handle regular ejuices. The 0.4ohm coil operates at 23-28w and delivers some impressively flavorful clouds. It may not have the horsepower of a high-end box mod, but it is considerably more powerful than almost any other device that can handle nic salts, and certainly has a bigger battery.



Aspire Tigon Airflow


The Aspire Tigon provides the flexibility to excel with all styles of vaping and ejuices because of its coil selection, and ingenious airflow system. As illustrated below, when you twist the tank, a plate with five small holes in it is revealed. Using a single hole provides the tightest draw, but five is not the most wide open. This is because if you rotate the base even further the entire slot is opened and unblocked. The impact on your vaping experience is real and easily discernible. Whether you prefer wide open or closed, the Tigon tank has you covered.



Final Thoughts on Aspire Tigon


Many vapers, especially mod users, are fans of pod systems but needed a bit more performance.  Although it does not resemble the Aspire Taigon in the slightest, the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go is a natural rival. It has 45w of power, and a high-end DNA Go chip.


The DNA Go can capably handle high-VG ejuice in the subohm range, and deliver an amazing nic salt experience. We reviewed the Orion DNA Go and loved it. The DNA Go is so stylish that it soon had a doppelgänger: the Smok Trinity Alpha. Relying on the same coil as the popular Smok Nord, it proved to be quite a formidable foe when we pitted them head to head in the Smok Trinity Alpha vs. Orion DNA Go showdown.


Overall, it is easy to recommend the Aspire Tigon as a vape starter kit, or as a long last primary device for nic salt users. The tank is superlative, and the coils deliver some amazing flavor, and after three weeks of use, they appear to be long-lasting. I love all the effort to make this a leak proof device. Oil spills are a turn-off to anyone new to vaping, and a hassle for anyone who operates a device for any period of time.