Last Friday our Smokeless Lounge had the pleasure of welcoming an international customer. Jacques was in the US from Canberra, Australia  for a business conference. Before leaving for home he decided it just wouldn't be right for him to visit the US without making a stop at Vapor4Life. This was actually his second time to visit us. He came earlier in the year and Skyped his wife from our Lounge, so she could have a look at the Lounge herself. Hobbies Jacques learned about vaping from his son who had researched ecigarettes online. Before using Vapor4Life he smoked a pack per day. His wife smoked about 1/2 a pack. Jacques and his wife love golf and he's converted 10 or 12 of his golfing buddies to vaping. His wife has converted 3 or 4 people at her work. Besides golfing, Jacques also enjoys riding his motorbike. Vaping Favs WOW Coffee is Jacques' all-day vape. The recipe he created himself though is his absolute favorite. He mixes Java Junction with Peppermint and Coffee to create his very own personal blend. Jacques loves his EGO and using mega carts. While in the Lounge he tried out a few of the newest WOW flavors and liked Peach Breeze. Some of the best things about vaping for Jacques are that he's eating better, sleeping better, exercising more, losing weight and not snoring as much. Between his wife and him they save about $100 each week by vaping and not smoking! They are saving this money for a trip. The Vapor4Life team was so happy this Aussie decided to come   back to pay a visit. You're welcome anytime Jacques!