I don’t know why it took me so long to buy the Atopak Penguin. I’m a simple vaper who likes a strong throat hit, something that’s easy to use, and something that comes in cool colors, so it’s almost like the Penguin was made for me. After months of trying out pod mods and staying hooked on my go-to e-cig (the Vapor Zeus), I tried the Atopak Penguin. It’s an absolute must-have for smokers or vapers who want a lightweight, efficient, dependable all-in-one mod. It Keeps A Battery Charge Forever The Penguin is a beast when it comes to staying charged. First of all, you can easily see how the battery life is doing by looking at the five LED lights on the front of the mod. When you’re firing up the Atopak Penguin, all the lights will be illuminated. When you let go of the fire button, the lights will go out one by one until some or all stay momentarily lit to show you how much battery you have left. As the power decreases, the number of lit LEDs will decrease. That being said, I kept waiting and waiting for my Penguin to die when it was down to one lit LED, but it took forever to completely run out of charge. When it finally did, I popped it on the charger and it quickly charged back up enough for me to keep vaping on it (and I chain vape, for the record). I was super impressed. Great Clouds, Great Hit The Atopak Penguin performs the magical miracle of coupling a strong throat hit with an ample amount of vape clouds. To me, it was a perfect balance. I loaded the Penguin up with a high-VG, higher nicotine juice and used the .6 ohm coil. I was really pleased with the throat hit I got from vaping on this mod, in addition to the heavy, but not overly fluffy clouds. There’s also a .25 ohm coil in the kit if you want to get thicker vape fog. With a single firing button and absolutely nothing to program, the Atopak Penguin was simpler to use right out of the box too! The Penguin Holds SO Much E-Liquid I’ve already mentioned how the battery on the Penguin lasts forever. The same thing happened to me with the e-liquid in the tank. First, the tank was so easy to snap off and fill and then snap back on. It somehow didn’t register with me how big of a deal it was that the Penguin holds 8.8 ml of e-juice. As I kept vaping, I was really surprised that I didn’t run out. The long-lasting battery ran out before the e-juice ran out on the Penguin mod. That is such a relief, especially if you’re on a long road trip. Just make sure you load the tank with an e-juice you like if you fill it up all the way because it’s gonna last you a while. Even better, you can stock up on Penguin cartridges for $3 apiece and keep your favorite juice flavors in rotation. Added bonus: You can pick up an Atopak Penguin or an Atopak Penguin SE (which comes in some pretty awesome colors) at Vapor4Life for less than $30.